Mike Awesome

  • Height: 6' 6"
  • Weight: 292 pounds
  • Hometown: Tampa, Florida
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: February 1989
  • Finishing Move: Awesomebomb
  • Titles Held: 
    • ECW Heavyweight Championship (2)
    • WWF Hardcore Champion
  • Nicknames:  The Career Killer, The Fat Chick Thriller, That 70's Guy

Mike Awesome has been described as a super heavyweight with cruiserweight moves. Although he is a big man, he can do many high flying moves.

Mike Awesome is a former ECW Heavyweight Champion managed by Judge Jeff Jones. He made his debut in WCW in April 2000 while he was still the ECW Champion!

Since then, he has been feuding with several major players in WCW and was a part of the New Blood. He is known for powerbombing, or Awesomebombing, his opponents through tables.

He was the first of the WCW wrestlers to make an appearance on WWF TV. He stole the Hardcore Title from Rhyno. He has then wrestled on WWF programming regularly, but has been out due to an injury. With his size and agility, the future looks bright for Awesome no matter where he wrestles, the US, Japan, or anywhere!