Shane McMahon:
Win Royal Rumble mode under the easy or hard difficulty setting.

Vince McMahon:
Win Exhibition mode under the easy or hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Avoid Attacks:
Hold Block and repeatedly press the D-pad in all directions. You will dodge every time your opponent punches or grapples, and an opening will eventually appear.

Hint: Unlimited Double Team Moves:
Knock out the ref by hitting him with a weapon. Note: You must hit ref twice in order for this to work. A message stating "The Referee Is Knocked Out" will appear. "Double Team" will light up in different colors. Now is your chance to do double teams as many times as needed until the ref gets back up.

Hint: Stay in Rumble Longer:
Rotate the D-pad when your holding on to the ropes to stay in Rumble longer.

While playing in Royal Rumble mode, look for someone that has an "S" under them when they come in to the ring, Once you see him enter, try to knock him out to get 40 extra seconds instead of 20. Note: The opponent also uses his special attacks.

Hint: Recommended Partners:

Player Partner
Kane Al Snow or The Undertaker
The Undertaker Big Show or Kane
Al Snow HHH
Vince McMahon Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon Vince McMahon
Kurt Angle Matt Hardy
Edge Rikishi
Stone Cold D'Lo Brown
Jeff Hardy The Rock or Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy Edge or Jeff Hardy
HHH Tazz
Road Dogg Kane or X-Pac
X-Pac Mankind or Road Dogg
Tazz Chris Jericho
The Rock Road Dogg
D'Lo Brown Chris Jericho
Mankind The Undertaker
Rikishi X-Pac
Big Show Godfather
Godfather Stone Cold