If Stone Cold Were President:

10) Instead of vetoing a bill, it would just be stamped with "Austin 3:16."

9) New national anthem: "Back in Black" by AC/DC.

8) Two words: Stun Saddam.

7) The new national symbol: The Rattlesnake.

6) Your driver's licence would entitle you to drive any vehicle availible, and the legal alchool limit--.316.

5) If he wanted to know support for a bill, all he would do is ask the nation, "If you want this billed passed, give me a hell yeah."

4) In his state of the union address, he would climb a desk to each side of the room, lifting his hands in the air.

3) You would always know that the speech was over when he said "'Cause The President Said so!"

2) He would require Budweiser to officially change it's name to Steveweiser.

1) Fed-Ex Bishoff, letting him know that he's about to face federal charge.