SMACKDOWN Shut Your Mouth
Playstation 2


Divas FMV sequence:
Get 100 Knockouts in the Slobber Knocker match in exhibition mode.

Armageddon PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Armageddon PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Ric Flair's attire
Chuck's attire
Billy's attire
Armageddon arena
Winter Plaza area
Winter Times Square area

Backlash PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Backlash PPV to get the choice to unlock:

The Rock's attire
Christian's attire
Create Parts 1
Backlash arena
Foam Hands A

Insurrextion PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Insurrextion PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Jeff Hardy's attire
William Regal's attire
Moves 9
Create Parts 4
Insurrextion arena

Judgment Day PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Judgment Day PPV to get the choice to unlock:

RVD's attire
Vince McMahon's attire
Eddie Guerrero's attire
Undertaker's attire
Create Parts 2
Judgment Day arena

King Of The Ring PPV rewards:
Win a match at the King Of The Ring PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Kurt Angle's attire
Edge's attire
Moves 2
Create Parts 8
King of the Ring arena
Plaza B backstage area

No Mercy PPV rewards:
Win a match at the No Mercy PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Shawn Michaels' attire
Stephanie McMahon's attire
Rikishi's attire
D-Von's attire
Molly Holly's attire
No Mercy arena

No Way Out PPV rewards:
Win a match at the No Way Out PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Kevin Nash (for Season Mode)
X-Pac (for Season Mode)
Big Show's attire
The Big Valbowski's attire
Moves 5
No Way Out arena

Rebellion PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Rebellion PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Chris Jericho's attire
Stacy Keibler's attire
Brock Lesnar's attire
Moves 10
Rebellion arena

Royal Rumble PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Royal Rumble PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Triple H's attire
Steve Austin's attire
Bubba Ray's attire
Create Parts 6
Royal Rumble arena
WWE Superstar Special Movie

SummerSlam PPV rewards:
Win a match at the SummerSlam PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Booker T's attire
Torrie Wilson's attire
Moves 4
Moves 6
Create Parts 9
SummerSlam arena

Survivor Series PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Survivor Series PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Matt Hardy's attire
Hardcore Holly's attire
Moves 7
Moves 8
30 Ability Points
Survivor Series arena

Undisputed Championship rewards:
Win the Undisputed Championship to get the choice to unlock:

Special RVD FMV sequence
SmackDown SYM Special FMV sequence

Unforgiven PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Unforgiven PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Chris Benoit's attire
Trish Stratus's attire
Moves 3
Create Parts 5
Unforgiven arena
Foam Hands B

Vengeance PPV rewards:
Win a match at the Vengeance PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Lance Storm's attire
Raven's attire
Billy Kidman's attire
Create Parts 3
Vengeance arena A
Vengeance arena B

WrestleMania PPV rewards:
Win a match at the WrestleMania PPV to get the choice to unlock:

Hulk Hogan (for Season Mode)
Faarooq's attire
Bradshaw's attire
Moves 1
Create Parts 7
WrestleMania X8 arena.

Move sets:

Move set 1: Genichiro Tenryu
Move set 2: Kendo Ka-Shin
Move set 3: Keiji Mutoh
Move set 4: Toshiaki Kawada
Move set 5: Bill Goldberg
Move set 6: Misc. Kung Fu
Move set 7: Jeff Jarrett
Move set 8: David Flair
Move set 9: Scott Hall
Move set 10: Scott Steiner
Move set 11: Sting
Move set 12: Terry Funk
Move set 13: Atsushi Onita
Move set 14: Misc. Puroresu set A
Move set 15: Misc. Puroresu set B
Move set 16: Taka Michinoku
Move set 17: Ken Shamrock
Move set 18: Rey Mysterio Jr.
Move set 19: Great Sasuke
Move set 20: Fred Durst
Move set 21: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Move set 22: Jushin Lyger
Move set 23: Kensuke Sasaki
Move set 24: Masahiro Chono
Move set 25: Manabu Nakanishi
Move set 26: Yuji Nagata
Move set 27: Jun Akyama
Move set 28: Kenta Kobashi
Move set 29: Mitshuru Misawa
Move set 30: Vader
Move set 31: Essa Rios
Move set 32: Gangrel
Move set 33: Brian Christopher
Move set 34: Jerry Lynn
Move set 35: Ron The Truth Killings
Move set 36: Road Dogg
Move set 37: Antonio Inoki
Move set 38: Akira Taue
Move set 39: Giant Baba
Move set 40: Big Boss Man
Move set 41: Crash Holly
Move set 42: D'lo Brown
Move set 43: Sho Funaki
Move set 44: Godfather
Move set 45: Justin Credible
Move set 46: Mike Awesome
Move set 47: Perry Saturn
Move set 48: Steve Blackman
Move set 49: Shane Mcmahon
Move set 50: Sean O' Haire
Move set 51: Steven Richards
Move set 52: Andre the Giant
Move set 53: Bob Backlund
Move set 54: Dean Malenko
Move set 55: Mick Foley
Move set 56: Naoya Ogawa
Move set 57: Shin'ya Hashimoto
Move set 58: Sergeant Slaughter

Hidden Superstar faces:
Enter the head/face section in the Create A Wrestler menu and choose Hair 7, Face 7, Face Shape 7, and Beard 7 to get a perfect Scott Hall. Try the same thing with the different faces to get the following:

2: D-Lo Brown
3: Bull Buchanon
4: Big Boss Man
5: Chavo Guerrero
6: Sho Funaki
7: Scott Hall (locked)
8: Justin Credible
9: David Beckham (UK Footballer)
10: Earl Hebner
11: Mick Foley (locked)
12: Taka Michenoku
13: Dean Malenko
14: Road Dogg
15: Ken Shamrock
16: Tommy Dreamer
17: Essa Rios
18: Perry Saturn
19: Ron Killings (K-Kwik)
20: Steve Richards
21: Mr Perfect Curt Hennig
22: Brian Christopher
23: Rey Mysterio without his mask (?), Crash Holly (?)
24: Harry Potter
25: Goldberg
26: Bret Hitman Hart (locked)
27: Andre
28: Steve Blackman

Note: This also works for women wrestlers:

2: Chyna

Hint: Doing your opponent's move:
You can do your opponent's moves against them. Fill up 2 Smackdowns and press L1 + L2 in the correct position. Note: This does not work in survival mode.

You can also steal the ref's finishing move by stunning him during game play and pressing L1 + L2. His finishing move is a Standing Crossface.

Hint: Alternate Matrix effect:
In any match that allows you to do you SmackDown! Matrix effect (press L1 while doing your SmackDown! Move), press L2 instead. It will do another Matrix effect. Instead of circling the wrestlers, it will show the move multiple times all in Matrix effect.

Hint: Post-match beatdown:
After the final bell rings, press X to do a beatdown after the match.

Hint: Post-match taunts:
After your match (when the third bell rings), press L2. Your wrestler will do his or her taunt. For example, Stone Cold will drink beer; HHH will do his taunt on the turnbuckle.

Hint: Inflict more pain:
When pinning an opponent, you can break up the count to inflict more pain by pressing R1 during your pin.

Hint: Illegal pin:
Press Down + Circle when your opponent is facing the turnbuckle when playing as one of the following: Al Snow, Big Valboski, Billy, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chuck, D-Von, Eddie Guerrero, Goldust, Ivory, Jazz, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Molly Holly, Randy Orton, Raven, Ric Flair, Rico, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Stasiak, Spike Dudley, Test, Torrie Wilson, Vince McMahon, William Regal, or X-Pac.

Hint: DDT onto a chair:
When you have a chair, get close to your opponent and press Circle. You will do a DDT onto the chair.

Hint: Real 619 without the West Coast Pop:
Give your wrestler "The 619" as his or her "Jump Down Over" move. When your opponent is next to the ropes to your left, run towards the ropes and press Square + X. You should do the move and hit them in the stomach or back.

Hint: Fire extinguisher:
Pick up the fire extinguisher, have an opponent approach you and press Circle. Doing this will expel the contents from the fire extinguisher. It does not do a lot of damage, but is funny to watch.

Hint: Sledgehammer:
Get the sledgehammer and get close to your opponent. Press Circle to hit him with the sledgehammer then choke him out with it.

Hint: Trash Can:
To slam a trash can over your opponent, pick it up, go near your opponent, then press Circle.

Hint: Foam Hands:
Upon finishing certain pay-per-views you have the choice to pick "Foam Hands". The purpose of these is that when you pick them up, your wrestler will do the signature taunts of the wrestler whose Foam Hands you have. For example, if you picked up the Rock's Foam Hand you would do the People's Eyebrow and the rest of his taunts. It is rather hilarious to see someone's imitation, such as Undertaker or Big Show.

In the lobby, if you pick up a Foam Hand with R1 and remain idle for about two seconds. Your wrestler will do a taunt of whichever wrestler's Foam Hand you are holding.

Hint: Riding the Undertaker's bike:
Go into a single match with The Undertaker. He will leave his motorcycle outside the ring. Approach it and press R1 to get on. Press X to go and Square to stop.

Hint: Remove turnbuckle pads:
Walk into a turnbuckle and press R1.

Walk over to any turnbuckle and press R1 + Toward the turnbuckle.

Hint: Get to areas faster:
While in the lobby area of any arena, press Triangle to run to get to places such as the locker room, VIP room, etc. faster. Press Triangle again to stop running.

Hint: Set person onto table:
When you have a table, get close to your opponent and press Circle. This will set them on the table, letting you jump on them to break the table; or grab them and break the table.

Hint: Set person onto ladder:
When you have a ladder, get close to your opponent and press Circle. This will toss them on the ladder and let you slam them; or jump on them while they are on the ladder.

Hint: Easy win:
This can be done in any match other then a 1 on 1. Do your SmackDown move, then put your opponent in a submission move (if it is also not your SmackDown move). Keep doing the move until your opponent gives up. This allows you to win without the other opponents breaking up your pin.

In any type of match, do as many moves as you can to your opponent until when they are lying on the ground with their hands and legs stretched out. Then, pin them. If you are not interrupted, you should be able to pin them up to three counts.

Use this trick for easy wins in career mode with Rob Van Dam or any cruiserweight. In a match with disqualification, remove a pad from any turnbuckle and throw your opponent there. Then, quickly go to the right side of the ring and press R1. You will then take out a ladder. Set it up on the turnbuckle by pressing D-pad + R1. Next, just keep running into it. Your opponent will eventually attack you with the ladder, causing the ref to call a disqualification.

Use the Toe Kick (Left/Right + Down + X) to momentarily stun your opponent, allowing for a quick front finisher.

Hint: Easy Slobber Knocker mode win:
The easiest way to get 100 victories in Slobber Knocker mode is to create a wrestler. Give him good defensive stats (for example, POW: 3, SPE: 4, TEC: 4, ROU: 3) and moderate offensive stats (for example, POW: 3, SPE: 4, TEC: 4, ROU: 0; roughneck moves are basically useless). Give him/her a running attack that almost always knocks an opponent down on their face (for example, Karate Kick 1). Then give him/her the Atomic Leg Drop 2 (or 1 depending on how much time you want to spend). Give the match no time limit and get to the top side of the ring (furthest from the camera). Run at the opponents when they enter and use the Karate Kick 1. Use the Atomic Leg Drop 2 and pin/KO them.To keep your specials up you must pose at least four times after an opponent is defeated.

Enter the options and set your SmackDown meter to the fastest setting. Then, select Slobber Knocker and set it to no time limit. Choose Stone Cold. Do the Mini Stunner when your opponent is groggy (Down + Circle), then the special. You should never lose your special by doing this. Repeat it until you get 100 wins.

Hint: Easy Season mode win:
Knock down your opponent with a quick running attack or any other desired move, then slide out to the top part of the ring. Pull out a table and throw it into the ring. If you slide in it, the referee will take it and throw it out. Knock down the referee (and probably the opponent again), then set up the table in a corner. Wait for the referee to get up, then continually run into the corner. Your opponent will slingshot you through the table, giving you the DQ win. This works particularly well in tag team matches. It does not work in title matches, matches with no DQ, and when you cannot get out of the ring (for example, in Triple Threat).

Hint: Cage match: Get out of cage faster:
Tap Square while climbing the cage.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Get out of cell:
Get out of the ring and go to the left side of it. Run down towards the camera. You will hit the door and it will open. Then, press R1 or Triangle and you will be out of the cell.

Hint: Ladder match: Easy knockdown:
If your opponent is swinging on the belt, get directly underneath him and press Up + Circle to pull on his legs and knock him down.

Hint: Tag match: Easy win:
Enter a Tag Match in season or any other mode. Make sure your character has a non-pinning finisher and the West Coast Pop (corner grapple) as a regular move. Beat your opponent down as usual, then use your finisher. Pick your opponent up then send him or her to the top right corner of the ring. Use the West Coast Pop. The opponent's partner should walk up to the corner you were in as if you were still there, instead of breaking up the count.

Hint: Tag match: Faster Superstar move:
In a normal tag or six man tag, when on the turnbuckle keep pressing L2 to do a taunt. This will add to your increasing SmackDown meter to help get your Superstar move quicker.

Hint: WWE Grand Slam Champion:
Start with someone with a high number of superstar points (the points that appear in the roster under season mode). Ask Flair or Vince for a title shot. Go for the Intercontinental Title. When J.R. asks you to go to England, accept the offer. Win the European Title shot that you get. Win the King Of The Ring or Royal Rumble and get the Undisputed Title. Then, when Vince and Flair team up, win the tournament for the tag titles that they issue. Whenever you appear in a non-title match, you will have the Undisputed belt, but it will read "WWE Grand Slam Champion".

Hint: WWE Undisputed Championship in story mode:
When you start story mode, the draft will being and you can pick your show. If you choose SmackDown, Vince McMahon will approach you and say that he can make you the next Undisputed Champ as long as you win your first match for him. Answer "That sounds pretty good" then win all your matches in April. You will take on the current champ the Undertaker at Backlash.

Hint: Parking Lot: Exploding cars:
In the Parking Lot area of the RAW Arena, whip your opponent into the cars four or five times. The car will explode, hurting your opponent.

Hint: King Of The Ring arena: Easy damage:
At the King Of The Ring in season mode or while playing against a friend, choose the King Of The Ring arena (resembles like a big concrete chair over the ramp). Put your opponent on the table near the King Of The Ring chair, move in the leg and run towards it. You can climb it and do damage.

Hint: King Of The Ring arena: Climb on stage:
Choose any type of match and select no count out in the rules. Select the King Of The Ring set. Go to one of the two poles with a ribbon-like object on it. You will climb the stage and be able to fight on top of it or jump off.

Hint: Rebellion arena: Climb set:
When playing in the Rebellion arena, you can climb the set. Go up on the stage, move next to the poles surrounding the stage lights, then press Triangle + Up to climb.

Hint: Rebellion arena: Ladder on Titantron:
Play a TLC match in the Rebellion Arena. Take both tables and the ladder up to the stage. Stack the tables, then throw the ladder on top of both tables. Climb them, pick up the ladder, then throw it up on the Titantron. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Hint: Winter Times Square arena: Snowball weapons:
Go to a snow pile and press R1. Your wrestler will make a snow ball which can be used as a weapon and thrown at your opponent.

Hint: SmackDown! arena: Climb the SmackDown! fist:
Walk over to the left side of the ramp and go very close to the edge where you see cracks in the SmackDown! set. Press Triangle while near it and you should climb up and be able to jump off using the normal "Turnbuckle Flying Moves".

Hint: Booker T.: Alternate entrance:
If you unlock entrance move Original 9, this starts exactly the same as Booker's normal entrance. However, when his flame pyros go off, the explosion causes him to fly down the ramp, hit his head, and collapse.

Hint: Chris Jericho: Easy Ultimate Submission Match:
Knock your opponent down and keep on doing the Dragon Sleeper (Left + Circle). Keep doing that and he will eventually tap-out. Keep using combinations of the Walls of Jericho (one of your specials), Double Power Bomb Pin Down + Circle) and the Dragon Sleeper.

Hint: Jeff Hardy: Ladder weapon:
Go to a single match and select Jeff Hardy. Go to the right side of the ring and press R1.

Hint: Rey Mysterio: Moves:
To get moves for Rey Mysterio, unlock Moves 10 from the Rebellion PPV. This will unlock Rey Mysterio's moveset (which is Moveset 18).

Hint: Rey Mysterio: CAW parts:
Win a match at the Insurrextion Pay-Per-View and chose to unlock "Create Parts 4". This will unlock Rey's Mask and other CAW items.

Hint: Rob Van Dam: Ladder in any match:
Choose Rob Van Dam and go to the middle of the right side of the ring. Press R1 and a ladder will appear.

Hint: Rob Van Dam: Frog Splash standing on the ground:
Choose Rob Van Dam and have a special. Use your Down + L2 taunt, which should be him jumping up. Notice that your special sign flashes up at the top. When you are in mid-air on the taunt, press L1 and he will do a Frog Splash while standing on the ground outside the ring. Note: This requires precise timing. You cannot do this while in the ring.

Note: You can also do a Split Legged Moonsault (press Down + X) the same way, with the correct timing.

Hint: Stone Cold Steve Austin: Mini-stunners:
While your opponent is groggy, press L1 + Circle + Down. Note: This requires correct timing.

Hint: Original entrances for stables:

Tag Originals
1. The wrestlers dance like ballerinas.
2. Matrix style where each wrestler go to kick each other, but both miss.
3. Partners appear in a shopping cart, roll down the runway, and hit the ring.
4. Partners appear in car.
5. Partners do strange poses one behind each other's back.
6. HHH and HBK Dx pose.

Trio Originals
1. The wrestlers appear in a shopping cart.
2. The wrestlers do Michael Jackson-style moves.
3. The wrestlers do model poses.
4. The wrestlers appear in a car.

Hint: Replacement moves:

The West Coast Pop can be used as Rey Mysterios 619/Hurricarana.
The Emerald Fusion 3 can be used as Novas Kryptonite Crunch.
The Facebuster 3 can be used as Novas Deep Impact.
The Testdrive can be used as Novas Spin Doctor.
The Testdrive can be used as Renos Roll of the Dice.
The Testdrive can be used as Christopher Daniels Last Rites.
The Magnum Driver can be used as Magnum Tokyos Viagra Driver.
The Ninja can be used as Spankys Sliced Bread #2.
The Overdrive can be used as Elix Skippers Play of the Week.

Hint: Hidden wrestler models:
When creating a Super Star go to "Sample Superstars". The first will be John Ceana, followed by Jamie Nobel, Christopher Nowinski, and Paul Hayman.