Legends of Wrestling
Playstation 2

All wrestlers:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle(2), Square at the main menu. After enabling the code, go to the options screen and save your options. This will keep all wrestlers unlocked if you start your game over.

Alternate costumes:
Press Circle instead of X at the character selection screen.

Captain Lou Albano:
Successfully complete career mode with a wrestler in the "Hated" category.

David Von Erich:
Successfully complete career mode as Kevin Von Erich.

Dory Funk:
Successfully complete career mode as Terry Funk.

Fritz Von Erich:
Successfully complete career mode as Kerry Von Erich.

Ivan Koloff:
Win the versus tournament.

Jimmy Hart:
Successfully complete career mode with a wrestler in the "Loved" category.

King Kong Bundy:
Win the Southeast Territory in career mode.

Michael Von Erich:
Successfully complete career mode as David Von Erich.

Mr. Fuji:
Win the Tag Belts in tournament mode.

Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton:
Win the tag tournament.

Successfully complete career mode as The Sheik.

Bonus arenas:
Successfully complete the game in career mode to unlock the Back Lot, Gym, Beach Resort, and Casino arenas in exhibition mode.

Real names:
When creating a wrestler, you can make people such as Ric Flair, Hall, Nash and others and the announcer will actually say their names.

Hint: Increase SmackDown meter:
During a match, you can quickly increase your Smackdown Meter until it is full, by pressing Taunt. If your SmackDown meter is almost empty, you will have to repeat this a few times. After every taunt, you will see your meter grow a percentage until it is full. Note: When performing a taunt, it leaves you open for your opponent to attack. This is best performed while they are either groggy or on the opposite side of the arena.

Hint: Skip matches in career mode:
When you are in a match in career mode, select "End Match" and you can then go on to the next arena without fighting that match.

Hint: Drag opponent:
When your opponent is lying on the ground, press Down + L1 to drag them.

Hint: Throw opponent over top rope:
Pressing Circle to tie them up, use the D-pad to push them back up against the ropes, then press R2.

Hint: Secret standard attacks:
Play as any wrestler in any match. One on one works the best. After beating down your opponent for awhile, the recovery will be slower. Grapple the person and get near the ropes by holding the D-pad. When close to the ropes, press R2. If done correctly, the opponent will be resting on the ropes. Press Triangle or press R1 and an Attack button to clothesline them over. You will also flip out of the ring.

This also works with the back grapple. In this case, Triangle does the attack where your wrestler chokes the opponent with the middle rope, and R1 and an Attack button performs a hurdle onto the opponent.