If Jessee Ventura Was President, This Would Be His White House


Position Wrestler
President Jesse "The Body" Ventura
First Lady Terry Ventura
Vice President Gorilla Monsoon
White House Press Secretary Mean Gene Okerlund
White House Chief of Staff Diamond Dallas Page
Speaker of the House Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart
Secretary of State Ric Flair ("Whoooo better for the job?)
Secretary of Defense The Warrior
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs "Captain" Lou Albano (OK, we'll give him a promotion)
Secretary of Education Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Secretary of the Treasury Ted "Million Dollar Man" DeBiase
Secretary of the Interior George "The Animal" Steele
Secretary of Labor Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Secretary of Agriculture Hillbilly Jim
Secretary of Transportation Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sgt. Slaughter
National Endowment of the Arts The Honky Tonk Man
Attorney General Irwin R. Shyster
Health and Human Services The Undertaker
Drug Czar Vince McMahon
White House Interns Miss Elizabeth, Sable
FBI Director Sting
National Security Advisor Big Boss Man
Ambassador to Iran The Iron Sheik
Ambassador to Malta Baron Mikel Scicluna
Ambassador to Scotland Rowdy Roddy Piper