• Real Name: Solofa Fatu
  • Hometown: San Francisco, California
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 424 pounds
  • Pro debut: 1985
  • Birthday: October 11, 1966
  • Titles held:
    • WWE Tag Team Championships:
      • With Rico [1]
      • As the Headshrinkers [known as Fatu] [1]
    • WWE Intercontinental Championship [1]

Rikishi is one of the biggest men in the sport today. He is known for being large and wearing a very small set of wrestling tights, along with his move the stinkface, where he rubs his behind in the face of a wrestler.

He started his career in the WWF a long time ago as a more thinner Fatu, part of the Samoan tag team of the Headshrinkers with Samu, and later Samu was replaced by Seone. They were managed by Afa and later on also with Lou Albano, the later who brought them tag team championship success. They did well as a team, but the team left the WWF. He came back as Fatu in a more urban rapper-like appearance in 1995, but it didn't work out well.

In 1999 he made it to the pay-per-view event called Heroes of Wrestling, in a tag match as the Samoan Swat Team against Marty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers. They won. But, only a month later, he made his debut in the WWF under the name Rikishi Fatu, who gained some weight since he was last seen in the WWF. He quickly joined up with Too Cool and changed the spelling of his name to Phatu. They were popular for their dancing after the won a match.

Rikishi left Too Cool and dropped his last name, which he is now known by today simply as Rikishi. He was responsible for running over Steve Austin with a car by the request of The Rock. That angle quickly faded away, and he left for a while because of an injury and recently came back. In May of 2002 he joined the Smackdown! group led by Vince McMahon and won the WWE Tag Team Championship for a second time with the stylist of the former champions, Chuck and Billy. Although they are a rather strange tag team, they have been successfully defending their titles. The two lost their titles back to Billy and Chuck, so Rikishi and Rico have split. Rikishi is now back to singles matches where he excels.