July 6, 2010
Season 2,  Week 5

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Tonight's fifth week of WWE NXT Season Two started with a video package recapping last week's events, including the Keg Carry, Lucky Cannon scoring immunity from elimination, and Titus O'Neil being the first Rookie eliminated this season.

Cue up the standard NXT video package introducing all eight competitors. They should have a big red X over O'Neil and Ryder to show they're eliminated. Anyways, Michael Cole introduced the show inside the arena. He plugged they're in the home of WrestleMania 27.

In-ring: Matt Striker excitedly welcomed the audience to the show. He plugged the winner of this deal getting a title match on PPV after the season. Striker welcomed out the WWE Pros to start things off tonight. Out came John Morrison, with the girls screaming. He took a seat on the stage. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was out next, followed by Mark Henry. Zack Ryder is still on the show despite Titus being eliminated last week. MVP was out next, followed by U.S. champion The Miz. Cole called him the Bobby Cox of NXT. Cox has almost been managing longer than Miz has been alive. Co-Women's champions Lay-Cool came out next-to-last, followed by IC champion Kofi Kingston. Lots of gold on the panel.

With everyone assembled, Striker asked Ryder to step up and explain what happened last week. He wanted to know who voted Titus last week. Ryder said Titus had it all: him as his Pro, the dog bark, and all the potential in the world. Ryder said he was robbed and they all know it. Striker asked John Morrison what he would have done differently last week. Morrison gave a quick plug to the audience before saying he doesn't think Titus should have been voted off. He said he would have voted off...Miz. The joke went over the audience's head as Miz cackled from his seat.

Striker then brought out the NXT Rookies to continue stretching this out. Alex Riley was out first and tried to tangle with Lay-Cool's clipboards. Lucky Cannon, Husky Harris, and Michael McGillicutty came out next. Eli Cottonwood followed out, then Kaval still sporting the pink Lay-Cool t-shirt. The "main attraction" Percy Watson rounded out the field. Watson is going to get that Koko B. Ware comparison with his high-energy act.

With the Rookies assembled in the ring, Striker asked Husky Harris what he needs to do stay in the game after being next-to-last last week. Harris took the mic and said no one can do anything about him. Cole muttered they can just vote him off. Riley, with the clipboard, questioned how he could possibly be #4 last week. Riley said he thought the people were looking for champions. He name-dropped "his boss" Vince McMahon and mocked Kaval. Cole complained that Riley doesn't even have a contract, so how could McMahon be his boss. Kaval took the mic and told Riley to listen to the fans.

Striker, standing next to a podium, talked about charisma and "connecting" with the WWE audience. He plugged Lucky Cannon winning the physical challenge last week and now it's time for the Talk the Talk challenge. The crowd was silent for this. Each Rookie has a topic. They'll have ten seconds to think and 30 seconds to talk. (And the audience will have ten seconds to find the remote.)

Striker brought Percy Watson to the podium. Striker stopped and said the winner tonight will get to host their very own talk show next week here on NXT. Striker gave Watson a topic of...glasses. Watson basically repeated his "vision" promo about using glasses to see the vision for his future. Oh Yeah. Striker gave Kaval a topic of...chicken. Kaval said it's something that cannot exist here in WWE. He said he might be the smallest competitor, but he has the biggest heart. Kaval did a basic babyface promo about riding together to the end of Season 2 as the winner. Striker suggested it was patronizing.

Eli Cottonwood was next with...moustache. Burt Reynolds has to be involved. Eli attempted a preacher-style promo about moustaches. He claimed to have the best moustache of them all. He said in just a few more days, he'll have a nice, thick moustache. Buzz. They cut to a shot of John Morrison, Eli's Pro, hiding his face with his clipboard in shame.

[Q2] Joe Hennig was up next with...breath. Hennig cut a promo on his heritage being the son of a Hall of Famer. "And by the end of NXT, I'm going to take your breath away," he closed. They cut to a shot of his Pro, Kofi Kingston, trying to sell he was impressed with the eye-rolling cliche. Husky Harris was next with...doorknob. He said he used the "doorknob" to get in here. Cody Rhodes saved this entire segment standing up on the stage to give him a clap and shout, "Yeah, that's my boy!" I'm convinced the entire purpose of this season of NXT is to get over Rhodes. He's been terrific.

Lucky Cannon had...deodorant. Lucky said the basic function is pretty simple, but if a person doesn't have BO, deodorant has no function. So, you need a smelly individual. Lucky showed decent charisma for the first time all season with this. He then completed his analogy that he is the deodorant and WWE is "that smelly guy." Mark Henry, his Pro, just cocked his head to the side amused. Alex Riley was next. And he has...pigeon. Riley said there are a lot of animals out there he's come in contact with. He said Kaval is the chicken while he is the rooster of this henhouse. He said he started with seven dorks and now it's just six pigeons. Cole cackled while Miz laughed on the stage.

Striker went back down the line to poll the audience. Percy got a strong reaction. MVP stood up and smiled for his Rookie. Kaval got a decent reaction, but less than Percy. Cottonwood was booed. Hennig was booed. He's got that Austin Aries natural heel look to him. Husky, selling no interest in the proceedings, was booed. Lucky received a mixed reaction and Riley was booed. He played it up great as the heel. And the winner is...Percy Watson. So, Watson gets a talk show next week.

Announcers: Cole excitedly threw out potential names for Percy's show while Josh Mathews leaned back in his chair with hands folded selling complete disgust. Mathews then plugged what's to come tonight: Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes vs. Lucky Cannon & Mark Henry. This entire segment took 20 minutes. Cut to break.

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In-ring: Percy Watson was in the ring with MVP standing on the apron in street clothes. McGillicutty was introduced next. Kofi Kingston stood on the ring apron to watch as well. Apparently the Pros will be standing on the ring apron coaching their Rookies up during the match.

1 -- PERCY WATSON (w/MVP) vs. MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY (w/IC champion Kofi Kingston)

Percy started with a headlock and MVP encouraged him to tighten it up. Hennig came back with a dropkick for a two count. Hennig then went to work on Watson and grounded him on the mat. MVP clapped up the audience and Percy made a comeback with multiple dropkicks. Hennig then hit a sunset flip into a pin and he trapped Percy's shoulders to the mat for the pin and the win. Hennig picks up yet another win, which drew applause from Kofi.

WINNER: Hennig in 3:00. Basic match that wasn't given enough time or focus to be anything more than filler. (*)

Announcers: Cole and Mathews recapped the Keg Carry on last week's show. Mathews recapped only four of the Rookies completing the competition last week. They went to a video package on Riley eating the floor trying to cross the line. This was followed by a clip of O'Neil spilling on the floor. Mathews and Cole then fed to a video package with the NXT Pros commenting on O'Neil.

NXT video: They rolled footage of NXT Pros talking in a sit-down interview setting about Titus O'Neil. They're investing considerable time in a Rookie eliminated after four weeks. Miz mocked him for barking like a dog. Morrison said it sounds more like a walrus. He said the hand gesture is probably the best thing they'll see from Titus. MVP said he reminds him of a dump truck and he needs work in the ring. They showed the spot where Titus botched a back-drop a few weeks ago. Why expose that? Henry said he thinks Titus is afraid on people's toes. Miz mocked his promo style with the "make it a win" one-liner.


Announcers: They cut back to Mathews and Cole to introduce Titus's send-off promo last week after being eliminated. Good, strong message. ... In-ring: Alex Riley walked out with The Miz by his side for the next match. Cole is now calling Miz the Vince Lombardi of NXT. If JBL were saying it on Smackdown commentary, it might sound credible. Coming from Cole, it sounds forced and patronizing, to use a Strikerism.

[Commercial Break. Yes, the GEICO commercial with Gollllllllll. Sure beats Hogan and Aikman selling Rent-A-Center products.]

Raw next week: John Cena in a seven-on-one handicap match next week. How will he survive? And, it's a blockbuster with Randy Orton vs. Edge. Now, the real fun begins. "An epic Raw," the voice-over man suggested.

In-ring: Miz was in the ring preparing for singles action as Riley talked to him on the ring apron. Cue up Lay-Cool's music to bring out Kaval with the Women's champs. It's Kaval vs. Miz up next.

2 -- KAVAL (w/Lay-Cool) vs. THE MIZ (w/Alex Riley)

Kaval opened with a kick strike on Miz, who took out R-Truth last night on Raw. Cole gave a medical update that it's "highly unlikely" R-Truth will be in the MITB match at the PPV. That's softer than completely writing him off the match last night. Cole is now calling Miz the Pete Rose of WWE. Miz took control of the match and punished Kaval, who fought back from his knees with punches to the mid-section. Miz cut him off and landed left-hand strikes. Miz followed with his big running corner clothesline and made a cover for a two count. Lay-Cool hopped on the apron to encourage Kaval as Miz continued the attack before throwing Kaval through the ropes to the outside. Lay-Cool checked on Kaval as they cut to break.

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Back from break, Miz was still in control of the match, this time in the ring. Miz then airballed with a left hand strike and Kaval executed a great sunset flip into a snap double-foot stomp to the chest. That was great. Kaval followed with a flurry of double-fist smashes before landing a kick to the back of the head. Kaval then hit a handspring enziguiri kick for a two count. Lay-Cool pumped up the crowd as Kaval teased the Warrior's Way from the top, but Miz cut him off. Miz then attempted a superplex, but Kaval headbutted him to the mat, only to have Miz recover and flip him off the top. Miz followed up with the Skullcrushing Finale as Lay-Cool screamed for Kaval to kick out.

Post-match: Lay-Cool sold disappointment with Kaval's loss as Riley talked trash to Kaval, claiming he should be #1 in the NXT Poll. They replayed the highspots of the match, culminating with the SCF for Miz's victory. Cole said he's not sure a lot of people are ready for what Kaval can bring to WWE in the ring. Lay-Cool consoled Kaval after the match while Riley continued to gloat on Miz's behalf.

WINNER: Miz in 9:00. Good match. Mathews is right that perhaps the audience isn't ready for Kaval's moveset, as he has moves most of the audience probably has never seen before. He's just a star inside the ring, though. He's developing that all-important sympathy factor as an underdog babyface and has great comebacks with his arsenal of moves ala Rey Mysterio. Miz looked good continuing to develop his more-serious, darker heel persona working over Kaval during the match. (**)


NXT video: The Pros described their impressions of Eli Cottonwood. They put over his size while Kofi Kingston talked about him not being all there in the head. Morrison said he has some disadvantages. Ryder said he looks clumsy in the ring. Miz said he's not intimidated by his 7'1" size. Henry said he's going to have to realize he's a big man and he's going to have to dominate to be successful.

Still to come: Henry & Cannon vs. Rhodes & Harris.

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Raw Recap: They went back to last night's "main event" segment where John Cena declined the truce with Wade Barrett and vowed to take down the entire Nexus group. It's amazing how Michael Cole is able to read the tone of the anonymous Raw GM's emails when delivering the messages.

Announcers: Cole and Mathews spoke on-camera. He said he hopes Cena enjoyed what he did to Darren Young at the end of Raw before the seven-on-one next week. Cole and Mathews then broke down the Money in the Bank PPV line-up for July 18. Cole predicted Swagger will take back the World Hvt. Title from Rey Mysterio. Cole seems to be siding with the heels right now.

NXT video: Husky Harris. Cody Rhodes, his Pro, said he has a lot going for him and a lot against him. Henry said he was made for the wrestling business. MVP said you can see a spark with him. Miz said he thinks he has a great, "interesting look." Rhodes said Husky has a different body size and Kofi said he's deceivingly athletic. Michelle McCool said he thinks Husky is the best Rookie other than Kaval. "You do?" Layla asked. More strong compliments for Husky from the Pros. Interesting what WWE picks and chooses to mention about the Rookies since he had an absolutely awful match last week against MVP. Meanwhile, they railed on O'Neil for his botched spot earlier in the season.

In-ring: Cody and Husky came to the ring just before the top of the hour. Apparently the main event is going to be a short one.

[Q5 -- over-run]

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Next Tuesday: Is more destruction coming to NXT? They advertised Nexus is returning on next week's show. Who are they after next week? Well, they certainly need a hook since the ratings are already in the tank.


Henry and Lucky Cannon made their way to the ring three minutes past the top of the hour. Cole speculated why Nexus is coming to NXT next week. The bell sounded and Husky faced off with Lucky. Henry then tagged in, so Cody tagged in. Cody tried to attack Henry, but Henry shook him off and delivered a big gorilla press slam. Husky shouted at Cody to get up as Henry teased a big butt bomb. Cody moved, though, and Cody tagged in Husky. They double-teamed Henry before Husky went to work on him. Cody and Husky continued to tag in and out working over Henry before Harris did a two-point football stance into a big clothesline.

Suddenly, Henry came flying out of the corner with a big tackle on Husky. Henry then tagged in Lucky Cannon, who landed offense on Cody Rhodes, who also tagged in. Lucky scored a nearfall when Husky broke up the pin, leading to the action breaking down in the ring. The ref occupied himself with Henry as Cody set up Lucky for the Cross Rhodes. Cody then made the cover for the win. Henry just shook his head selling disappointment after his team took the loss. They closed with a recap of the highpoints in the match before showing Cody and Husky heading out with a victory.

WINNERS: Husky & Cody in 4:00. Fine main event tag match. Cody continues to stand out, while Husky had a much better this week compared to last week's disaster. (*1/4)