The Rock's AOL Chat
April 21, 1999

WWFPhil   Welcome everyone to our chat with The Rock!!!
WWFTheRock   Finally the People's Champ has come to WWF.COM!
Question   hey what's up rock?
WWFPhil   What did you think of Rick Rude?
WWFTheRock   Obviously it's a shame that he's past away. I did know Rick.
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WWFTheRock   He was a hell of a talent. With his neck injury and things like that I know it was really bothering him that he couldn't get back in the ring and do what he does best. Anyway, it's a shame he past away and my condolences to his family.
Comment   At Backlash, what technique will u use to beat Steve Austin, your millions and millions of fans ant to know, we all know u will
WWFTheRock   The technique is called Layeth the Smacketh Downeth On his candy ass. It's a special technique that The Rock has created and no one does it better than The Rock.
WWFPhil   What do you think of what Shane McMahon did to his father two weeks ago on RAW?
WWFTheRock   It's one of those things...I guess Shane was feeling a little giddy.
WWFTheRock   Shane was on a little bit of a power trip. The Rock won't condone nor will he condemn what Shane did. But The Rock is a strong believer in karma. What goes around comes around.
WWFTheRock   Shane's main concern should be referring The Rock's match at Backlash
WWFPhil   Do you think would be able to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin without Shane as the referee?
WWFTheRock   Without a shadow of the People's doubt. At WrestleMania The Rock made history with Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWFTheRock   Stone Cold was one People's Elbow away from getting his candy ass pinned in the middle of the ring 1, 2, 3. Shane being the referee at Backlash has nothing to do with The Rock Shane McMahon appointed himself the referee. Make no mistake about it, The Rock needs no one.
Question   Both of you and Triple H have been the leader of a group and those two groups (Nation/Corporation - DX) hated each other. How long do you expect you and Triple H to be able to stay on the same side?
WWFTheRock   Not very long at all. Triple H comes from a different stock than that of The Rock. The Rock is entirely a different breed of animal. The Rock stands alone No one can compare to The Rock. Quite frankly, Triple H has a problem with that. The Rock is the one that made Triple H famous. In particular, SummerSlam. Ladder Match. And trust The Rock on this one, Triple H loves the idea of rubbing elbows with The Rock and this moment. The cream always rises to the top, as with The Rock And the rest, kind of just floats--and that's Triple H
WWFPhil   What is the significance of your tattoo?
WWFTheRock   Good question. The Rock has always dug bulls from the get-go. Not only is The Rock a Taurus, but he's just always had a thing for bulls. The Rock sees himself as a Brahma Bull, snortin', snottin' and spittin' and stompin' the living piss out of anything.
Question   Do you mind all the attention you get when you're at gym's, stores or anywhere outside a wrestling ring??
WWFTheRock   No, The Rock really doesn't mind that as long as people aren't rude. Anyone who has ever met The Rock outside the arena can attest to that. If you cool to The Rock, The Rock is cool to you. But to answer your question no, The Rock doesn't mind.
Question   What is a roody poo?
WWFTheRock   A roody poo candy ass is a nothing, a nobody, a flunky, a pee on a piece of garbage, a hamburger, an enema bag All the things that Stone Cold Steve Austin is.
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WWFPhil   Who did you look up to when you were growing up?
WWFTheRock   In the wrestling business, it was have to be...of course The Rock's dad and Magnificent Muraco and Ric Flair.
Question   Why can't we sing-along with you?
WWFTheRock   Because the People's Champ does everything by himself. You're lucky to even get an "Ask Along" with The Rock, let alone a "Sing Along"
WWFPhil   What's The Rock's favorite movie?
WWFTheRock   Let me think about this one... It's a three-way tie..."Honeysuckle Rose", "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Scarface"
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WWFPhil   How do you stay in shape on the road?
WWFTheRock   Making the effort, sacrificing a lot of your free time. And realizing that if you want to be at the top of your game and stay there, those are the habits you need to get into, if you're not already. And stay away from ta-ta bars.
WWFPhil   Have you ever thought about getting into movies??? You are a really good actor and I would pay to see you?
WWFTheRock   The Rock has thought about getting into movies. As a matter of fact, he has just turned down the first two opening episodes of Pacific Blue, filmed in Hawaii, and being the main man in those two. But The Rock has thought about getting into movies, especially the big screen... but in time, for now The Rock will just concentrate on being the number one man in this business.
WWFPhil   Where do you buy your $500 shirts at?
WWFTheRock   A place called Lucky's, only in Miami, Florida.
Question   Did you yourself think of some of your famous lines such as "Do you smell what the rock is cookin!" by your lonesome or was it someone else's idea?
WWFTheRock   As far as for "Smell What The Rock is Cookin'" The Rock heard that about five years ago in college. As soon as The Rock was given the creative green light to do his own thing,95 percent of the verbiage you hear from The Rock is The Rock's creativity. Because no one knows The Rock like The Rock.
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Question   Hey Rock why are so god dam electrifying, oh Great One?
WWFTheRock   The Rock is electrifying solely on genetic makeup. He is genetically electrifying. He emits electricity 24, 7, 365, including Leap Year. And, on a side note, for the millions and millions of The Rock's fans... there is only one "Great One" Who has the other guy ever beaten?
Question   Rock, How did it feel throwing Austin over the bridge into the water. What were you thinking?
WWFTheRock   It was a feeling like none other. As The Rock watched Austin fall...
WWFTheRock   and he read Austin's lips that said, "Help me"... It was at that moment that The Rock's sensitive side took over, and The Rock said to himself, "I hope he can't swim"
WWFPhil   did you feel a lot of pressure to live up to your father?
WWFTheRock   Good question. No, not at all Because initially The Rock's dad was very adamant about The Rock not getting in the business. The only pressure that The Rock felt was the pressure that The Rock put on himself. And to this day, nothing's changed.
Question   When The Rock wins at Backlash on Sunday, what does he plan to do with the custom belt of Stone Cold?
WWFTheRock   He plans on melting it down into a molding of The Rock's hand... and the inscription on it will read, "To the biggest piece of Texas trailer park trash walking God's green Earth. Here's a gift who's taken more Smackdowns that anybody." (The Rock's got a big hand.) "Compliments of The Great One"
WWFPhil   if it was up to you, would you rather be a fan favorite or a heel?
WWFTheRock   The Rock has done all he can to remain a heel. Having the cheers of the crowd has never been something that The Rock has desired. The Rock would love to always be the most hated man in sports-entertainment. But as hard as The Rock tries, you guys have already made up your mind.
WWFPhil   Did you get your Lincoln fixed yet?
WWFTheRock   No that was one night's pay for The Rock...$40,'s gone. No regrets. Stone Cold will pay. And that's the bottom line. God it even makes The Rock sick to say something like that.
WWFPhil   Does The Rock play videogames, and if so, does he layeth the smacketh down.
WWFTheRock   When The Rock has time, but being The Rock having time off is such a rarity. But of course The Rock lays the smacketh down on everything he does.
Question   Rock, lately it seems like your not a true member of the corporation. You never seem to be involved in the same events matches etc. What is your standing with the corporation right now?
WWFTheRock   Right now The Rock is part of the Corporation. The Rock's the damn leader of the Corporation. When The Rock goes out to cut his promo, The Rock will always make sure he's by himself. Or else every damn member is gonna wanna rub elbows with the Great One.
WWFPhil   I heard you were going to do a Chef Boyardee commercial and it's going to be a huge production. What can you tell us about it?
WWFTheRock   The Rock is getting ready to do it, next Thursday and Friday and it will be a huge production. It's going to be a nationally televised commercial shot in The Rock's hometown of South Beach, Miami, Florida. So don't be a jabroni, eat your beefaroni.
WWFPhil   Hello Rock, who has been your toughest opponent in your WWF career.
WWFTheRock   The Rock is partial to Austin. The Rock has faced 'em all. But The Rock's ass belongs to Austin and Austin's ass belongs to The Rock.
WWFPhil   Rock, how does it feel to be one the greatest WWF Superstars in such a short time span??
WWFTheRock   It feels great. The Rock will say that without hesitance. At the same time, though The Rock's success was never premeditated. The Rock knew with hard work and focus and doing things without inhibitions... The Rock was gonna be the best damn WWF champ there ever was.
WWFPhil   Any last words from The Great One for Stone Cold Steve Austin?
WWFTheRock   The Rock says that come this Sunday at Backlash, The Rematch between Austin and The Rock...The Rock doesn't guaran-damn-tee a win, nor will he guaran-damn-tee a loss...he will however... guaran-damn-tee, that he will go out there and do what he does best. Emit electricity, entertain the millions and millions of The Rock's fans...and give Stone Cold Steve Austin his final thrill. If you smell what The Rock is cookin'
WWFTheRock   P.S. This still ain't Sing Along
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