WWE Draft 2009

On Monday, April 13, 2009 the WWE continued the tradition of a Draft. This year the order of picks was determined by who won their respected match. The picks were drawn randomly.

    Wrestler Name Original Brand to New Brand
1   MVP SmackDown! to RAW
2   Big Show SmackDown! to RAW
3   Melina RAW to SmackDown!
4   Matt Hardy SmackDown! to RAW
5   Triple H SmackDown! to RAW
6   CM Punk RAW to SmackDown!
7   The Miz ECW to RAW
8   Kane RAW to SmackDown!
9   Chris Jericho RAW to SmackDown!
10   Vladimir Kozlov SmackDown! to ECW
11   Maryse SmackDown! to RAW
12   Rey Mysterio RAW to SmackDown!

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009 the WWE will have the supplemental portion of the draft.


    Wrestler Name Original Brand to New Brand
1   Mr. Kennedy SmackDown! to RAW
2   Shad Gaspar RAW to SmackDown!
3   Alicia Fox ECW to SmackDown!
4   Primo SmackDown! to RAW
5   Mike Knoxx RAW to SmackDown!
6   Ezekiel Jackson SmackDown! to ECW
7   Nikki Bella SmackDown! to RAW
8   Candice Michelle RAW to SmackDown!
9   Zach Ryder SmackDown! to ECW
10   Chavo Guerrero SmackDown! to RAW
11   Ricky Ortiz ECW to SmackDown!
12   Layla RAW to SmackDown!
13   Hornswoggle ECW to RAW
14   DH Smith ? ? ? to ECW
15   John Morrison ECW to SmackDown!
16   Carlito SmackDown! to RAW
17   Natalya SmackDown! to ECW
18   Festus SmackDown! to RAW
19   JTG RAW to SmackDown!
20   Dolph Ziggler RAW to SmackDown!
21   The Brian Kendrick SmackDown! to RAW
22   Charlie Haas RAW to SmackDown!
23   Hurricane Helms SmackDown! to ECW
24   Brie Bella SmackDown! to RAW