Chris Jericho

  • Real Name: Chris Irvine
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Hometown: Canada
  • Birthday: November 9, 1970
  • College: Red River Community College in Winnipeg
  • Debut:  October 10, 1990
  • Finishing Move: Walls of Jericho; the Lionsault
  • Titles Held: ECW TV Championship (1); WCW TV Championship (1); WCW Cruiserweight Championship (5); WWF Hardcore Championship (1); WWF European Championship (1); WWF Tag Team Championship (1); WWF Intercontinental Championship (3)
  • Official Website:

Chris Jericho started wrestling in Canada and was brought to America by Extreme Championship Wrestling. He soon became popular enough to enter World Championship Wrestling. He had great success in WCW, even challenging Goldberg to a match (which he never accepted).

He entered the World Wrestling Federation as the Millennium Man Y2J in August of 1999 and has had the best success of his short wrestling career. He even won the WWF Heavyweight Championship, although the decision was quickly overturned by an irate Triple H. He was drafted to the RAW brand of the WWE and has competed successfully, including the fantastic Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002.

He created the Highlight Reel, an interview segment on RAW where he interviews the biggest names in the business, but he also wrestles regularly, often going for championship titles.