Steve Austin's AOL Chat
from January 22, 1999

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PeopMagMC1 People Online is really pleased to have our guest tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin
PeopMagMC1 By the way his screen name is SCSArsnake!
PeopMagMC1 He's joining us practically on the eve of his big match...
PeopMagMC1 the Royal Rumble!
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PeopMagMC1 Thanks to everyone in our audience for coming.
PeopMagMC1 Thanks for joining us tonight, Stone Cold!
Question will stonecold win the rumble
SCSArsnake Oh hell yeah!
Question Hey! can you tell me what might happen at Royal Rumble??
SCSArsnake A lot of bull@#$% and a lot of entertainment a hell of an event
Question Steve I know you spend a lot of time wrestling, but you being one tough s. o.b. how do you spend your free time?
SCSArsnake Hunting, fishing, riding my 4-wheelers, drinking a few beers go to the gym, just regular stuff like that.
PeopMagMC1 For those of you just joining us, we're talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Question how do you stone cold, plan on winning the royal rumble with the 1g on your head?
SCSArsnake By throwing 29 SOBs over the top rope!
Question hey Steve you are my favorite wrestler and I was wonder have you ever been against sting ? and if so was it fun?
SCSArsnake I wrestled Sting many times in WCW ...there was some good matches some bad I always thought Sting was a pretty hard worker.
Question do you like your video game WWF Warzone
SCSArsnake Hell, I'm on's gonna be good! I like the cover the best!
Question what are you expecting from McMahon at the rumble
SCSArsnake He's full of tricks. This year's Royal Rumble should be more fun that a barrel of monkeys.
Question Cold how did u come up with your new image?
SCSArsnake What new image?
Question did you enjoy the filming of the Nash Bridges episode?
SCSArsnake Yeah it was excellent. It's airing February 26 on CBS. Don Johnson and Cheech Marin were absolutely first class.
PeopMagMC1 By the way, Stone Cold'
SCSArsnake I also did a scene with Yasmine Bleeth. She was extremely nice also. I had a hell of a good time the whole time I was there and learned a lot. I would definitely like to do more, but I would also like to get my WWF belt back at the same time. There's a few more cans of whoop @#$ to open up.
PeopMagMC1 By the way, Stone Cold's login is SCSArsnake
Question Austin, will you win the title at WrestleMania?
SCSArsnake Damn right! I gotta win the Royal Rumble first and go on to WrestleMania and if I'm in that match, I'll win it. But I have to win the Royal Rumble first, and that's the bottom line.
Question Where did Stone Cold get his name from?
SCSArsnake The concept was from watching an HBO special on serial killers. I'm not endorsing a serial killer, that's just how I came up with the concept.
Question Stone Cold......What is your Favorite outfit to wear during a match?
SCSArsnake My favorite outfit? I'm only got one of 'em. My favorite shirt to wear right now is the Blood from a Stone I came up with that one myself. I'm also happy from the new line of caps from Drew Pearson Headgear...they're pretty showtime!
Question Stone Cold - How long do you plan to stay part of the WWF?
SCSArsnake I think I always want to be associated with the WWF in some capacity
SCSArsnake Will I be able to wrestle forever? Of course not. But to me, being a part of the WWF is something special. And to me, I just like being associated with it. That's about it.
Question Mr.. Austin, who was the toughest opponent you have ever faced
SCSArsnake Ricky Steamboat. The guy was just so good. He never got tired. As far as here in the WWF, it would be a toss up between Undertaker and Mankind.
PeopMagMC1 Speaking of Mankind...
Question My name is Wesley Hayes...I didn't like you when you first started in the WWF...but I've recently began to really like you...but, why don't you become friends with Mankind and Kane? Ya'll would be awesome together...
SCSArsnake I didn't come to the WWF to make friends.
SCSArsnake If you like me that's fine. If you think I'm here to make friends, see ya later.
SCSArsnake If Mankind keeps the title I'd love to wrestle him at WrestleMania. Like he said on RAW, we'd blow the roof off the place. WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year. Whether it's the Rock or Mankind, it will be a hell of a deal. I guarantee you that.
Question Yo Austin, what was it like to give the award in the Billboard Music Awards?
SCSArsnake It was great. At the time I was extremely sick with a stomach virus that I had for about 10 days. But to come out of our world and to go into that world, it was pretty neat. I always like to do as much crossover stuff as I can. That's the way you get more and more people to watch the World Wrestling Federation.
PeopMagMC1 By the way, Stone Cold's login is SCSArsnake.
Question Do you have any kids?
SCSArsnake Yeah I got two. And a stepdaughter. Sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't. It all depends on the WWF schedule. This ain't the easiest job in the world. But I gotta pay my bills like anybody else.
Question Steve, your charisma and say anything attitude make the WWF what it is today as it is noticeably reflected onto your comrades, where now everyone wants to kick Vince's behind. Since you are an obvious influence, I would like to know who influenced you?
SCSArsnake I didn't really have any influences as far as interview style. The only person that really influences me interview wise would be Brian Pillman. As far as people I respected in the ring. Harley Race Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Dick Murdoch, and Bob Orton, Jr.
Question How old were you when you became interested in professional wrestling?
SCSArsnake Six or seven.
Question does Mr. McMahon really hate your guts , on and off stage???
SCSArsnake I gotta be makin' him a ton of money...he can't hate me that much. I'm sure he's not happy with the way I do things though. That's what makes working for the WWF so fun.
Question How does it feel to be the HOTTEST man in wrestling?
SCSArsnake You gotta keep kickin' and scratchin' to stay at the top. It's pretty cool but by the same token it's a lot of work. I'm not the kind of person to the big head. I take it one day at a time.
PeopMagMC1 By the way, Stone Cold's login is SCSArsnake.
Question Who would you rather face for the belt, Mankind or the Rock?
SCSArsnake You could flip a coin. I have no preference. I got a lot of respect for either one.
Question Do you think you could take Mike Tyson in the ring?
SCSArsnake Why not? I was at the Tyson-Botha fight I was glad to see Tyson get back in the ring and get a good win. I met Magic Johnson and Gregory Hines. They were really cool.
Question How many stunners do you plan on laying on Vince and Shane?
SCSArsnake Who knows? Keep a runnin' tab.
Question Do you really bleed?
SCSArsnake When I really get cut. Check out the Blood from a Stone shirt.
Question hi stone cold, I wanted to ask if you think having Chyna is the rumble is good?
SCSArsnake I don't see any problems with it. If she's in there when I'm in there I'll throw her @#$ over the top rope just like a guy.
Question Stone Cold did you get good grades in school and did you go to collage?
SCSArsnake I went to college. Never got a degree. Yeah I made good grades.
Question what do you think about your fans
SCSArsnake They're the best in the world.
Question Stone Cold ..Just wondered if you have considered eliminating yourself to receive the bounty??
SCSArsnake Winning that belt means more than $100,000 to me. That would be doing things the easy way, I always like doing things the hard way.
Question Would you ever want to wrestle Dennis Rodman?
SCSArsnake No I wouldn't want to wrestle him. But I would consider dating him. I might consider shooting baskets with him or something like that. But he's not in my league.
Question Where is your favorite place to wrestle in and why?
SCSArsnake It's hard to give you a top place. As far as history, probably Madison Square Garden.
Question if you had the opportunity to fight anyone in the wrestling business who would it be and why?
SCSArsnake Myself but I'd like to find out exactly how good I am.
PeopMagMC1 That's all we've got time for tonight, I'm afraid. But if you have any closing comments...
SCSArsnake Be sure and check out the Royal Rumble this Sunday. And of course keep watching WWF. Also watch for Nash Bridges on February 26. Check out
PeopMagMC1 Thank you so much, Stone Cold Steve Austin, for joining us tonight. It's been a pleasure talking to you. Good