Jerry Lynn

  • Name: Jerry Lynn
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 224 pounds
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesotta
  • Pro Debut: 1988
  • Favorite Move: Cradle Piledriver
  • Titles Held:
    • ECW Heavyweight Championship
    • WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship

Jerry Lynn has wrestled in ECW, WWF/WWE, NWA and NWA TNA, and WWA. Although he has been in a lot of national promotions in the US, he is one incredible wrstler and an asset to whatever organization he is wrestling for.

He started out in ECW and was very successful their, winning their heavyweight championship. Things were going well for him, but not ECW, and since they went out of business he was left without a job. He entered WWE and won the Light-Heavyweight Championship in his debut match against Crash. He fizzled away in WWE since they were not big in the Light Heavyweight division at the time.

He appeared at one of WWA's pay-per-views in 2002, but that company is almost non-existant today, so he was without a job again, but he did make it to NWA and NWA TNA where he can wrestle all over the country, maybe in a city near you. He is certainly one wrestler that you should not miss because he gives his all in every match!