Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

  • Real Name: Stephanie McMahon
  • Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Titles Held: WWE Women's Champion

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley started her on-screen escapades in the WWE when the Undertaker was having a feud with her father Vince McMahon.  Since then she developed a relationship with Test and the two were to get married, except that Triple H ended up marrying her and he came into the family McMahon.  She rose to power and the two had many memorable moments together.  She never really divorced Triple H, but the two split.  She ended up with partial control of the WWE until she sold it and later bought ECW and merged that with WCW.  After a while of the Alliance (ECW + WCW), the groups merged and she left TV for a while.  She came back as the General Manager of Smackdown!, and that is where she has been ever since.  She did win the WWE Women's Championship once, but she is not a wrestler: she is "the Billion Dollar Princess."