The Warrior's First Appearance in WCW

[Hogan makes his way down with Bischoff and the Disciple.]

[Bischoff holds a 'Bischoff for President' sign.]

Eric Bischoff: Hey hey hey hey hey. And to my brother down here, I ALREADY AM THE PRESIDENT! I love me!

Hollywood Hogan:
Well, I guess everybody realizes by now, NWO Hollywood don't play no more stinkin' games. You know, as far as JJ Dillon comin' out here, tryin' to put a wrinkle on our plans in WarGames, well brother, it would be an honor to get in the ring, take care of the red and black NWO, the WCW all at one time, all of yesterday's garbage like Kevin Nash, and Diamond Dallas Page. But let me tell you somethin', boys. Hollywood's gonna be your champion whether you like it or not. I'm gonna be the man that takes wrestling into the new millennium, with the gold around my waist because it's mine. And Diamond Dallas Page -- you beat-up, ugly-lookin' creep -- well, I guess I'm gonna have to etch the lesson on your forehead, brother, because you don't make no stinkin' rules around here. You don't bring no opponents to the table, brother. Mr. Bischoff is the boss, he's the master, he signs all the documents, and Diamond Dallas Page - you couldn't get it done, you couldn't bring anybody even if you had to, brother. And by the way, who is out there that Hollywood can't handle, brother? [Goldberg chant starts] Who is out there that Hollywood can't put under his thumb, the God of Wrestling or something? Well, sorry you didn't recognize me without my sandals on, Page, but I'm the man, I always will be. There's not a wrestler I can't beat to get my belt back. There's not a war that I can't win to get my belt back. And there's not a warrior in the world that I can't beat to get my belt back. [Lights begin to flicker] Because I've beat....

Heenan: Uh-oh.

Tony: We're having a power surge here, or...

Heenan: Who knows? I don't like this.

[Lights go out completely and blue spotlights begin to appear at the entranceway and the ramp.]

Tony: Fans, I...I'm sorry, I don't..

[Warrior speaks in a muddled voiceover that is unintelligible.] [Warrior appears at the entranceway and WALKS down the aisle.]

Tony: What is this?

Heenan: I don't know.

Tony: Just a silhouette of man that we see right now...but would you listen to the fans? [We see Hogan's face staring at Warrior in disbelief, his lower jaw quivering.]

Tony: And look at the face of a...his. . . his bottom lip is quivering!

Heenan: (realizing who it is) OH MY GOODNESS!

Tenay: Oh yeah, the fans recognize him and so does Hogan!

Heenan: OOOH!

Tony: And so do we! In all my years I never believed I would ever see this!

Heenan: I can't believe it!

[Warrior enters the ring.]

Tony: Unmistakable! It's the Warrior!

Heenan: There's only one, and that's him!

Warrior: Talk to me warriors!

Heenan: Look at Hogan!

Warrior: Feel the real power, Hogan!

Hogan: I...I thought you were dead!

["Warrior" chant begins.]

Warrior: Who holds the absolute power now, Hollywood Hogan? [Pop] Unleash that raising voice, warriors! [Pop]

Tony: This is the last thing in the entire universe that Hogan ever expected. And you can see it. I never saw him shake before, but Hogan was shaking.

Warrior: Seems as if no formal introduction is gonna be necessary! [Pop] Actually, it even seems that there are those who anticipated my arrival! [Pop]

Heenan: Well, they're glad he's here!

Tony: Hogan is. . .Hogan's. . .I think Hogan is s...I think he's scared to death. I think he wants to make amends.

[Hogan removes his NWO shirt and offers it to the Warrior.]

Tony: He. . . he's doing everything...look at this. He took off...he wants him to join him! He wants him to join him!

Heenan: There's the act of a coward, right there.

Warrior: What is that smell? [Hogan drops the shirt.] You might wanna use that [the shirt] to clean up the mess you just made
all over yourself. [Pop] You need to open your eyes and ears, take control of the limited ability you have to understand the words I am about to say. For years, I have watched while this industry, with you as it's figurehead, try to recreate what is simply unrecreatable. [Pop] I have heard, listened to all the innuendoes and speculation that something ULTIMATE or WARRIOR may soon re-appear. [Pop] Welcome to the reappearance! Those things, Hogan, which are irreplaceable, whether they be people, places, or things, are never forgotten. You are witnessing that RIGHT NOW!

Heenan: Hogan is visibly shaken.

Tony: Hah! I he-d-he-I---speechless. Has no idea where to go, what to say, what to do next. And the fans here are into it!

Heenan: He's at a loss for words.

Tony: Bischoff looks sick. [Eric is doubled over at the stomach.]

Warrior: History tells us, Hogan... [LOUD "Hogan Sucks" chant begins. Warrior signals it to end.] Let's talk about something he doesn't know. [Pop]

Heenan: Bingo!

Warrior: History tells us, Hogan, that a man's legacy is built from the premise that within his life, the moments lived, once lived, become a piece of his history. Somehow, you have conveniently, even eloquently misplaced pieces of your history. In the one time, epical battle between us, Hogan, you were the quintessential influence of what was good, great, and heroic. But different than you may remember, and albeit you may have beaten myths, legends, giants, and other great men, you NEVER, NEVER beat a warrior. [Pop]

Heenan: Right up in his face!

Tony: Right in his soul is what he is.

Warrior: AND, CERTAINLY, NOT THE ULTIMATE ONE! [Pop] As the victor of that one time battle, I defeated what was, until then, undefeatable. I conquered what was then unconquerable. I dominated what was, until then, indomitable. On that day, you were great. I WAS ULTIMATE! [Pop] Let me introduce those two fools that stand behind you. Let's see, this ...dude [Disciple]...must be your barber. [Slow pop] [Tony, Heenan and Tenay chuckle on that one.] And who are you, little man? [Eric] Who are you?

Tony: Introduce yourself, here.

Bischoff: You know who I am. My name is Eric Bischoff and I run this company and who invited you?

Warrior: [Laughs] Different than you wanna make people believe, I never received an invitation. I showed up on my own accord. And let me tell you, Mr. Eric Bischoff, if you stick your nose in my business, you will only very quickly prepare for your own demise. [Pop] Furthermore, when I get done with my business here, I'm gonna be sending you a bill. I suggest you pay it. I have...waited...patiently. The WARRIORS have waited all too patiently. Now...NOW...the virtue of justice unties my hands so that I can continue to fulfill a destiny set in motion on that memorable day years ago. A destiny at the next level. A destiny beckoning the next superhero. [Pop] There really is no sadder sight than when a grown man fears the challenges in his life so much that he rationalizes adolescent behavior to the point where he carries out heinous and self-indulgent actions. Your evilness, an evilness you embodied and portray, is intolerable. I am the one that has the power to destroy you. [Pop] In sorts, Hogan, the truth is inexhaustible. I come here, not to beat you up tonight, Hogan. [boos] Beating you means nothing anymore, everybody already has. [Pop]

Heenan: Now to Hogan, that hurts.

Warrior: No no no no no no no no no, that's too easy. Because you felt guilty for being who you were. Your mind became weak, and Hulkamania became boring. I come here, Hogan, to tell you -- NEXT WEEK -- I intend to launch a revolution not even you can control. [Pop] I ask you to find the courage -- check it out. Next week. Same Warrior time. Same Warrior place. Same Warrior channel. {Crowd goes along with the words} *SNORT* [Pop] [The lights dim and the ring quickly fills with smoke. The lights flash 4 or 5 times and then turn back on. The smoke quickly dissipates to reveal the Warrior is gone. Very cool effect as it only takes about 6-8 seconds.]

Tony: He has vanished! Ladies and gentlemen, in one of the most mind-boggling and incredible displays that we've ever witnessed on this program, the Warrior has literally vaporized before our very eyes.

Heenan: Never seen anything like this in my life.

Tony: There's never been anything like this in our sport!

[A Batman-like "call signal" is projected to the roof -- a blue circle with a black Warrior logo embedded.]

Tony: Look at the sign...don't you DARE touch that dial.

Heenan: Uh-uh.

[Fade to commercial]

Total Time: Approximately 18 minutes