The Road Dogg's AOL Chat
June 23, 1999

Question   What do you plan on doing to Chyna this Sunday at King of the Ring?
Road Dogg   She has been very brutal with me up until this point especially for someone that I thought was my friend. My mother told me never to hit a woman but she has stepped into the shoes of a man and therefore I'm gonna beat the hell out of her.
Question   Will DX be getting any new members soon?
Road Dogg   I think the only one we would consider, and he may already be a member but I'm too scared to ask him, is Kane. Kane is a brutal as Billy Gunn, Triple H and Chyna combined!
Question   Who are your best friends in the locker room?
Road Dogg   That would be a neck-and-neck tie between X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett simply because of our history. We've been through a lot together.
Question   What wrestlers did you idolize growing up?
Road Dogg   My father, Bob Armstrong, and my brother Brad Armstrong. I like to keep it in the family. And also Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig.
Question   Which one of your five championship wins was the most memorable?
Road Dogg   Tag Team Titles, first time, with Billy, for sure. It was the first time somebody showed me that I was good enough to represent their company as a champion.
Question   How did you come up with "Oh, you didn't know?" and "Your ass better call somebody"?
Road Dogg   To be quite honest, Chainz from DOA used to say, "Oh you didn't know?" all the time. And I added in "Your ass better call somebody." And it just so happens it fit with my entrance music, so it stuck.
Question   Are you going to team up with X-Pac for the Tag Team Championship?
Road Dogg   I'd like to team up with X-Pac, but I'm scared to ask Kane to step off the apron. Me & X-Pac would be a great team, we've got heart and we like to have a good time. And if you're not having a good time with me & X-Pac, I believe we got just two words for ya!
Question   How did you get your name Road Dogg?
Road Dogg   Jeff Jarrett gave me that name when I was the Roadie in 1995 in the WWF.
Question   What inspired you to get into wrestling?
Road Dogg   It's a family tradition. My father and I have three older brothers in it. You pretty much emulate your daddy, it's like an American tradition. Definitely my involvement with my family made me want to become a professional wrestler.
Question   Are you single? Or do you have a girlfriend? Cause I would love to date you!
Road Dogg   I would love to date you too but my wife would kill both of us. I have two beautiful children too. But thanks for the offer it's very flattering.
Question   Road Dogg, do you think you will go for the WWF championship?
Road Dogg   I don't think I'm ready for the WWF Championship to be quite honest. Not that I'm a bad wrestler, but it's a very complicated title to hold. It takes a lot of maturity in many ways. But I think Stone Cold is doing a pretty nice job.
Question   What are your feelings toward Billy Gunn?
Road Dogg   That's a complicated question. Me & Billy were tight, he was like my first partner, and in real life as well he thinks he is better than me. And that frustrates me. So any chance I get I like to punch Billy in the mouth, to let him know he's not better than me. And we're not equals. I'm better than him!
Question   What is the best part of being a pro wrestler?
Road Dogg   The money because the fame is not worth being away from your family, but the fortune makes it all worth the while. I don't know if that makes the business sound good, but my family is more important to me than the business. No offense wrestling fans!
Question   What is your favorite band?
Road Dogg   I'm gonna have to do with the No Limit record label. Master P is the executive producer, and I know he works for a competing company, but I happen to like all his talent--about 10 different guys. And I happen to be a big fan of all of them, even though he works for WCW. But my brother is a member of the No Limit Soldiers.
Question   What do you think of your brother Brad joining forces with Master P in WCW?
Road Dogg   I love it. It's about time they did something with my family down south. It's long overdue. They spend a lot more time with a lot less talented people, and a lot more money on a lot less talented people. And if you can't tell, I like to brag about my family's talent.
Question   Do you have any plans to be Hardcore Champion again?
Road Dogg   Yes I do. I surely do. I think I found my niche when I became the Hardcore Champ and it wasn't my idea to lose it, but it's my idea to get it back, and it's just a matter of time.
Question   Who was your toughest opponent?
Road Dogg   I'm gonna be honest, it is Bradshaw of the Acolytes. I'm sure everyone in the chat rooms has heard tales of his flurries of pain. Damn him!
Question   What kind of effect does your wrestling career have on your personal life?
Road Dogg   It has a big effect. I have two children and a wife and I'm away from them about 250 days a year. And I miss a lot of birthdays and holidays. But we're doing well right now so hopefully I'll be entertaining the fans for a few more years then I'll get to spend time with my family and reap the benefits.
Question   Who do you respect most in the sports-entertainment business?
Road Dogg   That's gotta be somebody with strong values and strong morals and in our business I don't think there's anyone like that. I respect X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett, they've always been honest with me. It's sad to say; our business is like government, only the bottom 10 percent work in it.
Question   How long do you plan on wrestling?
Road Dogg   I just renegotiated and signed for five more years and to be quite honest I'd like to hang it up after that but I don't know if I can. Being a wrestler you have to love it and it makes you do silly things sometimes. Five more years hopefully.
Question   What did you think of Billy Gunn stealing one of the tag belts Monday night?
Road Dogg   That's the only way he'll ever get one of those belts without me. He tells everybody that he made the Outlaws, but I think our reputation speaks for itself. He was merely the window dressing.
Question   What was the greatest moment of your wrestling career?
Road Dogg   What stands out most was when Billy and I first formed and we worked with Mick Foley and it was in Nassau and we came out with Rangers jerseys and it was a Handicap Match. It was great because Mick Foley was from there and we were just getting formed as a heel team and it really stands out. That and the Dumpster Match because I was in the hospital for three days.
Question   Do you think you could ever team up with Billy Gunn again?
Road Dogg   I could team up with Billy again but it would have to be after a few apologies and he would have to realize that he's not the greatest thing on Earth and it took both of us to get where we got.
Question   What do you think of Vince McMahon?
Road Dogg   Vince has always been real good to me. I've given him plenty of reasons not to trust me and not to have faith in me. But he always has and he's used me well lately. We've never had any problems. Vince is not that @#$hole you see on TV. Ok, he is that @#$hole you see on TV. I was just lyin' to get over with him!
Question   Do you want to do any TV or movies?
Road Dogg   A lot of wrestlers want to do that and I think I could do that because we do live TV every Monday and Sunday sometimes. I could do it, but I think their days are a lot longer and a lot more tedious. I'd just as soon stick to gettin' my ass whooped if it's all the same to everybody else.
Question   Who do you think is the most entertaining superstar in the business?
Road Dogg   It hurts me to say it, but I like to watch The Rock. I like to hear his interviews. Personally, we're conflicted because he's another Billy Gunn. He thinks he's better than everybody else. But I love watching him and I'd love to kick his teeth in. Also Stone Cold because he drinks beer and does all kinds of cool stuff.
Question   What do you think of ECW?
Road Dogg   I like ECW, I think they've got a lot of guys with some talent. There's kind of a sour taste in my mouth for them as businessmen after that run they did a few years ago with the WWF. Bless their hearts, though, they love doin' it and they bust their asses doing it. That's all I do, I'm just more lucky I guess. But I like their style. Sometimes they kick it Doggy Style!
Question   After Chyna, who would you most like to face in the King of the Ring tournament?
Road Dogg   Billy. I'm not done with Billy. They keep throwing us together in little six-man tags. I want Billy nose to nose and toes to toes and I wouldn't mind doing it at the King of the Ring.
Question   What do you think of Steve Austin as CEO of the World Wrestling Federation?
Road Dogg   I love Steve Austin as CEO of the WWF. He books some interesting matches and he runs things the way anybody would want things run. You don't have to wait 'til after work to drink a cold one.
Question   What's it like to have 20,000 people chanting along with you every night?
Road Dogg   It's the biggest and best rush there is on the face of the Earth. And I'm addicted to that rush I get. When people say, "Oh You Didn't Know," I love it!
Question   Any final comments, Road Dogg?
Road Dogg   Don't worry about the D-O-double-G, he'll always be true to the fans. And if they're not true to him he's got two words for them... kiss my ass! Oh wait that's three words. I'll be here all week don't forget to tip your waitresses. Please keep watching and keep chanting. The D-O-double-G will do his dead level best.