• Height: 6' 4"
  • Weight: 240 pounds
  • Real Name: Adam Copeland
  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Pro Wrestling Debt: 1994
  • Birthday: October 30, 1974
  • Titles Held: 
    • WWF Tag Team Championships (7 times with Christian)
    • WWF Intercontinental Championship

Edge started out as a mysterious character in the WWF, known as The Edge. Several promos for him aired in the spring of 1998. He had moderate success as a singles wrestler, then he teamed up with Gangrel and soon after his brother Christian came into the WWF and the three became known as the Brood. Edge and Christian left the Brood and became very success as a tag team, winning the WWF Tag Team Championships seven times, a record in the WWF, in only a year! He is known for "reeking of awesomeness" while wearing funky sunglasses.

Edge and Christian split up, but he was drafted to Mr. McMahon's Smackdown! group, just like Christian. He has since had several feuds, most notably with Kurt Angle which had a hair vs. hair match; Edge won and Angle was shaved bald! He has done moderately well in the WWE since then.

Interesting Facts About Edge: Edge wrestled and won the first ever match on Heat, against Jeff Jarrett. During his debut match in the WWF (June 15, 1998 in San Antonio, Texas), he injured Jose Estrada who was taken away on a stretcher.