WWF Steel Cage Challenge
Game Gear

023 327 5D5 Start with no energy--Hulk Hogan
4F3 327 5D5 Start with 1/4 energy--Hulk Hogan
6A3 327 5D5 Start with 1/2 energy--Hulk Hogan
C03 327 5D5 Start with 3/4 energy--Hulk Hogan
453 8E7 5D5 Start with 1/4 energy--opponent
6A3 8E7 5D5 Start with 1/2 energy--opponent
C03 8E7 5D5 Start with 3/4 energy--opponent
03B BAB C42 Not allowed outside ring for long
003 076 E65 No out-of-ring counter for Hulk Hogan
C98 076 6EE Hulk is invincible and so is opponent, who can only be body slammed
XXC E05 F7A Stamp takes xx points from opponent [04]
XXB EA5 F7A Tummy bump takes 04
FFB 845 A2A Body slam causes max damage
00B 845 A2A Body slam causes no damage
99B 845 A2A Body slam causes 1/2 damage