Legends of WrestleMania
Playstation 3

Cheat Codes:
Enter the codes on the cheat codes menu.  These codes are case sensitive.

Animal's Alternate Costume: TheRoadWarriorAnimal

Brutus Beefcake's Alternate Costume: BrutisTheBarberShop!

Hawk's Alternate Costume: HawkFromLegionOfDoom

Iron Sheik's Alternate Costume: IronSheikCamelClutch

Jimmy Hart's Alternate Costume: WithManagerJimmyHart

Koko B Ware's Alternate Costume: TheBirdmanKokoBWare!

The Rock's Alternate Costume: UnlockTheRockBottom!

Sgt. Slaughter's Alternate Costume: CobraClutchSlaughter

Shawn Michael's Alternate Costume: ShawnsSweetChinMusic

The Undertaker's Alternate Costume: UndertakersTombstone



Hell In A Cell match: Win two gold medals in Wrestlemania Tour mode.

Ironman match: Win three gold medals in Wrestlemania Tour mode.

Steel Cage match: Win one gold medal in Wrestlemania Tour mode.

Animal's alternate costume: Successfully complete Legend Tier 1 in Legend Killer mode.

Hawk's alternate costume: Get three gold medals in Relive mode.