September 21, 2010
Season 3,  Week 3

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A reminder of the cast of Season Three of WWE NXT:
-- Rookie: A.J. Lee. Pro: Primo.
-- Rookie: Naomi. Pro: Kelly Kelly.
-- Rookie: Maxine. Pro: Alicia Fox.
-- Rookie: Aksana. Pro: Goldust.
-- Rookie: Jamie Keyes. Pros: Bella Twins.
-- Rookie: Kaitlyn. Pro: Vickie Guerrero.

NXT Season 3 Scoreboard after two weeks:
-- Naomi: 2 points
-- Jamie: 1 point
-- Kaitlyn: 1 point

Video intro: After announcer Michael Cole "walked off" NXT at the end of last week's show, this week's show opened with a recap video of last week's obstacle course, complete with Michael Cole ripping the concept. Also, Vickie Guerrero crashing & burning and Kaitlyn winning the contest. Finally, a recap of Michael Cole saying the entire show violates his "journalistic integrity" as he stormed off. A Cole voice-over of "Someone please end this" echoed as the video package wrapped up.

Arena: Josh Mathews introduced the show and plugged they would have their first elimination in two weeks. On-camera: Mathews noted the empty chair next to him and told viewers they can turn off the mute button because Cole is gone. C.M. Punk's music hit and Punk came out sporting a corduroy jacket over his wrestling gear. Amazing. Punk joined the commentary position to say he enjoys a good car wreck as long as it's happening to someone else.

In-ring: Matt Striker introduced the show and brought out the six Season 3 Rookies. Out came Kaitlyn, followed by Maxine. Aksana was third out. Punk likes her. A.J. was out next. Mathews said that's his pick and Punk retorted she doesn't have a hope. Naomi was out next, followed by Jamie to round out the field. Mathews noted Punk hated NXT Season One and barely showed up.

With everyone assembled in the ring, Striker noted the first elimination will occur in two weeks. Last week was huge for Jamie, Striker said. Striker recapped Jamie and Kaitlyn winning competitions last week, then Vickie Guerrero interrupted, drawing boos. A third "Excuse Me!" drew more heat. Mathews said there are far too many open mics on the show. Once in the ring, Guerrero claimed to be the inspiration for Kaitlyn to win because she ran the course as an example for her. Tonight, Kaitlyn will be in a match tonight against Jamie. To make sure she doesn't screw this up, she's invited some of her "close friends."

Out came Season 2 Pros Lay-Cool. Michelle McCool thanked Vickie for the proper intro as she played the big-shot senior cheerleader talking down to the freshmen. Layla announced they are the new Unified Divas champions. McCool claimed they are the sole reason Kaval won Season 2 last season. They joked around with Jamie before mocking the Bella Twins. Lay-Cool continued to mock the Rookies, sounding like Barbara Jean on "Reba," and told Kaitlyn she needs to get her eyes off their man, Kaval. Kelly Kelly then interrupted and booked a tag match for tonight. "Really?!" Lay-Cool asked, before saying it's on. Striker tried to calm them down before a brawl could break out. The first competition is next.

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Ted DiBiase plug: WCG Ultimate Gamer will feature a look at Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Thursday night on 11:00 p.m. with a DiBiase cameo.

Competition: Musical chairs. Many a birthday party memory here. Striker noted the winner will score another point to earn immunity. Striker recapped the rules for musical chairs and told the Rookies to line up. They cued up some weak video game music. The Rookies cheated placing their hand on the chairs as they slowly circled the circles. Kaitlyn was eliminated first. Punk managed to squeeze in a Steel Domain reference during this. Jamie was eliminated second, which drew boos. More odd video game music that ended quickly, surprising Maxine for an elimination. Suddenly, a brawl broke out. Askana was gone next. It's down to Naomi and A.J. The music ran a bit longer and Naomi was eliminated despite appearing to sneak in ahead of A.J., who was declared the winner. My official NXT Season 3 consultant noted that A.J. had the advantage of wearing flats for this contest.

Update NXT Season 3 Scoreboard:
-- Naomi: 2 points
-- Jamie: 1 point
-- Kaitlyn: 1 point
-- A.J.: 1 point

Smackdown plug: Before heading to break, they plugged Smackdown moving to Syfy on October 1 with a look at Kofi Kingston.

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Announcers: Mathews plugged the Hell in a Cell PPV coming up in less than two weeks. Mathews and C.M. Punk were shown on-camera to discuss Punk's wardrobe selection. Mathews noted Punk is a three-time World champion, so he should be able to afford a better jacket. Punk just started straight ahead to the camera as Mathews fed to an NXT intro video on Aksana.

NXT video intro: They focused on Aksana talking about her dream to become a sports figure when she came over to the U.S. before she joined wrestling. She said she likes to "entertainment" people. Props to her for trying to learn the language, though.

Backstage: Goldust caught up with Aksana and put over her video. Aksana was selling grief and said she received a letter from immigration that she has an immigration problem. A few days ago, she received a phone call that she could be deported. Goldust said they will fix this problem, but right now, she needs to stay focused on this season of NXT. Goldust gave her a big hug and said it's going to be okay. He then practiced "breathing techniques" with Aksana: the trademark Goldust chest breath. Are they moving toward a Goldust and Aksana wedding?

Announcers: Punk and Mathews were shown on-camera. Punk was staring straight ahead with a blank look again. He said Aksana must have a green card issue. Mathews segued into saying Nexus "could be deported" from Raw in two weeks when Wade Barrett faces John Cena at the PPV.


Raw Rebound: John Cena vowed to take down Nexus starting at the head, Barrett. They recapped the gauntlet main event leading to the big stakes set up for Hell in a Cell with Cena vs. Barrett for the future of Nexus.

Announcers: Punk said he wants to see the "boy scout" John Cena join Nexus and shake things up in WWE. Mathews set up a description of Orton vs. Sheamus, and Punk added some natural-sounding analysis.

In-ring: Alicia Fox's music hit to bring Maxine, who will be facing A.J. up next.

Smackdown plug: Everyone has a big move. Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver, Mysterio's 619, Kofi's Trouble in Paradise, Kane's chokeslam, and Big Show's KO Punch. The "big move" is Smackdown to Syfy on Oct. 1.

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In-ring: Primo's music hit to bring out A.J. to face Maxine. Punk said he's the only one out here not wearing make-up. They recapped what happened last week when Maxine said she had "five jokes in the ring" with her, then singled out A.J. to go buy her some Girl Scout cookies. Punk said her problem is she likes Thin Mints.

1 -- MAXINE (w/Alicia Fox) vs. A.J. (w/Primo)

Mathews asked Punk for what advice he gave his Rookie on Season 1. Punk said he just told his Rookie to win. Mathews sarcastically thanked him for the advice before Punk retorted he hated Season 1, though. Punk entered Cole mode saying they're watching "vintage Maxine" on the offensive. He then sarcastically said this is the greatest TV show on air before noting the crowd was getting behind A.J. on the comeback. Cole said A.J. is a "house of fire right now" while Mathews is trying to crack jokes. A.J. then executed a brainbuster suplex and she almost hurt herself in the process. A.J. with the pin for the win.

WINNER: A.J. in 3:00. Basic, fine match with Punk carrying the match on commentary. He's a natural. (*)

On-stage: Michael Cole suddenly walked out on stage downplaying the boos from the crowd. He said there is a silent minority encouraging him and telling him to please, please, please return to NXT. Cole said he had an epiphany. He realized that NXT without Michael Cole is unwatchable and like Braylon Edwards driving an SVU through Manhattan. He said NXT without him is quite simply...bad. Cole gave a shout-out to the Cole Miners and thanked Punk for his work in his place. Punk dryly told Cole the show is bad with or without him. Cole said he will bring back "journalistic integrity" and he will be returning to NXT. Cole and Punk hugged it out, then Cole joined the announce table for a three-man booth. "Riveting!" Cole shouted as they cut to break.

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Announcers: Cole and Punk hugged it out as Mathews leaned off to the side during an on-camera coming back from break. Mathews then fed it to the ring for another challenge.

In-ring: Striker set up the Talk the Talk challenge as Punk groaned. He sarcastically said he is so excited. Jamie was up first to talk about teeth for 60 seconds. She said the audience doesn't want to hear her talk about teeth. Mystery Science Theater 3000 on commentary as Jamie cut a promo about striving to better herself every day. Cole wondered where his Gong is. "What does any of this have to do with molars?" Punk asked.

Naomi had "toupee" as her topic. She said the word aloud a few times like she was at a spelling bee. Naomi admitted she has nothing to say. She got down to the truth of this, "Aren't we here to wrestle?!" The crowd popped. Naomi said she wants to have a match. Striker told Naomi she's been DQ'ed for being off topic. Punk told Striker to DQ Jamie. Striker then said a little voice told him to DQ Jamie as well.

A.J. has caffeine. She started to talk 1,000 MPH to illustrate the point. A.J. talked about how much she loves "the business" and the other girls are here for a big check. She said she's some natural dynamite. The announcers clapped it up. Aksana had "llama" as her topic. She walked up to Striker and noted his blue eyes. Aksana wanted an explanation of the topic. Striker said it's like a camel. She needed a visual. She polled the audience on whether they want to see it. Aksana eventually gave up. "I came back for this," Cole said. Aksana then needed a description of what a camel is. Buzzer.

Maxine was up next with "foot." She reminded everyone she belongs on top in WWE. Why? Because she can use her foot to squash this little one (she pointed to A.J.). Maxine introduced herself and said the only position for her is at the top. "That was horrendous," Cole said. Kaitlyn was up last. She had "ignition." Striker told her to fire away. Kaitlyn said she was given advice to picture everyone in their underwear. "Whoa!" she said and suggested Striker is wearing basic cotton. She said someone in the crowd's underwear really gets her "ignition" going. "And...end scene," she said. Punk said he's not wearing pants right now and that's how he watches NXT every week. Wow. TMI. The announcers let that hang in the air for a bit.

Striker ran down the list of contestants to poll the audience on who should win. He was torn on who won and settled on A.J. Another point for A.J. to move into a tie for first. She jumped around excitedly in the ring to again illustrate the "caffeine" topic. Mathews then tried to muster enthusiasm to plug the six-Divas main event still to come.

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[Q5 -- over-run] Next Tuesday on DVD: an inspirational family drama. Amateur wrestling. Bonus materials. Bloopers. "Become Legendary at Walmart next Tuesday," the voice-over man said.

Announcers: Mathews plugged the NXT replay on WWE's website tomorrow night. The announcers were shown on-camera. Punk said this is the greatest night of his life with star-studded action, women, and now Cole.

In-ring: Kelly, Naomi, and Jamie came out first for the main event. Cole said it will surely be a technical masterpiece in the ring tonight. Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn then came out as Mathews read a comment from Facebook on Cole. A person named "Boomer Sooner 32" said Cole makes Mike Adamle sound like Gordon Solie.

2 -- LAY-COOL (MICHELLE MCCOOL & LAYLA) & KAITLYN (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. KELLY KELLY & NAOMI & JAMIE -- six-Divas tag match

The bell sounded and Layla took the flower out of Jamie's hair. She proceeded to mock Jamie's poses with the flower in her hair as Punk called Jamie a "physical specimen." He said Jamie has more muscles than Big Show. Kaitlyn suddenly tackled Jamie. Cole went nuts shouting, "spear, spear, spear" over and over. No cover and Punk noted the lack of lateral process to follow up on the move. Punk then dryly called Naomi "Nadine" as if he thought he were correct. The action broke down as Punk and Cole extolled Vickie's virtues. There was confusion on a tag and suddenly Naomi rolled up Kaitlyn for the pin and the win.

Post-match: There was quite the dispute among Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn. McCool then Punted Kaitlyn right in the face and Vickie screamed down at Kaitlyn that she's so tired of her. Cole and Mathews recapped the issue and asked Punk if he'll be back next week. Punk said there's no way he'll miss next week's show. Punk even got to sign off the show as they showed Kaitlyn trying to recover in the ring.

WINNERS: Team Naomi in 4:00. Kaitlyn and Naomi showed flashes of being half-way decent in the ring, but they haven't been given a real opportunity to show their skills in a spotlighted match. (*)

Update NXT Season 3 Scoreboard after Week 3:
-- Naomi: 2 points
-- A.J.: 2 points
-- Jamie: 1 point
-- Kaitlyn: 1 point

FINAL THOUGHTS: Usually Impact's long-winded promo segments involving Nash, Sting, Jarrett, and Hogan provide the weekly laughter on wrestling TV during the week, but this was hysterically absurd. The show is intentionally an absolute train wreck and would be doing damage to WWE's overall product if there actually were an audience watching this. As it is, NXT has turned into a bad YouTube video aimed at WWE's followers on the Internet.