March 2, 2010

results thanks to wrestleview


Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it’s time for the DEBUT show of WWE NXT on SyFy!

The show kicks off with David Otunga making his entrance as R-Truth does his song and dance on the way to the ring. NXT’s host, Matt Striker, is in the back and reviews the concept of the show for those who may have missed it last week.

David Otunga w/ PRO R-Truth v. Darren Young w/ PRO CM Punk & Straight Edge Society

Darren Young requested this rematch from last week.

The match starts off with Darren being whipped into the ropes and hit with two consecutive arm drags. He is sent to the mat with a scoop slam, but kicks out of the cover. Young is whipped into the corner, but bounces back into the ring and hits a neckbreaker on Otunga. Young gets on David’s back and locks in a neck hold. The crowd is firmly behind Otunga.

David escapes the hold by lifting Young into the air and dropping him to the mat. He goes for the cover, but Young kicks out. Darren sends Otunga to the apron, then slams his neck against the top rope which sends David to the outside. When Otunga tries to re-enter the ring, Young knocks him once again to the outside.


We come back as Young whips David into the corner. Otunga bounces out and goes for a quick cover. Young kicks out. Darren goes for another neck hold, and then slams Otunga’s head into the turnbuckle. Young goes for a neckbreaker, but Otunga sends him hard to the outside of the ring. Both men get back in the ring. Luke Gallos and R-Truth begin to argue on the outside of the ring. The referees attention is distracted. As Otunga goes to bounce off the ropes, CM Punk coyly grabs his leg. Darren Young capitalizes and secures the victory.

Winner via CM Punk’s Sneakiness: Darren Young

After the match, R-Truth comes into the ring, but Otunga pushes him away.

Video package airs highlighting the pre-WWE career, and personal life, of Daniel Bryan

Video package airs recapping Daniel Bryan v. Chris Jericho from last week on NXT

In the back we see Daniel Bryan with a WWE trainer examining his side. The bruising is a result of last week’s suicide dive crash into the announcing table. The Miz enters and says that last week proved Daniel Bryan is nothing but trash. Miz says that injury or not, he made a match for Daniel Bryan to take on Chris Jericho’s rookie, Wade Barret, tonight. Miz slaps him in the injured side as we head to commercial.


In the back, Matt Striker is interviewing David Otunga about his match. Otunga complains about the fact that Punk interfered. Matt says that he is going to have to learn to deal with those kinds of things in the WWE. R-Truth enters the room and begins to yell at his rookie. The two begin fighting and have to be broken up by security and referees.

Chris Jericho is on the ramp with his rookie. He puts him over, and then a video package airs highlighting Wade.

Wade Barret w/ PRO Chris Jericho v. Daniel Bryan (Miz does not accompany him)

The match starts with Wade kicking Daniel in the injured side. He continues with shoulder thrusts to the ribs. Wade goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out. A shot in the back shows The Miz & Carlito watching the match. Wade sets Bryan up against the ropes and goes for a splash, but Daniel side steps and Wade crashes to the outside. Bryan leaps off the apron with a huge knee to the outside on Barret! Wade gets back inside the ring, and Daniel heads to the apron once again. He goes for a springboard, but due to his injured side he can’t support himself and crashes to the mat. Wade lifts him high into the air and hits his finisher.

Winner: Wade Barret

After the match, Jericho enters the ring and begins to attack Bryan. He repeatedly kicks him in the side and then puts him in the Walls of Jericho.

Video package airs highlighting the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker feud


In the back, Christian is training in the gym as Heath comes up to talk to him. Christian warns Slater to not become over confident. Christian says that the cheers were his peeps, Heath still needs to earn that kind of response. Christian says that he likes him, not very much, but he likes him.

We cut to another room where Matt Striker is with Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy. Justin puts over Hardy as his mentor. Hardy says that Gabriel reminds him of himself at a younger age.


William Regal & Skip Sheffield v. Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel

Justin and Skip kick off the matchup. Justin is backed into the corner. Skip backs up and gets hit with a beautiful dropkick. Justin tags in Hardy. Gabriel does a flip as Hardy does an elbow drop on Skip. Hardy tags Gabriel back into the match as he whips Skip into the corner. Justin runs from one corner to the other, leaps off Hardy’s back, and connects with a huge splash!


We come back as it is William Regal in the ring with Justin Gabriel. Regal hits a beautiful Butterfly Suplex. Regal then locks on an arm bar. The crowd is trying to get behind Gabriel for support. Regal throws Justin to the mat, and actually allows him to tag in Matt Hardy. Regal takes it right to Matt, and knocks him to the outside. Both Gabriel & Matt are on the floor ringside. The referee begins the count.

Hardy slides back into the ring, and Regal wastes no time. He locks him up and then tags in Skip Sheffield. Matt is flat on his back, and Skip hits him with a splash. Skip then grabs the top rope and begins unloading with his boot to Matt’s midsection. Skip tags in Regal. The Brit grabs Hardy and hits a couple of punches. Hardy goes for a backslide, but Regal counters and tags in Sheffield. Regal holds Hardy in the corner which allows Skip to get in some cheap shots.

Skip takes Matt to the middle of the ring and locks on a headlock. Hardy begins to get to his feet and then drops to the mat to counter the hold. Skip tags in Regal. William yells at Skip for “messing around” and letting Hardy get in those couple of shots. Regal backs Hardy into the corner as he continues to yell at his rookie. Hardy finds the fortitude to roll to his corner and tags in Justin Gabriel. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on William Regal! Justin Gabriel heads to the top turnbuckle and hits an AMAZING 450 Splash. Wow, that looked incredible.

Winners via AMAZING 450 Splash: Justin Gabriel & Matt Hardy