RAW 10th Anniversary

Old RAW Startings
There are several places where you can view several startings for RAW. At the main menu, highlight RAW Retro Moments and press right. You will see an old starting for RAW. To view another starting, go to the main menu, highlight Interviews and press left. To view the newest starting, highlight extras on the main menu and press right. To view a fourth starting, go to the main menu, select extras and highlight The Making of RAW on the roof and press left. The fifth old RAW starting is found by going to the main menu, select RAW Retro Moments, highlight Monday Night RAW Debut and press right.

Gallery of Bad Gimmicks
From the main menu, select the Chapters menu, highlight It Looked Good on Paper and press left. You will be taken to a gallery of old, ridiculous gimmicks.