Shane Douglas

  • Real Name: Troy Martin
  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Weight: 240 pounds
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Birthday: November 21, 1964
  • Finishing Move: The Franchiser and the Pittsburgh Plunge
  • Titles Held:
  • NWA Heavyweight Championship [1]
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship [1]
  • ECW Heavyweight Championship [4]
  • ECW TV Championship [2]
  • WCW US Championship [1]
  • WCW Tag Team Championships [2; 1 with Ricky Steamboat and 1 with Buff Bagwell]

    Shane Douglas made his debut in the major professional wrestling circuit in ECW, when he won the NWA Heavyweight Championship and threw it away so he could join ECW. He was very popular in ECW up until he joined WCW in 2000. He quickly made a name for himself in WCW, joining up with the Revolution and then later with Torrie Wilson. Since WCW was bought by WWE, he has yet to be seen on national TV. He recently wrestled Sabu in the former home of ECW in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You may be able to see him wrestle in XPW out in California, where he has had some success.

    It is interesting to note that Douglas wrestled in WWE at Royal Rumble 1991 and was credited as being an up-and-coming rookie in the sport of wrestling. He has appeared in all three major wrestling federations, WWE, WCW and ECW.