WWF Warzone
Nintendo 64

Each wrestler can taunt his opponent or show off during a match with the following:

Taunt 1
Press Punch + Block

Taunt 2
Press Tie Up + Kick

Finishing Moves:
To execute a finishing move, your opponent's energy bar must be in the red.

WWF War Zone Ratings from GamePro Magazine
For The Nintendo 64

Graphics: 4.5 Smooth, seamless body textures and fairly accurate face rendering push this game past other wrestling titles. Some minor nuances, like slow character movements and lackluster weapons, bring the graphics down a notch.

Sound: 5.0 The best things about the sound are the crowd interaction (they actually chant for their favorite) and the sometimes hilarious wrestler sound bites. A pretty funny announcing team helps, and all the attendant grunts, groans, and rib cracks are in place.

Control: 4.0 Gamers will be happy to know that both the analog and the directional pad are supported on the N64. However, the computer occasionally wins the tie-ups unfairly, and a lot of moves seem to just miss the mark.

Fun Factor: 4.5 It's a 5.0 game if you're a wrestling fan; but even if you absolutely hate the sport, you may still like WarZone. And although casual gamers won't care, fighting-game fans will dig the smooth controls and great moves.