The Stone Cold Truth

Austin's Brother Talks About Steve's First Car
To see this video, go to "Chapters," highlight "Austin's Truck and Sam the Dog," and press right.

Austin's Promo at Royal Rumble:
To see this promo, go to "Extras," then "Page 3," highlight "Austin Drinks a Beer, Rides a Chair Down the Ramp," and press right.

Hollywood Blondes Mock Ric Flair:
To see the Hollywood Blondes mock Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in a "Flair for the Old," go to "Extras," highlight "Flair for the Gold," and press left.

Austin Attacks Anderson:
To see Steve Austin attack Arn Anderson during a match, go to "Extras," highlight "Stunning Steve Austin vs. Beautiful Bobby Eaton," and press left.