Vince McMahon's AOL Chat

Thursday, August 20, 1998

To our fans of the World Wrestling Federation:
Due to the massive amount of fans attempting to speak with Mr. McMahon Thursday night, America Online’s auditorium was unable to handle the immense volume and crashed. The WWF and America Online apologize to fans that were locked out and those that had their screen frozen. America Online has promised the World Wrestling Federation an additional auditorium at Mr. McMahon’s convenience, and we will notify our fans with the
re-scheduled date.



WadeThrue asks this....

QUESTION: Is it true Hall and Nash are coming back to the WWF?

Mr. McMAHON: Not that I know of, as far as I know they are under contract to WCW.

Bullsguy1 wants to know....

Question: Why not go back to the Pontiac Silverdome? It holds 90,000 people, so why not try again?

Mr. McMAHON: Not feasible due to the PPV universe in the greater Detroit area.

Question: Who would you like to see represent the WWF as their Champion?

Mr. McMAHON: Bob Backlund, however, Mr. Backlund is too old.

Question: Is it true that Shawn Michaels is going to be the special referee for the IC belt at SummerSlam?

Mr. McMAHON: Not to my knowledge.

Question: Hey, Vince... how does it strike you that Warrior won his case with you?

Mr. McMAHON: He hasn't yet.

Question: Is Sid coming back?

Mr. McMAHON: I hope not.

Question: Vince, what kind of working relationship, if any, do you have with Paul Heyman of ECW?

Mr. McMAHON: I hear from Paul approximately once every three months when he wants something. That's the extent of the relationship although, on occasion, I want something from him too.

Question: What next big talent might be coming to WWF. Is Ric Flair on his way?

Mr. McMAHON: If I told you the next big talent who was to arrive on the scene, I would spoil the surprise, however, it's no secret that I would like for Mr. Flair to be in WWF ranks, only however, when he is legally clear to do so.

Question: Vince...where do you think the WWF will be in say 10 years?

Mr. McMAHON: On top of the world!

Question: Why is RAW taped week after week?

Mr. McMAHON: RAW is live at least twice per month, soon to be more, despite our competitors accusations.

Question: Vince, u r doin a great job, but do u feel your on camera persona is too taxing/ too much exposure a la Bischoff?

Mr. McMAHON: Every talent has to guard against overexposure, it depends on the talent.

Question: Vinnie Mac, what are your concerns now that the Warrior has joined WCW?

Mr. McMAHON: None! Whose left that WCW can take? Bruno Sammartino?

Question: How did it feel when WCW kept saying "we don't have a 10 second main event, unlike that taped show," considering JR kept saying it was a confrontation and not a match.

Mr. McMAHON: It felt like the same old thing from WCW.

Question: Mr. McMahon, are you and Bret Hart in cahoots against WCW?

Mr. McMAHON: Bret is my secret agent, however, not a very good one! Ha Ha Ha

Question: When is HBK coming back to the ring?

Mr. McMAHON: That depends on his physical recovery, I hope very soon.

Question: Will WrestleMania be in Philadelphia?

Mr. McMAHON: Yes, it will announced this Monday night at the live RAW extravaganza. Philadelphia will be the city of brotherly attitude for WrestleMania on March 28, 1999.

Question: What are your plans for DX when HBK comes back?

Mr. McMAHON: I don't know if HBK will get along with the new DX. That remains to be seen.

Question: Mr. McMahon, over the past two years in which WCW peaked, how sure were you that your new "direction" of the WWF would reclaim it's rightful throne?

Mr. McMAHON: I always feel that creativity coupled with Lady Luck and a very strong work ethic will eventually overcome. Despite overwhelming odds and predatory practices from Ted Turner.

Question: When will Shane take over? What do you think about him on Heat?

Mr. McMAHON: Shane will take over when he can push me out of the drivers seat. His performance on HEAT is very different and refreshing but he needs more experience. The only way to get that is to do it.

***Once again, we will notify our fans of the date Mr. McMahon will be re-scheduled on America Online. In the meantime, have your questions ready for the owner!

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