June 8, 2010
Season 2,  Week 1

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Fresh off the heels of the Season One Rookies "invading" WWE Raw last night, the premiere of WWE NXT Season Two opened with a video package documenting the damage and destruction. Nice opening with no voices, just rapid-fire pictures and images.

Yes, the Wild & Young theme music is back for Season Two. After the NXT intro theme introducing the new batch of Rookies and Pros, the show went to the arena for a pyro opening. In the arena, Michael Cole introduced the show selling "uneasiness" in the building. Cole said they're all paranoid after what happened last night.

In-ring: Matt Striker carried over the "ominous tone" hanging over the show before introducing Season Two of NXT. Striker was holding his side to sell the beating on Raw last night. He also looked like he hadn't slept in days. Striker then introduced The Miz, who is returning from Season One.

On-stage: Miz introduced his NXT Rookie, Alex Riley. Miz and Riley practically walked arm-in-arm to the ring like best buddies. John Morrison came out next and said his Rookie is "definitely the tallest." Well, that's a selling point. Out walked the "odd" Eli. J-Mo and E-Co slowly walked to the ring, then Cody Rhodes waked out. His music played forever, frustrating him. Rhodes simply muttered, "Husky Harris." Cole and Josh Mathews laughed on commentary. Husky then walked past Rhodes to the ring.

Out next were Co-Women's champions Michelle McCool and Layla. They introduced the "Rookie they've all been waiting for...here's Kaval." Out came Kaval to the Lay-Cool theme. They rubbed his head, then put the Women's Title belts on him so they could walk to the ring. Well, there ya go. Mark Henry was out next to introduce Lucky Cannon. Henry and Cannon shook hands, then Cannon did an independent show-quality walk to the ring.

IC champion Kofi Kingston was out next and he brought out Joe Hennig. Cole listed his accolades and being the son of Curt Hennig. Yet, he's Michael McGillicutty. Hennig was over-the-top flying around the entrance ramp on the way to the ring. MVP came out next and introduced "Showtime" Percy Watson. Percy danced out on stage, frustrating MVP with too much energy. Out next was Zack Ryder, who introduced Titus O'Neil. Titus stared down Ryder as Cole suggested Titus is a loose cannon type character. Best intro had to be Cody Rhodes for Husky Harris.

In-ring: Once everyone was introduced, Striker told them to spread out and let the camera get a good look at them. Layla sold disgust being in the ring with so many sweaty bodies. Striker recapped the evaluation breaking down 50 percent for the Pros and 50 percent with the same people who voted for Khali & Hornswoggle and a Santino-Kozlov dance-off.

Striker said Season Two is going to be very different. He said Season 2 will only be 12 weeks, so the pressure is intense to make an impact. Striker said the first Pros Poll will be in three weeks, as well as the first Fan Poll. Striker said in six weeks, the first elimination will happen. Striker said they'll find out who's following Wade Barrett as the next breakout star. Striker said the Pros and Rookies will be in action...next. Husky Harris interrupted and tried to get some mic time. Titus shoved him, then a little pushing and shoving went down among all the Rookies. Kaval stood nose-to-nipple with Eli and they cut to break.

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Announcers: Cole and Mathews were shown on-camera talking about the damage and destruction inflicted by the Season One Rookies on Raw last night. Cole said, "I managed to get away." Mathews said quietly before interrupting to say it was uneasy to watch. He said they hope it doesn't happen here again tonight.


The first match of Season 2 started with Ryder and Morrison battling. The other Pros were shown on the stage taking notes and watching the proceedings. Titus and Eli then worked against each other. Titus did some noises like a dog barking in Eli's face, so Eli kicked him in the gut. Titus and Ryder then regrouped on the floor before they cut to a break.

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Morrison and Ryder were going at it back from break. Morrison landed a leg whip to the face for a two count before Titus tagged in for Ryder. Morrison landed a fallaway Pele kick, then the action broke down momentarily. Eli took out Ryder, then Morrison set up Titus in the corner for the Starship Pain. Pin and the win. A new female ring announcer shouted out Morrison and Eli as the winners.

WINNERS: Morrison & Eli in 6:00. It happened. (n/a)

Post-match: Striker walked into the ring looking for Morrison's first-hand opinion of Eli. Morrison said he held his own. Morrison asked for a fan reaction and they cheered a little bit. Eli is playing the soft, gentle giant type big man. Striker sent it to the stage for an evaluation. Miz said they had an opportunity to impress the audience and entertain them. (So, the match is fake. I don't even know why they bother to have wrestling matches on this show.) Miz said he wasn't entertained, so they failed. Back to the announcers, Cole said that's why he loves Miz because he's so outspoken. Mathews said he's out of his mind. Cole cut an obligatory promo on Daniel Bryan before Mathews fed to a video on Alex Riley.

Riley video: They showed Riley in a sit-down interview from FCW cockily saying he doesn't have a sob story or some inspirational deal to sell the audience on. Riley put over his great family life and his athletic background. He said he has "looks and mic skills." Riley announced he's arrived and he's running the show.

Last night: Cole quietly narrated a still shot of the NXT Season One Rookies destroying John Cena at the end of Raw. He said they'll see the footage that "shook the foundation of this company" later in the show. Nice follow-up thus far.

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Back from break, four men were assembled in the ring on opposite ends of the ring for what Miz has told the audience is a fake contest. Percy wanted to compete first, so he tagged in to oppose Rhodes to start things off. Cody dominated, then Husky tagged in and went to work on Percy with football-like offense. Cody wanted a tag, so Harris obliged. Awkwardly, Harris re-entered after an apparent miscommunication. And then Cody re-tagged in. Cody worked over Watson before they cut to break.

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Back from break, Rhodes continued to work on Watson, then Husky tagged in and slugged away at Watson. Harris then smashed Watson with a flying sentaun. The spot appeared to be messed up, as Watson tried to roll out of the way, but Husky over-shot the target and landed on Watson anyways. MVP finally tagged in and knocked down Harris before landing the Ballin' elbow drop. Cody suddenly tried to intervene, but MVP kicked him in the face. MVP then tagged in Watson, who hit a float-over DDT finisher on Husky for the win. The new ring announcer then did another really over-done announcement of the winner. Where do they find these people?

WINNERS: MVP & Watson in 11:00. That was terrible. It's just not even close to national TV quality. (1/2*)

Post-match: Striker asked for post-match comments from MVP, but Rhodes took the mic away. Rhodes told Harris he looks like someone from his own family and like every one of the people in the audience. Harris plays a "half-awake" Neanderthal-like brawler, so he just rubbed his nose. Rhodes cut a promo on MVP, saying he can't mold Watson into a star. MVP then took the mic and said Watson got them into some trouble, but he worked them out of trouble. He said he believes Watson is ready for prime time.

Announcers: Mathews was shown on-camera saying NXT is proving to be "one of the most unpredictable hours of television." Yes. ... Video package: Michael McGillicutty. Joe talked up his lineage going back to Larry "the Axe" Hennig and Curt Hennig. He said it's his time to shine. Hennig described his style as ruthless. He said "ruthless aggression" is back. They showed clips of Joe executing Curt Hennig's moveset. Of note, no explanation on the gimmick name.

Coming up next: Cole quietly plugged a look at "one of the most frightening scenes in WWE history" from last night's Raw.


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In-ring: Matt Striker was standing in the middle of the ring with the NXT Pros on one side and the NXT Rookies on the other side. Striker said they've invited both groups back in the ring to re-watch what happened at the end of Raw last night.

Raw last night: No video package, just straight footage from the end of Raw. They showed Cena starting his comeback routine on C.M. Punk. Suddenly, there was Wade Barrett on the stage. They cut back to the NXT arena to show the Rookies and Pros watching the end of Raw play out live last night. They cut back to the full video with the Season One Rookies assembled in the ring beginning a gang-style attack on Cena. They included some different overhead camera shots from inside the building on Raw to add different perspectives on the chaotic scene. Nice touch. The entire beat down and angle played out without interruption leading to the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- over-run] Cena stretchered out after the beating went into the over-run on NXT. After showing the entire angle from start to finish with some different camera angles mixed in, they cut back to NXT. In the ring, the Pros and Rookies kind of looked around at each other not sure how to react. Kaval was given first talking time. He said it's unthinkable they would do that, but that's how you make a statement in WWE. Lucky Cannon said what they did was cowardly beating up Cena, announcers, and referees...but, like Kaval said, they made a statement. Husky Harris said he doesn't agree, but he doesn't really care because he's here to win NXT. Alex Riley blew his nose. And again. He said he thinks he's allergic to Striker. Wow. Percy Watson said he doesn't think that was appropriate and you fight a man one-on-one. "That just me, though!" he said. The fans cheered. Eli said he thinks he (Cena) deserves every bit of it. That drew boos.

Titus O'Neil said he thinks Season One should come out here and try that on them. He said if you're going to fight, make it a fight. If you want to win...pause...make it a win. He smiled while Joe Hennig shot him funny looks. Hennig mocked what was going on here with the cliches and Riley sneezing into the mic. Striker cut off Hennig, which drew boos. He said there's concern in the locker room right now, so with that said, on behalf of the WWE Pros and the locker room, he would like to officially welcome the NXT Rookies to WWE. "Welcome to NXT," Striker said. The crowd booed.

And they closed with an angle where Layla slapped Kaval, leading to another chaotic scene with the Pros and Rookies brawling in the ring. The Pros dominated and Cole said adverse times make for stranger partners. The Pros cleared the ring except for Titus, who was fed to Mark Henry for the World's Strongest Slam. Cole called