Sega 32x

Power Punch:
Hold Start and press Up(4) at the copyright screen. The sound of a crash and a red screen flash will confirm correct code entry.

Play as Kwang:
Press Down + A + B at the character selection screen. A whistle will confirm correct code entry. Kwang will be selectable between Owen Hart and Luna Vachon.

Same Character Match:
Select any wrestler, then enter that wrestler's selection screen. Hold Start and press Up + A + C to start a match with the same character as both participants. Note: In four-player games the same wrestler may only be selected twice.

Change Partners:
Note: This code requires a six-button controller. Start a game in tag team or survivor series mode. Press C + Z during the match. A bell will ring to confirm correct code entry. Tag any character to place them on your team.

Edit Attributes:
Enter one of the following codes at the "View Stats" screen to edit the corresponding wrestler. A sound and blue status bar will confirm correct code entry.

Wrestler Code :

Bret Hart Down/Left + Start   Luna Vachon Up/Right + C
Diesel Down + Start + A + C   Razor Ramon Left + A + C
Doink Left + Start + A + C   Shawn Michaels Down/Left + A + C
Kwang Down + A + C   Undertaker Right + Start + A
Lex Luger Down/Right + Start   Yokozuna Up + A + C

Maximum Attributes:
After entering any "Edit attribute" code, quickly enter the same code again. Another sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now be set to 10.