Howard Finkel AOL Chat
February 7, 1997

This is one of Howard Finkel's monthly trivia contest chats on America Online.  He used to host this, and members could respond and win a prize pack of cool WWF merchandise!

OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 World Wrestling Federation, Titan Sports Inc.

WWFFink: Folks....We apoloigize for the delay, but we are ready to go...Take it away Bill

OnlineHost: To send your question to the speaker, click on the Interact icon, then use the Ask a Question option.

WWFBBANKS: Send your answers in throught the question box folks!! You ready Fink?

WWFFink: OK....You have 30 seconds to answer
WWFFink: And no multiple winners tonight:):):)
WWFFink: First question?

WWFFink: In 1983...Who was known as the WWF's Troubleshooting Referee?

WWFFink: I am surprised
WWFFink: Well anyway
WWFFink: The correct answer was
WWFFink: Swede Hanson

WWFBBANKS: You got em' Fink!

WWFFink: Appointed in 1983 by the WWF
WWFFink: Formner great wrestler
WWFFink: Banks, 1-0...The Fink

WWFBBANKS: These folks are going to have to do better than that tonight!
WWFBBANKS: I ALWAYS score first Fink!
WWFBBANKS: Here we go with question # 2!

WWFFink: From what building did the FIRST Saturday Night's Main Event originate?

WWFFink: WINNER!!!!!!!
WWFFink: I knew you guys would bounce back!!
WWFFink: OK, the answer is :
WWFFink: Nassau Coliseum
WWFFink: May 1985

WWFBBANKS: Andy...that was JUST Dandy....excuse the horrible puns tonight...:)

WWFFink: Congratulations to
WWFFink: Andy Cohen!!!
WWFFink: Hey Bill...Where's the Matrat?
WWFFink: Is he already at Penn Station for Shotgun?

WWFBBANKS: I dunno Fink...Penn Station has MANY holes!
WWFBBANKS: Here we go folks!

WWFFink: Who was Owen Hart's first round opponent in the 1994 King Of The Ring Tournament?

WWFFink: WINNER!!!!!!!
WWFFink: Wow
WWFFink: The correct answer is:
WWFFink: Tatanka
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: BlueHayz

WWFmatrat: Whats cookin' fellas??? How are MY fans doin' tonight?

WWFFink: Where have you been Joe DiMaggio?

WWFBBANKS: Finkmeister....that was TOOOOOO easy.....even Matrat could have gotten that one, eh Rat?

WWFFink: That's Mat Rat's real name folks

WWFBBANKS: Joltin' Mat DiMaggio
WWFBBANKS: Here we go folks!

WWFmatrat: Heck....Im big time..I show up when I want>>:)

WWFBBANKS: The next question requires a SPECIFIC answer!

WWFFink: How did Rhythm & Blues enter the arena at WrestleMania VI?

WWFmatrat: They walked in:))))))

WWFFink: WINNER!!!!!
WWFFink: You guys are QUICK
WWFFink: The correct answer is
WWFFink: A Pink Cadliiac
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: BokonR

WWFmatrat: Well..they walked in to the ring:)

WWFBBANKS: Hey....he's Bokon...he's cool...he's cocky...and he just demolished Fink!

WWFmatrat: he related to Bozo??

WWFBBANKS: Here we go again! Moving one!

WWFFink: The late Buddy Rogers hosted an interview segment in the early 80's on WWF TV called: What

WWFmatrat: The Lone Ranger!!!:))

WWFFink: Keep the clock right RAT!!
WWFFink: The correct answer is:
WWFFink: Rogers' \Corner
WWFFink: And congratulations to:

WWFBBANKS: Fink..I didn't even know that one! And as you know....I know A-LOT!!

: Yes..Excellence as usual

WWFFink: Rat, please keep the clock accurate!!

WWFmatrat: Puttin himself over heh..Fink?
WWFmatrat: Ok Fink..I got the clock bro:)

WWFFink: Yes, Like he did Tiger Ali Singh!!

WWFBBANKS: Next one!! Here we go!! QUIET RAT!!

WWFFink: From Japan bill??

WWFmatrat: :)

WWFmatrat: Jeep...Jeep!

WWFFink: Who was the Undertaker's first SINGLES' opponent on a WWF Pay per view event?

WWFFink: WINNER!!!!!!!
WWFmatrat: a winner already?
WWFFink: The correct answer is:
WWFFink: The Undertaker (Wrestlemania VII)
WWFFink: Congratulations to:
WWFFink: Snuka
WWFFink: I was thinking about the "Taker


WWFFink: It was Jimmy Snuka
WWFmatrat: He snuka in with a win:)
WWFFink: And the winner was
WWFFink: Ray Karna

WWFmatrat: Say hey Ray:)

WWFBBANKS: Here we go again Fink!! Get ready folks!!

WWFFink: What were the FIRST names of the tag team from the late 70's known as the Yukon Lumberjacks?

WWFmatrat: LumberBANKS USA????

WWFFink: WE Got a WINNER at the Buzzer, right?

WWFmatrat: We got it!!!!

WWFFink: Lucky!!

WWFmatrat: the buzzer!!

WWFFink: The correct answer was
WWFFink: Eric and Pierre
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: ZR 01

WWFBBANKS: Next one folks!! Here we go!

WWFFink: Well guys, think it's time???



WWFmatrat: OK..Stumper it is!!!

WWFBBANKS: The Man They Call Fink...with the Super Stumper!

WWFmatrat: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

WWFFink: Here are the rules folks
WWFFink: Cute Rat, cute!!
WWFFink: In a moment, I am going to let loose with the SUPER STUMPER
WWFFink: If you think you know the answer
WWFFink: E-Mail me at WWFFink
WWFFink: before 12 Noon tomorrow Eastern Time
WWFFink: All correct answers
WWFFink: will be entered in a drawing for a one year's subscription to the
WWF Magazine
WWFFink: If you are already a current subscriber
WWFFink: You will gte another year tagged onto your existing subscription
WWFFink: get
WWFFink: And folks
WWFFink: ONE entry per person PLEASE

WWFBBANKS: And you get to read some pretty good articles by yours truly! WHOOPPEE!! :)

WWFFink: Pitiful Banks, JUST pitiful!!

WWFBBANKS: Here we with the Super Stumper Folks..get ready!!

WWFFink: AndThe very BEST of luck to ALL:
WWFFink: In the music video from Piledriver called "If You Only Knew"(1987-1988)....
WWFFink: Who spoke/sang the following line:
WWFFink: "A lot of you guys want to see me in agony"
WWFFink: E-Mail me at WWFFink
WWFFink: With the answers
WWFFink: By the way

WWFBBANKS: Hey...whip out those vinyl records folks!!

WWFFink: The winner will be announced in the Full Bodypress newsletter this coming Monday

WWFBBANKS: Fink takes out his vinyls EVERY night!
WWFBBANKS: Here we go with more trivia!!
WWFBBANKS: Let's move we go!

WWFFink: In the Tag Team Tournament in 1994-1995......
WWFFink: Who were the first round opponents for Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka?

WWFFink: WINNER>>>>>>
WWFFink: The correct answer is:
WWFFink: Men On A Mission
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: TiMeBoMbz

WWFmatrat: Yes..It was his TIME to win

WWFBBANKS: Hey Fink..he just EXPLODED all over you! Congrats TimeBombz!

WWFFink: Yes he did....WTG

WWFBBANKS: Next question there La Buena?

WWFmatrat: Oh..Billy has a new job...Comedian.

WWFFink: Yes, and you've heard of a stand up comedian?
WWFFink: He's a SIT DOWN one

WWFBBANKS: Why ya gotta be like that Fink?

WWFmatrat: :)

WWFBBANKS: Here we go with more trivia!

WWFmatrat: More TRIVIA!

WWFFink: In what facility did Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales win the WWF Tag Team Titles in 1980?


WWFmatrat: Billy's basement???

WWFFink: Good job folks
WWFFink: The correct answer is:
WWFFink: Shae Stadium
WWFFink: Shea
WWFFink: And congratulations to our winner:
WWFFink: Bill Parcells
WWFFink: Sorry
WWFFink: He's consulting

WWFBBANKS: That's it...any more cracks about my Jets\ and I'm moving to England :P

WWFFink: Our winner is

WWFmatrat: Put down your weapons....I enforce the law!:)

WWFBBANKS: That's another story there Rat....
WWFBBANKS: MORE trivia Fink? Can you do MORE??? :)

WWFFink: Well, I gotta Git-uhlong here

WWFmatrat: Ohhhh..sorry..Back to the game..

WWFBBANKS: Next question.....

WWFFink: What was the first Canadian city that hosted an In Your House pay per view evet?

WWFFink: WINNER!!!!!

WWFmatrat: O' Canada.....

WWFFink: Qukci tonight!!


WWFFink: Which is french for quick
WWFFink: The correct answer is:

WWFBBANKS: OK there French Fry man.....

WWFFink: Winnipeg
WWFFink: October, 1995
WWFFink: And congratulations to
WWFFink: OBannon31

WWFmatrat: <-------- singing to himself....O' Canada.

WWFBBANKS: Ahh...a basketball fan...and he just bounced Fink!

WWFFink: Time for a few more




WWFmatrat: We dont stop till we drop....

WWFFink: In what year did Gentleman Jerry Valiant first appear in the WWF?

WWFFink: The correct answer is:"
WWFFink: 1979
WWFFink: The year Banks was in college

WWFBBANKS: I was just THREE YEARS OLD in 1979 Fink! WOW!

WWFFink: And congratulations to
WWFFink: RingSongs
WWFFink: Very impressive

WWFmatrat: You can ring my bell.......ring my bell!:)<------singing again

WWFBBANKS: MORe Folks!! Here we go!

WWFFink: A few more

WWFBBANKS: No one liked that song Rat..give it up

WWFmatrat: 5 minutes to go....

WWFFink: Who won the award at the 1987 Slammy Awards for Best Hygiene?

WWFFink: The correct answer is
WWFFink: The Bolsheviks
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: RamRick

WWFmatrat: Ram Bam thank you Mam...:))LOL

WWFBBANKS: Bill Banks says...NO COMMENT! Congratulations Rick!
WWFBBANKS: THE LAST we go!! Get ready for the last chance!!

WWFmatrat: This is it..for all the marbles!!

WWFFink: In the late 70's and early 80's the WWF TV Program Championship Wrestling was televised from what location in Pennsylvania?
WWFFink: Location specific

WWFmatrat: Finks Backyard???


WWFFink: The correct ansewr was ALLENTOWN

WWFFink: A great place for that
WWFFink: And congratulations to:
WWFFink: They wiped me out except for the first one

WWFBBANKS: Hey Fink...did you get that question from your Billy Joel vinyl???

WWFmatrat: YES! baby....<-----Singing once again to Fink...Na, Na, Na , Na Hey , Hey , Hey goodbye:)

WWFFink: Folks, you have just heard the two Casey Kasem rejects

WWFmatrat: Ohhh.we love ya..Fink!

WWFFink: That's gonna do it for this session
WWFFink: Again, don'tt forget to E-Mail me at WWFFink
WWFFink: with your answer for tonight's super stumper
WWFFink: Rat, thanks

WWFmatrat: Bill..thanks for working tonight..

WWFFink: Don't quit your day job!

WWFBBANKS: I'm a workin' time for rest....:)

WWFFink: You might be riding a JEEP

: Better than the car I have now Fink!

WWFmatrat: LOL....

WWFFink: Thanks again everyone
WWFFink: You guys are great
WWFFink: Back next month

WWFBBANKS: Later folks!

WWFmatrat: AND thanks to everyone who attended..NIGHT!!


WWFBBANKS: Don't forget Shotgun Saturday Night coverage this Saturday night!

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