Terry Taylor

  • Real Name:  Terry Taylor 

Terry Taylor was last known for working behind the scenes of both WCW and the WWF, but he was first known as being a wrestler.

In the WWF he was known as the Red Rooter--he had a streak of red down the middle of his hair and his music began with rooster crows. The last time he was seen on WWF TV, he was commentating for Sunday Night Heat.

In WCW he was known as Terrific Terry Taylor, or Terrence Taylor. He was part of Alexandra York's York Foundation (she is Terri Runnels). He would often win his matches with York using her lap top computer to attack his opponent. 

He was last seen working behind the scenes at the old WCW and was often seen on camera when something takes place backstage. Terry has been both an athlete and a man in charge of the backstage stuff, so he knows wrestling. He has competed in the ring, commentated for a while and has been part of the backstage crew, so Terry Taylor is one well rounded person.