Ric Flair

  • Real Name: Richard Fleir
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 243 pounds
  • Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Birthday: February 25, 1949
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: December 1972
  • Pro Wrestling Retirement: March 31, 2008
  • Finishing Move: Figure Four Leg Lock
  • Titles Held:
    • WCW/NWA Heavyweight Championship [16]
    • WCW/NWA US Championship [6]
    • WWF Heavyweight Championship [2]

Ric Flair is the sixteen time champion of World Championship Wrestling. He began wrestling in the 1970's and is one of the original members of the Four Horsemen, the elite group of great wrestlers. 

His signature move is the Figure Four Leg Lock. Flair comes out to the ring with the theme song from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, but he has wrestled all over the world defending championships.

Not only is Ric Flair a sixteen time champion of WCW, but he is also a multi-time WCW United States Champion and he has also won the WWF Heavyweight Championship on one occasion.

Ric Flair shocked the world when he ended up on RAW and said he was a part owner of the WWF! He then took control of RAW and drafted people to be in his group. He also wrestled Vince McMahon at Royal Rumble 2002. Since then he has joined up with Batista, Triple H and Randy Orton as Evolution and still wrestled a couple times a month on TV - well in to his 50's!

At WrestleMania XXIV, he lost a career ending match against Shawn Michaels and actually retired!  He has returned on the scene for WrestleMania XXV to help the Hall-of-Famers battle Chris Jericho.  Flair will probably be involved with wrestling for a long time to come!