WWF The Main Event

November 23, 1990

Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon are the hosts of the show.

The Million Dollar Man is interviewed by Gene Okerlund, followed Sean Mooney interviewing The Ultimate Warrior.

The Million Dollar Man with Virgil vs. The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Champion)
The Warrior starts out by shoving DiBiase into the corners. The Warrior continues to overpower DiBiase. DiBiase gets close lined to the floor and the Warrior knocks his and Virgil's heads together. The Warrior gives DiBiase a double axe handle off the top rope then goes for a pin but only a two count. The warrior goes for his second big splash but Virgil grabs his leg. DiBiase capitalizes with a series of mat moves. The Warrior counters a suplex with a sunset flip but only a two count. The fight goes to the out side. back inside the two collide and the referee begins the count. The Warrior gets his patented second wind! The Warrior his DiBiase with a series of closelines and goes for a pin. Virgil comes in to make the save and DiBiase gets disqualified. Then the Macho King  comes and lays out the Warrior.

Mean gene interviews the Macho King about what he had just done.

Nikoli Volkoff vs. Sgt. Slaughter with General Adnan
Adnan waves the Iraqi flag and Volkoff waves the American. While doing so Slaughter gets in a cheap shot on Volkoff. Slaughter puts Volkoff into the camel clutch. Slaughter then whips Volkoff with a foreign object. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes down to make the save! The General and Slaughter leave.

Mean Gene Interviews The Big Boss Man

Mr. Perfect vs. The Big Boss Man
Perfect slaps the Boss Man twice to rile him up. The Boss Man chases Perfect around the ring.  The action goes back into the ring. The Boss man whips Perfect into the corners. The boss Man then drags Perfect around the ring by the hair. Perfect removes the turnbuckle pad. Perfect goes to send the Boss Man face first into the open corner but the Boss Man stops him and plants Perfect in the corner. Bobby Heenan makes his way out to ringside. Perfect goes for a perfect-plex but the Boss Man counters with a small package. Perfect gets the boss Man with a thumb to the eye! and applies the Perfect-plex but the Boss Man kicks out. Heenan gets up on the apron, The Boss Man attacks him. Heenan runs away and the boss Man goes after him. Meanwhile the Boss Man gets counted out.

Mean Gene Interviews the Bobby Heenan

Piper and McMahon promote the Blow Away Diet and show it's commercial.

The Model Rick Martel vs. Tito Santana
The Model starts out early with a series of quick punches. The fight goes to the outside. Santana works on the Models arm for most of the match. The Model tries for Santana to for a second leapfrog but Santana counters with a small package. The Model slings Santana into the corner. The Model goes up top. Santana stops him with a punch to the gut. Santana gets his second wind and goes all out on Martel. Flying forearm on Martel but only a two count afterwards. The Model gets Santana in a Boston crab and scores the victory.

Mean Gene Interviews Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Sean Mooney interviews the Ultimate Warrior