David Arquette AOL Chat Transcript
April 3, 2000

Actor David Arquette stopped by AOL Live to chat about his latest film, "Ready to Rumble" on April 3, 2000.  David also answered questions about the "Scream" thrilogy and the 1-800-COLLECT commercials.


TV Guide Online:  Joining us tonight is David Arquette, who will be talking about his new movie "Ready to Rumble." Thanks for coming to chat.

David Arquette:  Hello!

Question:  Do you write with your right or left hand? Thanks!

David Arquette:  I'm a righty, but there's a lot of lefties in my family, particularly my father and brother, Richmond.

Question:  I heard you got injured last week during a movie. How are you doing?

David Arquette:  Yeah, I'm fine. I had got seven stitches on the outside and some on the inside. It was a special effects scene at the Riviera in Las Vegas, and there was an explosion in this piece of copper walling and it blew a hole in my leg. But I'm fine.

Question:  In "Ready to Rumble" previews, it looks like your character is obsessed with wrestling. Are you obsessive about anything?

David Arquette:  Not really obsessed with anything. I enjoy wrestling, basketball with my friends, and that's about it.

Question: Did you ever think of doing a TV series?

David Arquette:  Yeah, I want to do a TV series. I enjoy TV and sitcoms and TV films. If I did a TV show, I would want it to be a sitcom because of the audience interaction and because they're lighthearted and not too deep.

Question:  Who else plays in "Ready to Rumble"?

David Arquette:  We have a great cast! Scott Caan. We worship Jimmy King, who is played by Oliver Platt. We also have Rose McGowan, Martin Landau, Joey Pantoliano and Sting, Goldberg and DDP.

Question:  David, you are awesome and crack me up with your AT&T commercials. Me and my buddy Tim think you are hilarious! What is Rose McGowan like? And were you happy when you found out you were working with each other again? Thanks man, stay cool!

David Arquette:  It was great. First of all, thank you. I like when people enjoy what I do. It was great though, because Rose is a great actress and great for the role. It's great when you know the person you're working with because it makes it easier to work with. It would be neat to see her play a different type of character, though.

Question:  What was the best highlight working with WCW, and who was your favorite wrestler?

David Arquette:  The best highlight was having Chris Kanyon teach us wrestling moves and letting us into this private world. My favorite wrestler of all time was Andre the Giant. But I also like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, all the guys I worked with, and I also like The Rock and Billy Kidman and Vampiro. Oh yeah... and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka -- he was the best!

Question:  Does your father have a role in "Ready to Rumble"?

David Arquette:  Yeah, he plays Oliver Platt's father in the movie.

:  Are you going to keep doing those 1-800-COLLECT commercials?

David Arquette:  I have five more that I'm under contract to do, so at least five.

Question:  Since you and Courtney like roller coasters so much, what's the best one you've ever ridden? What was her favorite?

David Arquette:  We mostly prefer metal coasters -- the new Colossus at Six Flags is great. But I love the Incredible Hulk at Universal, and Montu and Tampa Bay in Busch.

Question:  Who do you think will win the NCAA tournament tonight?

David Arquette:  I never went to college, so I'm not too knowledgeable about college basketball, but I do like pro basketball.

Question:  Are you planning to stay with comedy or try a little drama in your future projects?

David Arquette:  Yeah. Hollywood's weird because once you start doing a certain type of acting, you get stuck doing the same types of things. I would like to do more drama, though. Kind of like "Dream With the Fishes."

Question:  Are you going to be on any shows in the near future?

David Arquette:  I'll be on "Rosie O'Donnell" tomorrow and "Jay Leno" next week. I might appear on one of the WCW shows, but nothing's for sure.

Question:  In "Scream," your character and Courtney's character took awhile to grow on each other. Was it like that for you two in real life?

David Arquette:  Yeah. We both sort of had a lot of growing to do individually. We worked out our own personal issues and then started dating after "Scream 2."

Question:  Have you stopped smoking completely? If so, how long has it been?

David Arquette:  I smoke a cigar once in awhile. As far as smoking, I have quit, and it has been a year and a half, maybe more.

Question:  Is your upcoming film, "The Shrink Is In," going to be a comedy?

David Arquette:  Yeah. It is a very lighthearted romantic comedy.

Question:  I think you are a very good actor. Did you get to have a lot of say after watching the dailies?

David Arquette:  Once in a while. I usually watch it at least once or twice to see how it looks and how the movie and my character is coming off, but I don't obsess with watching it.

Question:  What did you like about this script?

Arquette:  First off, Brian Robbins is such a great director that I wanted to work with him. I've known him for awhile, and I respect him and how he conducts his career. When I read the script, it was a colorful world with a good plot and sweet relationships, and it was funny, and I like funny.

Question:  Was it fun seeing how the wrestlers do all the moves they do?

David Arquette:  Yeah, it was great. You feel like you’re invited into some secret society. I have so much respect for these wrestlers. It's such a difficult show that they put on. It takes a lot of skill and guts, and I feel bad for kids who try to do it because they hurt themselves. The wrestlers themselves get hurt all the time.

Question:  How was it working with Scott Caan?

David Arquette:  Yeah, I've known Scott for years in LA - about ten years ago we met. We were both graffiti artists and we competed against each other. I had seen him around the scene, and we got to work together. He's a really great guy and a great actor, and I'm very impressed with his skills. He's really realistic with what he does.

Question:  How has being married changed your perspective on life and your career?

David Arquette:  Yeah. Once you get married it changes your perspective on life in general. You have to take a lot of factors into account before taking certain jobs and going away for long periods of time, so yes, it definitely does.

Question:  What was it like to work with the wrestlers? Were they in character or are they more down to earth?

David Arquette:  Much more down to earth. Most of the wrestlers are gracious, kind and open. Diamond Dallas Page works with kids and illiteracy, and Goldberg works with the Humane Society. They're really a stand-up bunch, for the most part.

Question:  Did you watch "WrestleMania" last night?

David Arquette:  I actually didn't watch it. I just wasn't tuned in.

Question:  David, did you get mad on "Howard Stern" when those callers were bashing you?

David Arquette:  Yeah, it's a bit of a drag. It kind of stayed with me awhile. I don't have any hatred towards people. On a lot of shows they screen people, but his show is raw, so I have to remind myself of that fact and try to not take it personally.

Question:  Did anyone ever beat your "Lowest Score Possible" record?

David Arquette:  I love bowling. I'm not very good, but I enjoy it a lot. I don't think there is a lower score.

Question:  Hey, David! What was your first big break?

David Arquette:  My first job was a show called "The Outsiders," and that's where I was discovered I guess. I'd consider my first big break in high school, when a bunch of girls came up to me and told me I should try out for a play. That really got me interested in pursuing a career in acting.

Question:  Hi, David, I just want to say you're the best and funniest person there ever will be. My question is, will there be a sequel to "Ready to Rumble"?

David Arquette:  Wow, thank you so much. That's sweet, but I don't believe you. I'm not sure. I haven't ruled out a sequel, but I'd insist on it being more ethnically diverse, in which case I may not even be in it.

Question:  How was it working with Carson Daly on "TRL" that was aired today?

David Arquette:  That was fun. I like nice people. You can't get nicer than screaming girls, except when they start pushing each other around.

Question:  Could you give me some idea of when "The Shrink Is In" might come out? Will you and Courtney do any more movies together?

David Arquette:  It should be coming out in the next couple of months. They're finalizing the distribution deal now. It was independently financed, which slows down the process a little. And yes, we will be working together more. I actually did a cameo in "3000 Miles to Graceland," which she stars in.

Question:  I noticed you wear a "Hi! My Name is... Slim Shady!" shirt in the movie, could you explain the story behind that?

David Arquette:  I picked the shirt out. I think Eminem is one of the most talented rappers to date. I wanted to give him some free press and thought it was something my character would be into.

Question:  Are you planning on doing anything on Broadway?

David Arquette:  I would love to do something on Broadway. As of now, Courtney is still involved in the show, and I'm sure, hopefully, I'll be able to do something within the next few years.

Question:  If you could work with any group of people -- actors, directors, producers, writers -- on a movie, who would they be and why?

David Arquette:  Any of the greats, Scorsese, Coppola... I could write a whole list. There's a lot of new directors and writers also coming up. I'd like to work with anyone from Spike Lee to Woody Allen to Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze... there's a lot of talented people in the world.

Question:  David, were you the class clown in high school or a shy youngster?

David Arquette:  I guess I would probably lean towards the class clown side. But I always understood the importance of education, and I tried not to ditch too much and always did my homework and tried to get good grades.

Question:  Do you have any pets?

David Arquette:  A border terrier, a mountain collie and a border terrier-shepherd mix. Usually I can't bring them with me. Maybe I'll be able to eventually. I am about to do a movie with a dog and a kid.

Question:  Hey, Dave, my favorite call ATT commercial was the one where you and one of the Wayans brothers were "ninjas." What's it like working with him?

David Arquette:  Myron is one of the funniest, most talented actors I've worked with. He's great. We did so much funny stuff on that one, and they edited it down to nothing. I would love to be able to do another commercial with him.

Question:  Do you think you will make a guest appearance anytime soon on "Friends"?

David Arquette:  I actually did once. I played Phoebe's stalker right after "Scream." I don't think they liked me too much, though, so I don't think they'll be having me back.

Question:  What was it like working with sewage?

David Arquette:  It wasn't real sewage. It's not as smelly when it's fake. In the first scene with Ahmet Zappa, I put my finger up my butt. Off camera for him he was supposed to smell my finger, so I put some cat food and Limburger cheese for the effect.

Question:  What kind of music do you listen to? Any favorite bands?

David Arquette:  I like Jane's Addiction, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and then a lot of old music, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Al Green, Otis Redding.

Question:  Do you like cartoons? If you do, then which ones?

David Arquette: I love "The Simpsons." Growing up, my favorite cartoons were the ones with the taxicab who had the kid taxicab and the same one with the airplane version. I also liked the futuristic cartoons. As far as adult cartoons, "Watership Down" was intense, and "The Iron Giant."

TV Guide Online:  Thanks for chatting with us tonight, David.

David Arquette:  Thanks for coming online, and I hope you enjoy the movie!

TV Guide Online: You can see David this Friday in "Ready to Rumble." Good night.