Shannon Moore

  • Real Name: Shannon Moore
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina
  • Birthday: July 27, 1979
  • Pro Debut: April 8, 1995


Shannon Moore is one third of the trio Three Count, the high flyers of WCW who are known for singing their hit song "I Can't Get You Out of My Heart" before they get into the ring to wrestle.

Shannon Moore started wrestling in 1995, at the age of fifteen! He came to WCW in 1999. He already held the WCW Hardcore Championship (along with Evan Karagious and Shane Helms). Shannon is from the same hometown as the Hardy Boyz.

He has been off TV for a while when WCW was bought by WWF but in July of 2002 he made his debut in WWE. He is a part of the Cruiserweight division In 2003 he has been accompanying Matt Hardy Version 1.0 to the ring with a special appearance at the Royal Rumble 2003.