Two Punch Knockdown:
Hold Start and press Up, Up, Up, Up at the copyright screen. The sound of a crash and a red flash on the screen will confirm correct code entry. An opponent may now be defeated after two punches.

Three Punch Knockdown:
Hold A + B + C + Start and sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle at the copyright screen. The screen should flash red to confirm correct code entry.

Same Character Match:
Select a character using controller one. Hold Start and press Up + A + C on that character's selection screen.

Second Wrestler Assistance:
Press A + B + C on controller two during a one-on-one match in one fall, brawl, or tournament modes. A wrestler will appear and help your opponent.

Control Partner:
Start a one player game and select a tag team match, bedlam or survivor series. Begin game play and press A + B + C to control your partner.

Edit Wrestler:
Enter one of the following controller actions at the view statistics screen. Note: Kwang is not a playable character.

Kwang Press Down +A +C   Razor Ramon Press Left + A + C
Bret Hart Press Down/Left + Start   Lex Luger Press Down/Right + Start
Yokozuna Press Up + A + C   Doink Press Left + Start + A + C
Luna Vachon Press Up/Right + C   Shawn Michaels Press Down/Left + A + C
Undertaker Press Right + Start + A   Diesel Press Down + Start + A + C

Full Attributes:
Enable the "Edit wrestler" code for the character of your choice. Hold Start at the prompt to change attributes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now be set to 10.

Mega Moves:
Note: Always hold both the A and B buttons.

Bret Hart
Butt Flip-Off the turnbuckle, when your opponent is lying down beneath you, climb the turnbuckle Right, Right, Up and release B

Razor Ramon
Back Flip Elbowdrop-Your opponent must be lying down in the ring, in range over Razor hit Left, Left, Right then release B

Shawn Michaels
Super DropKick-When your opponent is standing in the ring within kicking range hit Down, Right, Right, and C

Bam Bam Bigelow
Torpedo-When your opponent is standing in the ring Up, Down, Left or Right and release A

Field Goal Kick-Stand behind your stunned opponent Left, Left , Left and C

1-2-3 Kid
Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle Jump-When you are on the back turnbuckle Up, Up, Up and A or B

Owen Hart
Whirling Dirvish-When your opponent is standing in the ring Up, Right, Down, release B and hold A (drains energy)

Caber Toss-When your stunned opponent is facing the large side of the ring, and Diesel is standing behind him hit Down, Down, R and B

Cannonball off the turnbuckle-When you are on one of the turnbuckles and your opponent is lying down in the ring.

Running Clothesline-When your opponent is lying down in the ring and vulnerable to attack...left, left, right and B

Luna Vachon
Propeller Splash-When your opponent is lying down in the ring and Luna is positioned above them (north side of the ring) hit left, down, down, then release the B

Lex Luger
Super Punch-When your opponent is standing in the ring and in punching range...hit Up, Up, Down and release B