Saturday Night's Main Event

Dallas, Texas
July 15, 2006

- Hulk Hogan's music hit to kick off the show. Hogan came out along with his daughter Brooke. Brooke got on the mic and mentioned it was always a dream of hers to be in the ring with her dad. She says she hopes her career will be just as successful as her dad's. Hogan took the mic and said Hulkamania is still running wild since 1985 when Randy Orton's music hit. Orton came out with a rose in hand. He gave Brooke the rose on "behalf" of the Hulkamaniacs and that he couldn't just sit in the back when one of the biggest legends was in the ring. Orton mentions that he is a Legend Killer however and then respectfully challenges Hogan to a match at SummerSlam. Hogan accepts and both shake hands.

- World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, Batista & Bobby Lashley defeated King Booker, WWE U.S. Champion Finlay & Mark Henry in a Six Man Tag Team Match. The finish saw Mysterio hit the 619 on King Booker and Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Booker for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Vince McMahon was giving The Spirit Squad a pep talk about their 5 on 2 Elimination Match against D-Generation X. The screen then splits in half and Triple H and Shawn Michaels appears. They turn down the audio on Vince and The Spirit Squad and DX narrates on behalf of Vince. Triple H, as Vince, says he wants The Spirit Squad to strip off his clothes and spank his bottom until it gets red. The audio comes back at the last second with Vince saying they will never be embarassed by DX again.

- Carlito & Trish Stratus defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro & Melina. The finish saw Carlito hit the backcracker on Nitro for the pinfall.

- Footage was shown earlier of Kevin Von Erich appearing in front of the crowd in Dallas.

- D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The Spirit Squad in a 5 on 2 Elimination Match. Mitch was eliminated first, Johnny was eliminated second, Nicky was eliminated third, Mikey was eliminated fourth and Kenny was eliminated fifth to give DX the win. Two small steel cages were setup outside of the ring and whoever was eliminated was forced to go inside. With all Spirit Squad members inside, Vince McMahon tried to let them out, but HBK gave McMahon some Sweet Chin Music and Vince fell into the cage with The Spirit Squad. The segment ended with Triple H and Shawn Michaels standing on top of the cage celebrating with the fans in Dallas.

- The Great Khali was shown in the ring with Daivari. Daivari talked about Khali's match with The Undertaker at The Great American Bash PPV next Sunday when The Big Show's music hit. Big Show came out with the ECW Title over his shoulder along with Paul Heyman. Big Show took the mic and called Khali a big boy. He put himself over as the first ever man to hold the WCW, WWE and ECW World Titles. Big Show said his purpose tonight was to put over Khali for how bad he beat The Undertaker. The gong hits and the lights go out. The Undertaker comes out and goes after Khali. Undertaker clotheslines Khali over the top rope. Big Show backs off looking to leave when he attacks Undertaker. It finishes with Big Show and Khali giving Undertaker a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

- Backstage, Big Show challenges The Undertaker to an ECW Championship Match on ECW next Tuesday on Sci Fi (airing one hour later at 11pm ET/10pm CT).

- Sabu defeated Stevie Richards in an ECW Rules Match. The finish saw Sabu put Richards over a table and smash a steel chair over his head to get the pinfall.

- Backstage, a shot of Randy Orton speaking with Brooke Hogan is shown. Joey Styles of all people introduces her new music video. When we come back, Hogan walks up, slaps Randy on the back and says he will see him at SummerSlam. Orton replies with, "Yes sir." Hogan opens the door to a car for Brooke and goes to walk to the other side when Orton grabs Hogan and hits him with an RKO over the trunk. Hogan fell to the ground and Orton leaned down over him smiling. Brooke ran out and watched over Hogan as Orton left.

- Michelle McCool won the finals of the Bikini Bull Riding Contest. It came down to McCool and Victoria after previous rides were shown from earlier in the night. McCool lasted for 12 seconds and Victoria lasted for 7 seconds. Victoria freaked out and took McCool's ruler, breaking it over her knee. McCool just smiled into the camera and that is how they finished it.

- John Cena defeated WWE Champion Edge via DQ; Edge retains WWE Championship. The finish saw Cena hit Edge with the FU, but Lita pulled the referee out during the pinfall count. When Cena applied the STFU on Edge in the ring, Lita cornered the referee on the outside and then hit him with a right hand. The referee then rolled back in the ring and called for the bell causing the DQ finish.

After the match, Edge hits Cena with a Spear and then rolls out to celebrate with the WWE Championship along with Lita. Cena then leaps over the top rope and takes out Edge. Lita runs away. Cena clears off the ECW announce table and decks Edge with one of the TV monitors. Cena then puts Edge up on his shoulders, climbs up the steel steps a few feet away from the announce table, lunges forward and throws Edge onto the table as he crashes through it. The show goes off the air with Cena doing the military salute to the camera...