Juventud Guerrera

  • Real Name: Eduardo Anibal Gonzales-Hernandez
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 165 pounds
  • Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Birthday: December 23, 1974
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: 1992
  • Finishing Move: The Juvy Driver, 450 Splash
  • Titles Held: WCW Cruiserweight Championship; WWA International Cruiserweight Championship

    Juventud Guerrera came to America after competing extensively in Mexico where he is famous, too. He joined WCW in the mid 1990's

    Juventud Guerrera was one of the wrestlers that helped make the WCW Cruiserweight division the success that it was. He started out in WCW wearing a mask, but lost it in a match. He then grew stronger and won the WCW Cruiserweight championship. During the new WCW era (of the old WCW) he became known as The Juice and acted a lot like another certain wrestler famous in another federation. While WCW was in Australia taping shows, he got arrested and he was fired from the federation.

    In 2002 he wrestled for the up-and-coming World Wrestling All-Stars on their first pay-per-view and won their International Cruiserweight Championship. Since he lost it, he seemed to have faded away from the wrestling scene, but no one knows where he will be next.

    He appeared a few times on NWA TNA during their World  X-Cup tournaments for his native Mexico.