2: Know Your Role

Billy Gunn:
Win King of the Ring during Year 1. Billy Gunn may be in the tournament or the main event. After the event Billy Gunn will be unlocked.

Cactus Jack:
Play season mode until you get to No Way Out in the fifth week of February. Cactus Jack will then fight Triple H at No Way Out in a Hell In A Cell Match. When No Way Out ends, Cactus Jack will be unlocked

As you go through season mode, you will go through comeback events. Once she is in a match you will be able to use her in the game.

Mean Street Posse:
During season mode the Mean Street Posse will be shown backstage making a plan to beat someone up during the event, or will talk to Shane McMahon and have a handicap match against someone. Pete Gas, Rodney, and Joey Abs will now be unlocked.

Michael Cole:
Play in season mode and get to the first week of April in year two.

Mick Foley:
Play season mode until you get to Wrestlemania in the fifth week of March. Mick Foley will be added to the main event and will be unlocked after the PPV.

Win at Wrestlemania during Year 1. Vince McMahon will put Mick Foley in your match. After the event Mick Foley will be unlocked.

Mr. Ass:
Mr. Ass will be unlocked at the King Of The Ring PPV main event against The Rock.

Shawn Michaels and Billy Gunn:
Play in season mode and get to WWF Judgment Day (when he is a guest referee). Win the match to unlock them. You also may have to fight him in an Iron Man Match at Judgment Day.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Play in season mode and get to WWF Backlash (when he is a guest referee) in a Comeback match. Win the match to unlock him.

The Stooges:
Play in season mode and get to first week of August to unlock Brisco and Patterson.

Unknown B jobber:
Play in season mode and get to the first week of October, then defeat him in a match.

Unknown O female jobber:
Play in season mode and get to the first week of March.

Unknown R jobber:
Play in season mode and get to the first week of January. Defeat Unknown R to unlock the parts for the Old Undertaker.

Unknown U jobber:
Play in season mode and get to the third week of May in year 2.

Unknown wrestler list:
The following is a full list of unknown wrestlers which can be unlocked in season mode. These are not actual wrestlers, but moves and taunts that are unlocked and can be used in creation mode.

Unlock all extra features:
Complete year 6 in season mode to unlock all features.

Unlock all superstars quicker:
Simply skip the matches in the season mode.

WWF New York backstage area:
Play in season mode and get to the first week in December.

Wrestlemania 2000 commercial:
Play in season mode and get to the fourth week of March.

Hint: Locker Room:
Start in a Hard Core or Falls Count Anywhere match and get backstage. Then, go to Dressing Room 1. Once inside, there will be two metal pipes on the right side wall. Throw your opponent into the wall between the two pipes, and the wall will break, Follow the arrow into the next room.

Hint: Shower Room hidden area:
Go to Locker Room, and Irish Whip an opponent into the right wall. This will create a large hole on the lower right side of the locker room that leads to the Shower Room.

Hint: Boiler Room hidden area:
Go to Basement 1, where there is an arrow leading to the Car Park. On the right is a blocked out door. To the right of the blocked out door is an iron mesh fence. Irish whip your opponent to the iron mesh fence to create a large hole that leads to the Boiler Room.

Hint: Climb the soda machine:
You can climb the soda machine in the hallway where you enter the VIP Room, The Locker Room, and The Weight Room. Run up to it and you can climb it and do all the normal top rope moves.

Hint: Jump off cars:
You can jump off the hood and the backs of the parked cars in the parking lot. Just run up to them to climb them and do all the top rope moves.

Hint: Chair hidden weapon:
Go to the Lobby and Irish Whip your opponent to one of the tall gray "stands" that holds the "Shopzone" sign.

Hint: Fire Extinguisher hidden weapon:
Go to the Lobby and Irish Whip your opponent near the top left corner.

Hint: Flower pot hidden weapon:
In a Hard Core match, throw your opponent into the window above the B1 sign near the boiler room.

Hint: Steel steps hidden weapon:
Throw your opponent into the steel steps at ringside. This will allow you to use them as a weapon.

Hint: Trash bin hidden weapon:
Go to the Dressing Room and Irish Whip your opponent into the trash bin. This will reveal another three weapons that can be used. Note: The table in Dressing Room can be wrecked

Hint: Vase hidden weapon:
Go to VIP Room, and Irish Whip your opponent into the vase.

Hint: Locker Room hidden weapons:
Go to the Locker Room. Irish Whip an opponent to the left single locker or the right double locker. A maximum of four hidden weapons, such as the guitar, spade can, or weightlifting bar be obtained.

Hint: Mop hidden weapon:
When you go backstage, there is a restaurant on the right of the screen. As soon as you enter, you will find what appears to be a kitchen. Go next to the soda fountain and press Up. You will run into the back and appear with a mop for a weapon.

Hint: Telephone part hidden weapon:
Throw your opponent into the telephone by the Dressing Room to get a telephone part to use as a weapon.

Hint: Painting hidden weapon:
Irish Whip an opponent into the fireplace to get a painting.

Hint: Get different weapons:
Get a weapon in a Hard Core match, then go outside and press R2 to get a different weapon.

Start a Hard Core match and pick up a weapon .Leave the ring and go to the corner. Press the R1 + D-pad towards the corner. You will now have a different weapon.

Hint: Get run over:
Go out to the street and stand there until a car runs you over.

Hint: The DX Express bus:
Get to the SmackDown before the first Backlash and you will see Austin come back and drop something on the DX Express bus. HHH and Vince will then flip out and Austin will say the magic words.

Hint: Bulldozer:
Get to July in the first year to see Austin Bulldozing Vince McMahon's car.

Hint: Driving the forklift :
Press R1 to get in the forklift, then press Triangle to speed to your opponent. When you get close, press X to use the brakes and slide stop and hit your opponent with impact. Since the forklift is treated as a weapon by the game, it will not do a large amount of damage.

Hint: Iron Match Special Referee match:
Play in season mode and after Backlash the next event will be Judgment Day. After playing it, you will unlock Shawn Micheals and the Iron Match Special Referee match.

Hint: Four man title match:
Make a Table Tornado Tag match. On one team, make a certain title holder and someone who is eligible for the title, but not the number one contender. On the other team, make the number one contender of the same title that the title holder of the opposite team has, and someone who is eligible for that title. Note: This will only work with the WWF Heavyweight Title, the Intercontinental Title, the European Title, Light Heavyweight Title, and the Women's Title.

Hint: Casket match: Opponent in the casket:
When in a Casket match, either press Circle to Irish Whip or press X to beat your opponents into the casket. Once they are in the casket they will try to grab onto the side. Press X to use your normal attack to knock down and close the casket.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Get outside:
When in a Hell In A Cell match, to get outside you must dive into the side paneling in the center. To do this, press Square while running. Once outside, press R1 to climb to the top. Notice the center paneling is a different color once on top. Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Go through top of the cell:
If your wrestler has Power Bomb as one of his/her moves, you can put your opponent through the top of the cell in a Hell In A Cell match.

Any powerful finishing move can be done to smash through the top of the Cell. The move must be done right on top of the center square for it to work. The Pedigree, Fame-asser, Olympic Slam, Stone Cold Stunner, Chokeslam, The Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver, or any other hard slamming finisher can be done to smash through the top of the Cell, as well as some of the regular slamming moves.

Hint: Royal Rumble: Eliminations:
When you get eliminated before you press Select, use the D-pad to move the "1P" or whatever player you are controlling. Press Select when you get to the person you want to be.

Hint: Table match: Piledriver on the table:
When in a Table match, press Circle to Irish Whip your opponents onto a table. Then, press Circle + Down. You will execute a Piledriver on the table.

Hint: Table match: Alternate way to win:
First, stun your opponent and put him on the table. Climb the nearest turnbuckle (or any nearest jumping point), then do the move. If it hits, your opponent will be instantly KO'd.

Hint: Table, Ladders, and Chair match:
Choose your superstar and play at King Of The Ring. After a few matches, you will fight in a Table, Ladders and Chair match.

Hint: Tag Team Table match:
Play in season mode until the Dudleys get in a feud with the Hardy Boyz. The Dudleys will challenge the Hardys to a tag table match. After the match is over, the "Tag Table" option will be is unlocked under "Table Matches".

Hint: Two wrestlers on one motorcycle:
Go to create-a-stable and select your four wrestlers. When the game asks about the entrance, set it to "Motorcycle Type 4". Choose your two wrestlers. When you enter the ring, two wrestlers will be on one motorcycle.

Hint: Created wrestler appears with the Undertaker's Bike:
When creating a wrestler, give him the Undertaker's entrance.

Hint: Ride the fork lift:
When near the fork lift, press Triangle and the D-Pad.

Hint: Move strength:
To get an idea of how strong a move is, listen to the sounds while doing it. The louder it is, the harder it is. When you are facing a match in the casket match, hit your opponent with the "loudest" hitting move for a fallen opponent and automatically win.

Hint: Other taunts:
Hold Up, Down, Left, or Right, then press L2.

Hint: Created wrestler: Rock Bottom through a table:
Give your created wrestler the Rock Bottom as a groggy move or as a finisher. When you go to put some one through a table, your wrestler will do the Rock Bottom.

Hint: D-Generation-X appearance:
Play as either Road Dogg or X-pac in a tag match and they will appear as DX; or play as Triple H and X-pac and they appear as DX.

Hint: New Age Outlaws appearance:
Play as either Road Dogg or Billy Gunn in a tag match and they will appear as the New Age Outlaws.

Hint: Radicalz appearance:
Create a Stable with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddy Guerrero. Set there music as "Chris Benoit" and there movies as "Normal 1". When two of these wrestlers appear in a tag match together they will be appear as the Radicalz.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: 3D:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as D-Von. Throw your opponent into Buh-Buh Ray's corner, then press Up + Circle together. Buh-Buh Ray will enter the ring, then you will enter the ring and do the 3D.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: Dudley Bomb:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as D-Von. Whip your opponent into Buh-Buh Ray's corner, then press Down + Circle. He will tag and do the Dudley Bomb.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as Buh-Buh Ray. Whip your opponent into D-Von's corner, then press Down + Circle. He will tag and do the Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt:

Hint: Hardy Boyz: Leg Drop:
Whip your opponent into your tag corner, where your partner is standing for the tag. After the whipped opponent is in the corner, approach him and press Up + Circle and they will perform the double team move.

Hint: Rikishi: Stink Face:
When you throw your opponent to the corner, do not let him sit down. When he is in the corner, press Left + Circle.

Hint: Rikishi & Too Cool Dance:
Play season mode until reaching year two. When you get to the pay-per-view Fully Loaded, there will be a handicap match including Too Cool & Rikishi. At the end of the match Too Cool will invite Rikishi to dance with them.

Hint: The Rock: Rock Bottom though a table:
Throw your opponent onto a table. This works best with an announcer table. Go to the side closest to your opponent's head and press D-pad + Circle. The Rock will pick up his opponent and give him the Rock Bottom.

Hint: Powerbomb:
When in a match with any kind of table, throw your opponent onto the table. Hold the D-pad + Circle to do the Powerbomb (unless playing as The Rock).

Hint: 3D with other wrestlers:
You can do the 3D with other wrestlers besides the Dudleys. To do this, select D-Von and anybody else. Make sure you are playing as D-Von. During the match, throw your opponent to your partner. Then press Up + Circle. D-Von should tag and do the 3D.

Hint: Double team moves:
To execute a double team move you must be in a Tag Team match. Whip your opponent into your tag corner and press either Up + Circle, Down + Circle, etc.

Hint: Faster moves off the top rope:
Hold R1 to get more speed on moves off the top rope.

Hint: Climb cage faster:
Rapidly press X when climbing in a Cage Match.

Hint: Interfere and be in control:
When a person asks you to interfere during season mode, answer "Yes", then do not skip their match. Select the match that they will fight. When you see your wrestler coming in, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to interfere and be in control of the player.

Hint: Stop the People's Elbow:
Play in a handicap match and choose 1P and 2P and The Rock as your opponent. When your opponent does the People's Elbow to you or your partner, quickly punch or kick him.

Hint: Stop the Worm:
To stop Scotty Too Hotty finisher move, the Worm, you can clothesline or kick him when he does the move.

Hint: Replacement moves:

Hint: Trish Stratus' underwear:
Play as Trish and have your opponent drop you in front of the camera to see that her underwear is red.

Hint: Change in-game music:
During a Hard Core or Anywere Fall match, go to the diner and look for a THQ Jukebox. Irish Whip your opponent towards the jukebox to change the in-game music.

Hint: Extra bonuses in season mode:
To unlock various bonuses, finish a month in season mode.

There will be a intermission sequence where someone gets beat up in the back, and you do not know who it is. Later you will see a strange looking person in another intermission sequence. Vince will change the match to you vs. the person you saw in the back. He will be called Unknown something (such as Unknown G). After the event, you will get more clothes or moves.

Hint: Faster title shot:
Go to the desired title and take out all the superstars from the rankings. Add your wrestler to the rank list, and he should be ranked second (the number one contender).