Shawn Stasiak

  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 242 pounds
  • Real Name: Shawn Stasiak
  • Birthday: July 21
  • College Attended: Boise State University
  • Titles Held: WCW Tag Team Championship (3 times with Chuck Palumbo)

Shawn Stasiak is a second-generation wrestler, his father is Stan "the Man" Stasiak. Stasiak started his major wrestling career in the WWF under the name of Meat. He would come to the ring with women and they would have him do things. His first pay-per-view match was his pay-per-view debut match against another newcomer of the time, Kurt Angle. After a short while, he dropped the Meat name and gimmick and started using his real name, but he was fired from the WWF for allegedly taping other superstar's conversations.

He entered into World Championship Wrestling and immediately took a "Mr. Perfect"-like gimmick, feuding with Curt Hennig. He then teamed up with Chuck Palumbo and won the WCW Tag Team Championships a few times until that team split up and he joined another team that split up; Shawn Stasiak teamed with Mark Jindrak until WCW was sold to WWF.

Since the invasion in 2001, he had very little success, but now that he was drafted under Ric Flair and appears on RAW, his potential was limitless, with his new identity Planet Stasiak. However, he was let go from the WWE in early 2003.