Transcript of Eric Bischoff's Challenge to Vince McMahon

Oh I feel nothing...nothing but love here tonight from each and every one of you. Thank you all for loving me. But you know, as I look through the crowd tonight, and wonder what you must be thinking, and I wonder what Vince McMahon is thinking. You know for the last couple of weeks he's been sending his little wannabes around demanding to talk to moi...problem with that is, he only sends them where he knows I'm not going to be. But that's ok, because I have a solution. Sean want an apology from actually show up at our offices on a Monday afternoon, when I think you probably got it figured out...even you Sean are smart enough to figure it out...I probably won't be there. And as far as the apology goes...bite me! I apologize to no one. But I've got a better idea, because Sean I know you're just a little puppet and you do what Vince McMahon tells you to Vince McMahon, this is for you. I'm coming to your backyard this Sunday...that's right -- Worcester, a little PPV thing going on, and I got a hell of an idea...just a hell of an want me...I'm going to be in your backyard...consider this an open invitation Vince show up at'll be you and me in the ring.

Well he's got me with that one. I'd buy a ticket.

How about it Vinny? But I want to warn you people right now...if you think Vince McMahon has got the guts to show up, don't buy this PPV, because I guarantee you he's not man enough to step into the ring with moi...but I'll be there Vinnie Mac...I'll be waiting for ya...and I'm going to knock you out...see you there!

Wow! Holy smokes! Never thought in my wildest dreams of being a professional wrestling announcer that I'd see anything like that.