February 23, 2010

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Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it’s time for the DEBUT show of WWE NXT on SyFy!

To bring everyone up to date with the “rookies” for tonight’s show, I’ve taken the liberty of including the bio for each of the guys. Credit to WWE.com

Wade Barrett (mentored by Chris Jericho)
Wade Barrett, a tall, well-built Brit, brings a strong bareknuckle fighting background to WWE NXT. Expect plenty of bullying when this brawler gets in the WWE ring. Confident and eloquent, Barrett isn’t afraid to speak whatever’s on his mind. He’s notably obsessed with the almighty dollar, and will do anything it takes to load his bank account with more and more money.

Justin Gabriel (mentored by Matt Hardy)
Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Justin Gabriel is a dynamo of energy with a wide array of skills inside the ring. This WWE NXT competitor is full of purity, goodness and passion. Gabriel isn’t shy about flashing his charming smile, either. He simply oozes sex appeal. It’s been said Gabriel is like a cross between MLB star Johnny Damon and American Idol season 9 hitmaker Adam Lambert.

Michael Tarver (mentored by Carlito)
Michael Tarver is not a pleasant man. A self-described monster with a heart full of anger, the Ohio native has spent his life seeking an outlet for his aggression. This wild rage has taken him from the gym to the boxing ring to the octagon and, now, WWE NXT. Physically intimidating and technically devastating, Tarver claims he can knock out any man in 1.9 seconds — a skill he learned from his father, a former sparring partner of Mike Tyson.

Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson, mentored by The Miz)
With 10 years on the indy wrestling circuit, Daniel Bryan comes to WWE NXT as by far the most experienced NXT Rookie. Trained by none other than Shawn Michaels, Bryan proceeded to compete on multiple continents while honing his craft. His journeys served the young competitor well, as he became well-known for his hybrid of Japanese and American offensive styles, making good use of vicious elbow strikes, precision kicks, spine-jarring suplexes and various torturous submission maneuvers. With such a wealth of knowledge and variety of styles at his disposal, Bryan’s rival NXT Rookies will no doubt be left guessing as to what this talented young athlete's strategy will be for any given match.

Heath Slater (mentored by Christian)
Ask Heath Slater who the most talented competitor on the NXT roster is and he won’t hesitate to say himself. Describing himself as a “rock band without the instruments,” this young stud from West Virginia may walk and talk with unabashed arrogance, but he has the talent in the ring to back up his big mouth. This raw ability and endless confidence has brought Slater success in smaller promotions across the country and will serve him well in WWE NXT.

Darren Young (mentored by CM Punk)
As comfortable in the VIP section as he is in the ring, Darren Young’s life revolves around three things — money, women and wrestling. Blessed with natural talent and a physique only seen in comic books, this fixture on the South Beach club scene is so gifted he can party all night and still be the first man in the gym the next morning. Young may be flashy, but any man on the WWE NXT roster would be a fool to underestimate a competitor as talented as this.

Skip Sheffield (mentored by William Regal)
Nicknamed “The Cornfed Meathead,” Skip Sheffield is an old-fashioned boy bringing his Lone Star State flair to WWE NXT. Born in Texas but raised in Las Vegas, Sheffield is often seen sporting a cowboy hat and vest. This outgoing competitor thrives off entertaining the WWE Universe. Sheffield is a real “hoss” in the ring who isn’t afraid to serve up some “knuckle sandwiches with a side of humble pie.”

David Otunga (mentored by R-Truth)
After becoming well-known to followers of reality TV and American tabloids, David Otunga is ready to make his name famous as one of the first NXT Rookies. First coming to prominence as part of the VH1 reality show, I Love New York 2, Otunga has since become better known as the fiancé of Grammy and Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson. As anyone confronted with Otunga’s impressive physique can testify, the competitor has more than his fair share of brawn and good looks, but he backs up these natural gifts with a powerful intelligence, as exemplified by his degree from Harvard Law School. A fan of lavish vacations, Hollywood parties and seeing his face in People and Us Weekly, the self-proclaimed “Kanye West of WWE” stands to get a lot more of his favorite things as part of WWE NXT.

Show Kicks Off

The show starts with The Miz in the back in front of all of the rookies, putting over “The Internet Darling”, Daniel Bryan. Miz says that it is time to prove himself, and so he sends him out to the ring for an opportunity to get over. Miz says that if Bryan doesn’t show the audience some personality, he is going to slap it into him personally.

We are introduced to our commentators for the evening, Michael Cole & Josh Mathews. They send it to the back, where Matt Striker is our host!

We head to the ring where Daniel Bryan is now standing. He starts off by apologizing for the fact that The Miz is his mentor. He wishes that William Regal was his mentor, but no such luck. He thanks the fans around the world for their support over the past ten years.

The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. He starts off by critiquing Bryan for the fact that he started off with an apology. The Miz gets in the ring and says that Daniel Bryan has no charisma. He asks how he even expects to make it in this business. Bryan says that he plans on joining a reality show and getting a faux hawk… oh wait that’s how The Miz got here! Miz does not take to kindly to that statement, but points out the fact that it worked.

Miz admits that may be the case, but what about a catchphrase. How about something like, “I’m the Miz… and I’m AWESOME”! Bryan nods and looks Miz dead in the eye. Daniel says how about this, “when you get in the ring with me, you’ve got two options. Tap… or snap”!

The Miz laughs it off and asks the audience if they think Bryan showed any charisma. If they thought Bryan would make it in the WWE. Miz then turns to Bryan, and slaps him in the face! After Miz heads to the back. Bryan picks up the mic and says, “you know what Miz, there is going to be a time when I slap you back”.


In the back Daniel Bryan is being interviewed by Matt Striker. Matt asks him what he thinks about what just happened. Bryan reiterates that he will slap Miz again when given the chance. Matt asks he can say that, when the business is built on respect. Daniel says he can say that because he has been in the business for twice as long as the Miz. Striker interrupts him, and says that he has not even been in the WWE for a day. Bryan says that he does not need the help, he can become a star on his own.

Carlito comes out to the ring with his rookie, Michael Tarver. A video package airs featuring the rookie.

Carlito & Michael Tarver v. Christian & Heath Slater

While they are making their way to the ring, we see a video package featuring Slater.

The match starts off with Slater and Carlito in the ring. Carlito starts right in on Slater and backs him into the corner. Carlito then quickly tags in Tarver. The rookies go after each other, and Tarver knocks Slater into the ropes. He uses the second rope to choke him, and then goes for a cover. The referee begins the count, but Heath kicks out. Tarver tags in Carlito.

Carlito comes into the ring, and pulls back on his neck for a couple of moments, before tagging back in his rookie. Tarver applies a modified camel clutch to Slater. Heath tries to get to his feet, but gets thrown down to the mat. Heath finally rolls across the ring and tags in Christian! Tarver responds by tagging Carlito.

The pros go back and forth, with Carlito being slammed to the mat. Christian leaps for a crossbody, but gets blocked. Carlito heads over and tags in Tarver. Carlito is whipped by his rookie at Christian into the corner, but Christian blocks the move. Tarver then tries to run at the former ECW Champ, but also finds himself countered. Slater hits a shot on Carlito from the apron, and then Christian hits the Killswitch on Tarver to close this match out.

Winners via Killswitch: Christian & Heath Slater


Darren Young w/ CM Punk, Luke Gallos, & Serena v. Darren Young w/ R-Truth

Instead of a video package, Darren Young gets a video featuring CM Punk. This is actually a fantastic promo in which Punk just shakes his head and asks why he is even on this show. He already has mentees. If Darren Young wants to be mentored by Punk, he needs to accept Straight Edge into his life.
A video package airs featuring David Otunga

The match starts off with a couple of punches being exchanged back and forth. Young is whipped into ropes, and Otunga hits a very ugly slam that sends Darren to the mat. This match is over.

Winner via Sloppy Slam: David Otunga

After the match CM Punk walks to the back, shaking his head.

Tonight’s Main Event: Bryan Daniel v. Chris Jericho. Yes, you read that correctly. Daniel Bryan v. Chris Jericho!!!


Chris Jericho w/ Wade Barrett v. Daniel Bryan w/ The Miz

Chris Jericho does not let Savannah introduce him, and instead has his rookie do the honors. Wade takes the mic and starts to put himself over. Jericho interrupts and says, “I just want you to introduce me”. Wade complies.


The match starts with Bryan offering his hand for a shake of honor. Jericho gets in his face and yells at him. Eventually Jericho pushes him away, and then slaps Bryan in the face. Daniel returns the slap! Bryan hits Jericho with a dropkick, and Jericho retreats to the corner. Bryan connects with a charging flying forearm. Chris gets back to his feet and hits a series of punches and elbows. Jericho then grabs Daniel in a rear headlock.

Daniel Bryan escapes, but gets caught by a very nice enziguiri. Jericho goes for the cover, but Daniel kicks out. Daniel is sent to the corner, and Jericho hits him with several forearms. Daniel is then whipped to the other corner. Jericho goes for a shoulder thrust, but Bryan throws him into the steel post! The action is getting difficult to keep up with, this is crazy. Daniel is in the corner, and does a flip off the turnbuckle, to counter a splash attempt from the World Heavyweight Champion.

Jericho is sent to the outside by a clothesline from Bryan. Daniel leaps into the air for a suicide dive. Jericho counters by slamming him hip first into the announce table! A welt instantly appears on Bryan’s side. Daniel shakes it off and uses the pain for empowerment! Back in the ring Daniel heads to the top rope and perches waiting for Jericho to re-enter.

Bryan leaps, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho! He can’t fully lock it in, as Bryan reverses into a leg submission! Chris looks close to tapping, but just barely gets to the ropes for the break. Jericho gets to his feet and hits the Codebreaker out of nowhe