Eddie Guerrero

  • Real Name: Eddie Guerrero
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Hometown: El Paso, Texas
  • Birthday: October 9, 1967
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: 1988
  • Finishing Move: Frog Splash
  • Titles Held: 
  • WWE Championship
  • WWF Intercontinental Championship
  • WWF European Championship
  • WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • WWA International Cruiserweight Championship
  • ECW TV Championship

    Eddie Guerrero is from the famous Guerrero wrestling family from Mexico. He started his American career in ECW and quickly joined WCW. He had great success, winning several titles and wrestling with other famous Mexican wrestlers. He didn't need any fancy gimmicks to win the approval of the crowd.

    In January 2000, he joined the WWF and quickly gained success in that company. He became known as "Latino Heat" and joined up with Chyna. He won several titles and had more fan approval than when he was in ECW and WCW.

    When he fell off of WWF TV, he started wrestling in a few independent wresting federations and even made it to the World Wrestling All Stars second pay-per-view, winning the WWA International Cruiserweight Championship.

    He came back to the WWE and wrestles in a successful tag team with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., who have won the WWE Smackdown! Championships.  He then went on to even greater success winning the WWE Championship, becoming the first Mexican-American WWE Champion.