Stacey Keibler

  • Real Name: Stacey Keibler
  • Height: 5' 11'
  • Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Birthday: October 14, 1979
  • Pro Wrestling Debut: 2000
Stacey Keibler

Stacey Keibler started out her career in wrestling in WCW as the winner of the Nitro Girls contest. She won and became Nitro Girl Skye, due to her long legs. In about two weeks, she left the Girls and became Ms. Hancock. She would come out during matches in a skirt-suit and a clipboard, let down her hair and dance for the crowd, usually on the commentator's desk.

She first came out with Standards and Practices (also known as Lenny and Lodi) but she quickly left them and started going with David Flair. The two almost got married [see David Flair and Stacey Keibler's wedding photos], as she was pregnant, but not by David. It ended up being Shawn Stasiak's child.

As WCW was purchased by the WWF, she came along. She has competed in the ring, but is best known for her backstage escapades with Smackdown! owner Vince McMahon, as she was drafted to his group. She ended up on RAW, however. After a while of being on her own, she teamed up with Test, giving him a new attitude and look and pumping up the fans of Test.