Jeff Hardy

  • Real Name: Jeff Hardy
  • Birthday: August 31, 1977
  • Height: 6 feet 0 inches
  • Weight: 215 pounds
  • Pro debut: March 1994
  • Hometown:  Cameron, North Carolina
  • Titles Held
    • WWF Intercontinental Championship
    • WWF Tag Team Championship [4 times]
    • WWF Hardcore Championship [2]

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular men in the WWF today. He teams up with his brother Matt as the Hardy Boyz and come out with the lovely LIta. Jeff has almost always wrestled with his brother in tag team matches, but Jeff has won a few singles titles without him.

Jeff started in the WWF with his brother in 1998 wrestling on Shotgun Saturday Night (now Jakked / Metal) as jobbers who wore flowered tights! They appeared this way on the 1998 video "Three Faces of Foley" as co-hosts. They then teamed up with Michael Hayes and won the tag team championships together. They left him and went on their own, and later teamed up with Lita.

Jeff then split with Matt for a bit, winning the Intercontinental championship. After that, the two went back together and they now wrestle together or singularly, depending on how they feel. Jeff and Matt are known for the high flying moves and the ladder matches that they wrestle in. With the Roster draft, Jeff was sent to RAW. He is now wrestling singularly, but then he left the WWE, supposedly to work on his musical career.