Saturday Night's Main Event

Detroit, Michigan
March 18, 2006

WWE Champion John Cena & Triple H def. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton (Handicap Match)

It was RAW’s WrestleMania main event vs. SmackDown’s WrestleMania main event. It was WWE Champion John Cena & Triple H vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton. With so much animosity among the teammates of both teams, this was destined to be an explosive situation, and it didn’t disappoint. Would either team be able to coexist with each other? The answer was yes…and no.

Early on in the match, it appeared as though Cena and Triple H were able to get on the same page. Cena was propped up on the second rope, and was vulnerable to a Mysterio 619. But right before Mysterio could connect, The Game saved Cena and pulled him out of the way. But that was where the teamwork ended for the RAW side.

The Cerebral Assassin brutalized Mysterio on the outside, bending the rules to his advantage. Cena didn’t approve of Triple H’s method of attack, such as throwing Mysterio into the barrier. So, when The Game tried to tag in Cena, The Champ refused. So much for coexisting as a team.

Cena did get into the ring eventually, and faced off with Randy Orton. Cena managed to hit the Legend Killer with an FU, but when he went for the pin, Triple H pulled his own teammate off. Not only did Triple H cost himself and Cena a win, but he proceeded to Pedigree The Champ and roll Orton onto him for the pin. Before Orton could score a pin, though, Mysterio pulled him off. The Master of the 619 did not want to win that way. Unhappy that Cena wasn’t pinned yet, Triple H hit Mysterio with a Pedigree as well.

Kurt Angle hit the ring and clotheselined The Game to the outside. Then Orton turned on his teammate and nailed the Wrestling Machine with an RKO. He looked poised to give Cena a dose of the same medicine, but The Champ somehow countered the maneuver into a roll up and scored the improbably victory. Cena picked up the win, but he was also Pedigreed by his partner and WrestleMania challenger, Triple H. A fate he has to avoid in order to be successful at WrestleMania 22.

Shane McMahon def. Shawn Michaels (Street Fight)

For months, Mr. McMahon had made it his top priority to make Shawn Michaels’ life a living hell. The WWE Chairman had been doing anything and everything in his power to embarrass HBK on a weekly basis. From a retirement party, to making the Showstopper join the Kiss My Ass Club, to a public drug test, Mr. McMahon has pulled no punches. In an effort to truly get the best of Michaels, the WWE Chairman will face him one-on-one at WrestleMania 22. But first, HBK had a Street Fight against Mr. McMahon’s son, Shane, at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Shane had been undergoing intense training, and it showed in this brutal Street Fight. HBK attacked Shane-O-Mac before he even got to the ring, but Shane was able to survive the onslaught. Shane worked on HBK’s back, repeatedly slamming him into the ring post. He brought out a couple of tables outside the ring and set up a ladder inside the ring. Mr. McMahon laid the Showstopper down on the table, and Shane climbed the ladder. HBK escaped Mr. McMahon’s clutches and climbed the ladder from the opposite side. He met Shane at the top, and then suplexed him off the ladder to the outside and through the two tables in a breathtaking, death-defying moment.

Paramedics rushed to the ring, but the match went on. HBK went for the flying elbow off the ladder, but Mr. McMahon knocked him off with a kendo stick. Shane went back on the offensive and set up the Showstopper for the Van Terminator. Mr. McMahon was holding the garbage can in front of HBK, but at the last second, Michaels got out of the way as Shane slammed the garbage can into his own father’s face. The Showstopper hit Sweet Chin Music, but before the referee could count to three, Mr. McMahon pulled him out of the ring, saving his son. HBK caught the Chairman and threw him into the ring. Shane recovered, though, and nailed Michaels with a low blow. At the direction of his father, Shawn locked HBK in the Sharpshooter, and Mr. McMahon immediately ordered to ring the bell. Just like he did to Bret “Hit Man” Hart in Montreal in 1997, Mr. McMahon screwed Shawn Michaels at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Booker T vs. Boogeyman (Canceled)

For weeks, Booker T and his wife Sharmell have been haunted by the bizarre Boogeyman. Everywhere Booker and Sharmell turn, the worm-eating Superstar is right behind them. Booker T demanded that General Manager Theodore Long put a stop to Boogeyman, but instead, Long left that up to Booker T and set up a match for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

The match, however, never even happened. While in the back receiving medical attention, Booker T explained to Long that he heard something pop in his knee earlier in the day. The only way to see what the real extent of the injury was would be with an MRI. The only problem, though, is that an MRI would take well over a few hours to obtain. So, going along with the doctor’s opinion, Long canceled the match. Booker T limped out of the room, but a smile briefly crept across his face in between yelps of pain.

Later on in the show, Booker T was getting out of the shower, and he and Sharmell were talking about how they had duped Long. Booker was never injured. He just wanted out of the match, and the five-time WCW Champion had gotten his way. Booker T even did a little dance, showing no signs of a knee injury. Then all of a sudden, Boogeyman’s music hit and the worm-eating Superstar lowered himself down from the ceiling. Booker T, only dressed in a towel, and Sharmell, who didn’t have a shirt on yet, screamed out in terror and ran out of the room.

Booker T may have gotten his way, but the satisfaction will only be momentary. Long decided that match will go on – at WrestleMania 22.

Stone Cold Steve Austin def. JBL (Beer Drinking Contest)

Stone Cold hadn’t been seen since last October, but the Texas Rattlesnake made a triumphant return to WWE television on Saturday Night’s Main Event. In a recent interview with, Stone Cold talked about the greatest wrestlers to ever come out of Texas. Stone Cold balked at including JBL on the list, and the native Texan (currently residing in New York) took great offense to the omission. In order to get back at Stone Cold, JBL wanted to beat the Texas Rattlesnake at his own game – a Beer Drinking Contest.

Stone Cold’s beer drinking antics in WWE are legendary. So, it was no surprise that the future Hall of Famer accepted JBL’s challenge. Stone Cold said that he was worried that JBL would give him a run for his money, so he decided to practice for the contest. He said that for breakfast he had 24 beers and then for lunch he had 15 pitchers of beer. JBL and Stone Cold had 25 beers each already set up on a table. JBL said he didn’t want to get tipsy, so they would drink for one minute and whoever drank the most beer would be declared the winner. In old, Texas fashion, JBL said that they would stand back to back and drink. The Texas Rattlesnake started throwing a couple back, but JBL started throwing the beer onto himself, pretending to drink. Stone Cold knew something was up so he walked around to JBL and caught him in the act.

An irate JBL tossed a beer at Stone Cold and left the ring, but before he could get very far, United States Champion, and JBL’s opponent at WrestleMania, Chris Benoit came out and threw JBL back into the ring. Stone Cold then drenched the self-proclaimed Wrestling God, and capped off his night with a classic Stone Cold Stunner.

Women's Champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James def. Candice & Victoria

Women’s Champion Trish Stratus was originally supposed to team up with Torrie Wilson in this tag team match, but last week on RAW, Wilson was found laid out unconscious with an autographed copy of Candice’s Playboy on her stomach. It appeared as though Candice and Victoria had attacked her, so Trish needed a partner. The Women’s Champion had previously told Mickie James that she needed some space from the excitable Diva. Mickie had gotten too overbearing and borderline psychotic when it came to her idol Trish Stratus. She was obsessed and Trish had enough. But she had no choice but to team up with her at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Trish started off the match, and never even tagged in Mickie. Stratus was able to hit Victoria with the Stratusfaction for the win. After the match, Mickie told Trish that she knew she wanted some space, and she would give it to her. But, first, she wanted to say goodbye the right way. With that, Mickie went in for a kiss. Trish turned her face, causing Mickie to plant a big kiss on her cheek. Mickie then gave Trish a big hug and began jumping up and down. Trish pushed her off, but she paid for it, as Mickie hit her with the Mick Kick and her own version of Stratusfaction. Later on Unlimited, Mickie James said that Trish had broken her heart, and now she was going to break Trish.