Super Nintendo

Quick Pin:
Lower your opponent's energy by half. Press X when your opponent is on the mat to pin him, then quickly hold Up + Y. Your opponent will not be able to get off the mat after the three count. Note: This will not work in tag team or survivor modes.

Play as Bam Bam Bigelow or Yokozona (PAL version):
Press Up, X, Down, B, Y, R, L, A(2), X, Y at the copyright screen.

Game Genie Codes:

4DD0-7D0A + 4DD2-740A Everyone starts with 1/4 energy
OED0-7D0A + 0ED2-740A Everyone starts with 1/2 energy
56D0-7D0A + 56D2-740A Everyone starts with 3/4 energy
C9D2-8FDA Do mega damage and don't die
3CF0-7B91 Infinite time
4DDF-7D6A Opponent starts with 1/4 energy
0EDF-7D6A Opponent starts with 1/2 energy
56DF-7D6A Opponent starts with 3/4 energy
CBF0-84DE + 6DF0-84AE Combo meter is at max