Mark Henry on New England Cable News

March 28, 1998 --- To promote WrestleMania XIV in Boston

Chris Collins (Host)   Where talking March Madness, we're talking WrestleMania. I got a guest with me, man, you look bigger in person. Mark Henry of the WWF I had every intention of pucking you out, but you look a lot bigger in person. Hey, Hey, Hey!
Mark Henry   (Picks up a baseball bat)
CC   Don't go to the props. C'mon man
MH   I'll leave this for you
CC   Don't go to the props. You don't need that. I ran into a few of your boys earlier this week it wasn't friendly To show you I'm not a punk I'll roll the tape to show you where I stand. Roll it
    Shows video of Chris Collins at the DX public Workout
CC   Looser! Winners stick with winners. So now you know where I'm coming from. They tell me your a winner and your an Olympian.
MH   Not only am I an Olympian, but I'm a winner and from the looks of things you was awful for in the back (on the tape) What happened on your forehead?
CC   What's wrong?
MH   It looks like someone racked across your forehead. What happened did someone get you?
CC   I was in there doing damage. I was up, standing tall to Stone Cold. I want to know about the Nation of Demolition or what is it?
MH   Hold on! It's my show now if you gonna say it, say it right Nation of Domination
CC   Islam?
MH   That ain't what I said. I don't want to do this to you on national TV , but the cameras will stop rolling later. Get it: Nation of Domination. No more jokes. If you're gonna say it, say it right
CC   How can I be a part of it?
MH   You have to prove yourself
CC   From what I understand, I fit the criteria
MH   What's the criteria? You don't know what we went through to become the Nation
CC   Who's involved?
MH   We got Rocky, Myself, D-Lo Brown
CC   There seems to be a common denotation that I share (both laugh)
MH   The only thing I see is that you have a big mouth and we all now how to run it.
CC   This is a black thing, isn't it?
MH   No. It's a respect thing. See, we don't get respect, so we joined together as a group to take over. Luckily, Rocky Maivia is in the Intercontinental Championship match; he'll win. But we still get pushed aside. That's what the Nation is all about. We'll come back in "98 and '99 and get some respect
CC   How'd you not get Mike Tyson? Tyson's with that--what's that thing?
MH   He's broke. He's all about dividends. He gets with Shawn Michaels, champion, kissing everyone's butt and gets on TV to talk about how bad he is and how big his kielbasa is (does a Crotch Chop) and this and that. We don't have to do that cause we already know what's going on.
CC   Nation of Demolition. Come back. Nation of Demolition. I should be a part of this.
MH   I think I can get you in.
CC   Yeah (raises arm) That looks like the old Black power signal
    Commercials--then shows a boxing clip of Shannon Briggs loosing to Lennox Lewis
CC   Back with the WWWF, man, an extra W!
MH   When you associate with the Nation, you've got to put in a little extra. We know that Mr. Briggs won't be a member of the Nation of Domination.
CC   Why is that?
MH   Cause he's a looser
CC   And winners hang with winners, and that's why were leaving you, cause you're a looser! What happened to foreign objects?
MH   Well, being in the Nation, we don't need foreign objects. We are weapons ourselves. Its obvious that you haven't seen us for a while. Tune in on Monday nights. How could you be a member of the Nation if you don't respect us by watching us?
CC   I'm disturbed. I'm looking at the card and your in the corner with a guy called Kama. What is that? Kama Kama Kama Chameleon? Old singer? Boy George? You wrestle with a transvestite?
MH   Goldust is in another match. We're gonna leave him out of this. He doesn't consort with the brothers of the Nation
CC   Explain what is a foreign object
MH   Anything outside of the ropes. You can't use anything. Brass knuckles, or this pen!
CC   Would this (a bottle of salad dressing) be one?
MH   Yes, if you hit someone with it.
CC   This (lacrosse stick)?
MH   That could be.
CC   Foreign Object? (hockey puck)
MH   Hockey puck. You can knock out someone with a puck. Anything!
CC   Is this (telephone) a foreign object? [voice on phone]: Yes. What about Mr. T? Could he be a part of the Nation?
MH   Wasn't he on the A-Team?
CC   He was a wrestler. I think on WrestleMania 1 or 2.
MH   It's back in the old days. Old geezers have nothing to do with us. We are all about now.
CC   You don't embrace the rich detailed history of the WWF?
MH   History is his story. I'm gonna tell my story. That's what the Nation is all about. You need to tune in on Mondays
CC   You do a lot of this? (raises arm)
MH   We do a lot of this (raises arm) and a lot of this (punches).
CC   What's this Kama guy?
MH   He's the best man to protect my back. He is not a veteran but a seasoned wrestler
CC   Sounds like he's from the Nation of Islam
MH   You say things that don't deal with the Nation. You'll make me get Southern on you.
Caller   Faarooq and Rocky have a little bit of tension. Who would you stand behind if they went at it?
MH   There is no confusion with the Nation. Every family has its little fights or quarrels. That question is not even relevant
CC   Who's the leader of the Nation of Destruction?
MH   You're gonna loose an eye!
Caller   It's the Nation of Domination. By any means necessary.
MH   This guy is up for a candidacy. Go ahead with the question. (no sound). He's gone. You put the only guy that had respect off the air. Help me and I'll help you.
CC   You know my credo: And winners hang with winners, and that's why were leaving you, cause you're a looser!
CC   I just want to be a part of the Nation of Discrimination.
MH   (In his breath) Nation of Discrimination! Good Lord! Help him!
Caller   Tyson & Austin. If Stonecold stunned you (Chris Colllins), you'd still be out.
CC   He's a cat, a pussy cat, without the cat.
Caller   Shawn will attack Stonecold when Tyson is holding him. Mark, do you hang out with Rocky?
MH   Yes.
Caller   You're a looser!
MH   Obviously the real looser is the one that made the call
CC   Who's the baddest man on the planet?
MH   It's a title that is yet to be determined.
CC   Could It be you?
MH   It could be.
Caller   Will Rock cover your back?
MH   Sure the Rock will 100%
Caller   Who'll win between Michaels & Austin?
MH   It is too hard to call. They are both devastating. They are both weapons, and are very athletic.
CC   What does he say? Open up a can of whoop-something?
MH   Open up a can of whoop ass
CC   What every happened to Pat Patterson?
MH   He is still around giving advice
Caller   Start watching out. Mark Henry can squeeze the bejeezus out of you with his bear hug.
CC   He's not as big as he looks. (Stands up)
MH   (stands up)
CC   Maybe he is!
CC   You gonna win?
MH   We will win there's no doubt that Kama and me will win
CC   We shall see. WrestleMania is tomorrow