June 29, 2010
Season 2,  Week 4

results thanks to wrestleview.com

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event..." The WWE video leads us into the show.

We're taken to the stage where Ashley Valence welcomes us to the show. She announces that voting has begun on WWE.com. She introduces the NXT Rookies as they come out to the stage. Ashley says this is the first major step in their journey as it's the first NXT Poll. People from all over the world are going to their computer, logging on WWE.com, and deciding their future. They're joining the WWE Pros as they cast their ballots for the rookie they feel should be WWE's next breakout star.

Ashley reminds us that last season's winner Wade Barrett was never ranked below #2. There's a surprise for tonight. Not only will they reveal the poll but they'll also eliminate whoever is ranked last. Making an impact tonight isn't something they should do... they have to do it. Cole and Mathews say Ashley should be eliminated. Why?

They send it to Matt Striker in the ring and says it's the return of the "ever popular" keg carry. You could hear crickets. Whoever wins will have immunity tonight. Michael McGillicutty drops it immediately and is disqualified. Matt Striker asks for his thoughts. He says some inaudible things. All I heard is that it's Husky Harris's fault. It slipped out of his hands but it doesn't matter because he'll be in first place.

Lucky Cannon is next. Cannon runs the 160 pound keg around ringside in 12.7 seconds. That's pretty good. "Showtime" Percy Watson is next. He got a pretty good pop. Watson beat it but they didn't stop the clock when he crossed the line! That's so cheap! Eli Cottonwood looked to tie the actual time but again they didn't stop the clock when he went over the line. Fire whoever controls that!

Kaval says the keg weighs as much as he does so he won't pose any more risks to his body unless it's in the ring for the WWE Universe. Titus O'Neil is next and he trips so he's disqualified. He took a pretty nasty spill. O'Neil says this is a reason not to drink. If you do then please don't try. That's what he tried to do just now. Try to make it a win. They then show a slow motion replay of his big fail.

Husky Harris starts but drops the keg halfway through on his foot. Matt Striker asks if that hurt. Harris says he's pretty brave for even saying a word to him. Harris tells Striker to back off and let him worry about what happens to himself. We're reminded about Harris's assault on Matt Striker last week. Alex Riley also fails to beat the time and took a nasty spill at the finish line as well.

Lucky Cannon is announced as the winner and he has immunity. Cannon says he feels awesome right now. Some of the guys are bigger than him and faster but what he lacks in size and speed he makes up for in heart. Anything in life worth having is worth fighting for.

Michael Cole calls Riley's fall an A-Bomb from A-Rye, a spoof on John Sterling's "A-Bomb for A-Rod" radio call for the Yankees. Too bad A-Rod didn't hit any A-Bombs for my fantasy team tonight... They then show us a video for "Showtime" Percy Watson. This guy is growing on me.

MVP, Percy Watson's WWE Pro, will take on Husky Harris next.

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Did you know that every Tuesday since its premiere 18 weeks ago, NXT has been the #1 show on SyFy?

MVP vs. Husky Harris (0-1)

They circle the ring and MVP ducks a lock up attempt. They circle again and lock up. MVP gets a side headlock, gets whipped off, goes for a shoulder block and neither man budges. They lock up again and MVP gets a hammerlock before quickly going back to the headlock. Harris whips him off and doesn't budge on the shoulder block. Harris gets in MVP's face. MVP rolls him up for a no count.

They circle the ring and MVP takes Harris down before getting a jackknife cover for a one count. Harris backs away and gets to his feet. Harris is moving like a seasoned veteran. He looks great. They lock up and MVP takes him down. Harris is quickly up and goes to the corner. The WWE Pros are shown evaluating minus Mark Henry. MVP shoves Harris into the corner and Harris comes back with some punches. MVP has a whip reversed into the corner but MVP slingshots over Harris and hits a Drive By Kick in the corner. Harris recovers outside the ring.

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We come back from the break to see MVP working on Harris with a submission. Harris fights up and punches out. MVP sends him to the corner but Harris is able to avoid the splash. Harris hits a big sambo suplex for a near fall. Harris covers again for a two count and does it a third time. Harris kicks MVP and applies a body scissors. Harris botches a kip up but recovers immediately to keep punching MVP. Harris drops a few elbows and hits a big splash for a near fall. Harris hits a textbook suplex for a near fall.

MVP fights back with punches but Harris stops him with a body slam. Harris hits another body slam and covers for a no count. Harris gets a bear hug on but MVP fights up and elbows out. Harris hits a short-arm clothesline for a near fall. Harris appeared to be a little flustered during that exchange. Harris goes into the ropes but MVP moves out of the senton splash.

The match is moving a little slowly as MVP hits a clothesline and an elbow. Both men appear to be winded now. MVP hits a face buster and a BALLIN Elbow Drop. MVP hits the 405 for the win. There was surprisingly little reaction for MVP's signature moves.

Winner by Pinfall: MVP
Match Rating: * 1/2

MVP offered his hand but Husky Harris refused to shake it. Cody Rhodes gets in the ring to make sure there was no further altercation. The NXT Poll will be revealed later tonight.

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Michael Cole and Josh Mathews recap the keg carry that Lucky Cannon won in 12.7 seconds. He won immunity for tonight.

Michael McGillicutty, Lucky Cannon & Kaval vs. Eli Cottonwood, Alex Riley & Titus O'Neil

McGillicutty punches away at Cottonwood to start it out. Cottonwood quickly comes back with a massive clothesline. O'Neil is tagged in as is Cannon. They lock up and Cannon wrenches the arm. Cannon punches away at his arm and O'Neil hits him with a forearm. Cannon has a whip reversed on him and Riley pulls his hair. Cannon then turns into a big clothesline. O'Neil stomps him and tags in Alex Riley. Riley punches Cannon in the midsection and showboats a bit. Riley punches him in the corner and stomps. Riley whips him hard into the corner and knocks McGillicutty off the apron.

Cottonwood is tagged in and he tosses Cannon across the ring. Cottonwood chokes him on the rope and bends him over the rope as well. O'Neil tags himself in and punches away at Cannon. O'Neil hits a body slam and tags Riley in. Riley hits a snapmare and applies a chin lock. Cannon fights up and tries to punch out but Riley grounds him. Riley sends him to the corner and runs into an elbow. Riley again cuts him off from making a tag. Cannon finally gets him away and tags in Kaval.

Kaval takes Riley down a few times before hitting some nice kicks for a near fall. Kaval hits a handspring wheel kick into the corner and the pin is broken up by Cottonwood and O'Neil. They throw Kaval out of the ring and he hits the ground hard. McGillicutty takes Riley out with his nice neckbreaker and gets Cottonwood out of the ring. Cannon takes O'Neil out with a dropkick. Kaval climbs the top rope and comes off with a HUGE Double Stomp and gets the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Michael McGillicutty, Lucky Cannon & Kaval
Match Rating: * 1/2

Matt Striker says the voting on WWE.com is coming to an end. We'll reveal the poll and see who's eliminated soon.

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The Raw Rebound highlights the Nexus beating down the legends. I thought that was a really well done segment. Michael Cole says Ricky Steamboat suffered cracked ribs and internal injuries. The other legends suffered "emotional" trauma. What the hell is that? Those guys have been through it all and this is what cracked them?

They run down the Money in the Bank card. This card is full of matches with weeks to go. Fatal Four Way had two going into the final week of hype. I think they're correcting their mistake.

The NXT Poll will be revealed next.

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The NXT Rookies are standing at ringside. Matt Striker says it's time to reveal the NXT Poll. Striker reminds them that the person in last place will be eliminated unless Lucky Cannon is there, because he has immunity. The NXT Poll is revealed:

#1 Kaval (1-2)
#2 Percy Watson (1-1)
#3 Michael McGillicutty (3-0)
#4 Alex Riley (2-1)
#5 Lucky Cannon (1-2)
#6 Eli Cottonwood (2-1)
#7 Husky Harris (0-2)
#8 Titus O'Neil (0-3)

Titus O'Neil has been eliminated from the NXT competition. Matt Striker gives him a shot to tell the world why they're wrong. O'Neil says people at home have had to deal with way more obstacles than he has in the ring, like overcoming cancer or having a loved one go overseas to fight. O'Neil says no matter what life deals, you have to take each opportunity and moment to make it a win. That was a nice promo and a good way for him to go out. He got a good reaction for that.