August 3, 2010
Season 2,  Week 9

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- WWE Open.

- They aired a video package of last week's elimination of Eli Cottonwood, and his attack on his fellow rookies. They ended with Josh Mathews's quote of "anarchy rules on NXT!"

- NXT Open.

- After the requisite fireworks, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews introduced themselves. The camera panned the WWE Pros on the stage, then Mathews sent it to Matt Striker with the Pros, and he introduced the Rookies. Striker scolded the Rookies for their brawl last week and said they'd have to get along, kiss and make up. And tonight...they'll have to participate in a kissing contest, with the WWE Divas. Oh this just sounds awful. Striker introduced LayCool, who applied some lipstick on their way to the ring.

Striker handed things over to LayCool. Michelle McCool said it was time to see their softer side. She admitted that this won't tell us anything about their WWE future...they just want to kiss the guys. So they've admitted this is a pointless contest. McCool went through the "rules," and if they win, they get a fabulous package of prizes. Those are LayCool's words, not mine. Husky Harris was first. McCool told Harris to pucker up, but he didn't seem too willing. McCool then stopped things and said the Pros won't be kissing them; they'll be kissing some local talent, a 1993 Laredo Homecoming Queen. She said her name is Margaret, but she's known as Margarita. It was a large woman with a sore near her lips. I was guessing Mae Young. I didn't think this could get worse. But it did.

McCool said Margarita well be the judge of who the best kisser is. Harris wanted the mic but LayCool wouldn't give it to him. Kaval even stepped in to protect his Pros in a nice touch. Harris finally did it and didn't look too happy. He seemed more willing to kiss her than McCool. Michael McGillicutty was next. McGillicutty was all tongue, and it didn't make it in her mouth even. Ugh. Lucky Cannon was very gentle with her. Percy Watson followed that. Watson took off his glasses as he got a couple encouraging pats on the back from Cannon. Watson went in slowly and one of the Rookies pushed his head into Margarita for a peck on the lips. LayCool waffled on whether or not to make Kaval kiss her, so Layla took the honors instead and stuffed her tongue down Kaval's throat in a deep kiss. I guess he had to kiss Margarita anyway. He did so, and then chugged some mouthwash. Riley was all business, laying a big one on her, then falling on his back as if he loved it. Lucky Cannon was the winner and LayCool told them they won stuff like gingivitis, halitosis, and athlete's foot among other things. Riley and Cannon shoved each other. That was 17 of the worst, least entertaining, most pointless minutes on WWE TV...in a long time.

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The bell rang soon after the show came back from break. This is a re-match from last week. Some chain wrestling by Harris to start. He went to the outside, but caught Kaval in mid-air, stumbled a bit, then slammed him into the barricade. Harris sent Kaval back into the ring, and got a two-count. He had a modified chin-lock on Kaval, but Kaval got his feet up on a corner charge. Harris tried another, from a three-point stance, but ate turnbuckle. Harris catapulted Kaval into the corner, but he landed on the bottom rope and came out with a second rope Warrior's Way. Splash in the corner missed by Kaval, and Harris landed a uranage. Back splash by Harris won it for him.

WINNER: Harris, at 3:14. OK match. Harris has something, but he's got a ways to go. Kaval just looks smoother than any of the other rookies.

- The Miz spoke on Michael McGillicutty in a pre-taped segment. He said he's seen so many superstars wanting to follow in their daddy's footsteps. He once again called McGillicutty "mediocre."

- Ashley Valance was backstage with McGillicutty and Kofi Kingston. She asked what made Miz's comments so biting. McGillicutty called Miz's comments "pathetic," and he challenged Miz to a match to find out who really was mediocre. Then Lucky Cannon and Mark Henry walked up and said he has problems with the Miz, and he plans on ending things tonight. The two rookies argued when Miz, from the arena, interrupted. He was not surprised that the attention was on him. Miz said the two should fight each other, then maybe the winner will face him in the ring. Kingston spoke up and said that Miz should put his money where his mouth is tonight. Kingston proposed the exact same scenario that Miz did, adding that the winner would face Miz tonight. Kingston tried to goad him into accepting and it worked; Miz said he'd eat the rookies alive.

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- McGillicutty and Kingston were in the ring, ready and waiting for Lucky Cannon and Mark Henry to come down for a match.


Cannon grabbed an arm-bar to start and worked it over. McGillicutty tossed him out of the corner and dropkicked Cannon. McGillicutter out of nowhere (his spinning neck-breaker) gave him a quick win.

WINNER: McGillicutty, at 1:00. That can't speak well for Cannon's future.

- Coming up tonight, Percy Watson faces Alex Riley.

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- Mathews thanked Jet for "Rip It Up," the official Summerslam theme.

- The announcers discussed the Summerslam card.

- They sent it to Striker for a change-of-pace. That'll actually be a relief. He said he was going to put the Pros on the spot by asking them who the worst Pro has been. Kingston called out LayCool for being the worst Pros for having Kaval come out in pink. Striker asked LayCool which Pro is doing the worst job and of course, McCool said it was Kingston, because the WWE Universe loves the shirts. Mark Henry said the worst Pro was Zack Ryder because his Rookie was eliminated first. Cody Rhodes said the worst Pro was Kingston, whose I.C. Title would be his soon. Ryder was next, but The Miz came out from backstage, interrupting him and said all of the other Pros are the worst. John Morrison interrupted Miz and Miz called Morrison out for not doing anything after they broke up. They talked over each other but Miz was loudest and therefore came across better. This week, Miz was the Ron Washington of NXT according to Cole. Alex Riley came out to meet Miz on the ramp. He faces Percy Watson next.

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They showed Watson's comments from WWE.com about Riley. He said Riley talks down to people and thinks he's better than everyone. Jumping back elbow by Watson found the mark and he got only a one-count on a pin attempt. He still had the glasses on to start the match and an enziguiri put Watson down. He's been impressive in the early going here. Riley caught Watson and with Watson bent through the middle rope, Riley DDT'd him from the apron. I don't know if his head was supposed to hit the apron, but if it didn't, that move wouldn't have much effect, I don't think. Watson worked out of a rest-hold back in the ring. Watson fought out and made a comeback, rolling up Riley out of the corner. He went for ten punches in the corner, but Riley walked out and gave him an atomic drop. He slammed Watson into the middle buckle, then finished it with his TKO-like move.

WINNER: Riley, at 3:30. Good for a three-and-a-half minute match. We may not learn much about these guys in matches of this length, but they're learning WWE TV style, so that's a plus.

- Michael McGillicutty walked out to the NXT theme as Miz waited for him in the ring with his Money-In-The-Bank briefcase. Kingston joined McGillicutty in his walk to the ring. This match is next.

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- The announcers plugged that another vote will be taking place this week, and that fans can go to WWE.com to vote.


Rear waist-lock into a take-down by McGillicuty, as the two man wrestled (sports-entertained?) on the mat. Quick roll-up by McGillicutty for a near-fall, but Miz soon took over. He kicked McGillicutty to ringside where Riley did some trash talking. Miz went out to retrieve his opponent, but McGillicutty backed him into the apron. Miz responded with a kick to the skull. Miz threw McGillicutty in the ring, but he showed a lot of fire with right hand after right hand, to the point that he had to be restrained by the ref. Couple of clotheslines, then a belly-to-belly suplex. Dropkick by the Miz, then a running boot to the seated McGillicutty. Skull Crushing Finale finished things.

WINNER: The Miz, at 4:33. Good enough, but McGillicutty didn't have an opportunity to show a whole lot.

After replaying the finish, they showed a happy Miz and Riley in the ring as the show closed.