John Bradshaw Layfield

  • Real Name: John Layfield
  • Height: 6' 7"
  • Weight: 280 pounds
  • Hometown: Roscoe, Texas
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: September 23, 1992
  • Birthday: November 29, 1967
  • College: Abilene Christian University (Texas): Ancient History
  • Finishing Move: Clothesline from Hell
  • Titles Held:  WWF Tag Team Championship (Three times with Faarooq)

Bradshaw started out in the WWF under his real name of Justin Hawk Bradshaw. He then joined up with Barry Windham as the New Blackjacks. He didn't have much success under either of these gimmicks and went out under the name Bradshaw alone and for a short while tried to help Taka Michinoku adjust to life in the US. Bradshaw then joined with former WWF manager the Jackyl and teamed up with Faarooq.

The two teamed under the name the Acolytes. The Jackyl left, but they had more success without him. They later became tougher and became the Acolyte Protection Agency and later the APA. They won the titles three times. With the WWF draft, the APA was split up; Bradshaw headed to RAW. Bradshaw is now more famous then ever, and with his Clothesline From Hell finishing move, looks to gain more titles in the future.

On his spare time, he enjoys business and has appeared a few times on the business channel CNBC to share his stock tips. He has a book  about stock advice, so if he ever leaves the WWF he has a good future to look forward to.

He has catapulted himself to the top of the WWE's Smackdown! roster, main eventing a few pay-per-views looking to win the WWE Championship.  He has come close, but has yet to win the big title.